Did all interstellar species just take place to construct English the exact same as the human beings...hell the humans can"t also build English we have actually like 12000 langueras.......so how perform all species in the cosmos simply learn perfect English?

We recognize that species prefer asari and drell have house langueras equivalent to Arabic sounds so why do not we soptimal asari?


Yeah, it"s not adequately mentioned, but I carry out respeak to Garrus making a comment around it once. The comic detailing the Illusive Man"s origins (foracquired which) referrals that truth with IM making use of an Asari native language to talk to one, instead of utilizing his translator.

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One of the books also mentions that tright here is a widespread and reasonably basic language that the majority of civilization learn so you deserve to have actually conversations even if your translators break.

I think it"s shelp in Mass Effect Retribution, and also that it"s called somepoint alengthy the lines of "Trade Language", but I might be misremembering that part.


TIM is old fashioned occasionally. But the Omni Tool Translator is the best explanation. It only looks choose everyone speaks your language, because it would be quite hard to programm it otherwise.


ME OTT aside...

Don"t concern. :) In the following 100 years tright here will be at most 10 languages in the people via two the majority of leading being Mandarin Chinese and English.

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So does thane during his loyalty mission say Dralafa instead of the omnitool translating it to "the ignored"?

They have many type of means to stop such as the Omnitool , telepathy and simply understanding , also they have actually some words that have the right to not be interpreted such as (keelah se"lai) and so on.

Now I"m imagining either garrus or some other turian screeching horribly in my Shepard"s confront. Poor bad Jane Shepard.... lol