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Sy Ari Da Kid - TLC Jan 3, 2016 Kcurrently this girl is somebody elses, I think I'm in love She recognize she bad, however what's new? Maybe the badest, I desire you girl I gotta have it, what it perform girl You cool girl, play by the rules ... You understand yo guy a scrub, that ain't No Real Love You'd fairly get also you don't need ... News you might be interested in...
SY ARI DA KID - TLCShe recognize she negative, yet what's brand-new. Maybe the baddest, I desire you girl. I gotta have it, but it do girl. You cool girl, play by the rules girl. Causage, we catching feelin's...
She Bad - Mack MaineFull and also accurate for "She Bad" from "Mack Maine": Mack Maine For President electioning recurrent, Shawty can't be heaven sent out, Cause she negative however we . ... Yeah, you recognize what I'm talking bout nigga. If p-ssy is a home I'm a home nigga. She bad Yeah K-I double D Got the baddest bitch like Trina through...
YG - She Bad to "She Bad" song by YG: She negative and also she knows it (She gained her Gucci bag she got her Gucci pumps pumps) I ... And she a poor bitch so you recognize I have to tell her what's up ... And she want me to fuck her choose I fuck a hore ... Sake via the sushi can't forget the music ... Everybody see she is the badest girl in the crowd
Young Jeezy - Leave You
Alone to 'Leave You Alone' by Young Jeezy. She shelp, she ... New! Highlight to add Meanings, Special Memories, and also Misheard Submit ... But you feel so good, she shelp, she said, what if I could? But I gotta ... I, she shelp, I understand you negative, but I desire you bad ... That I deserve to run with the city spfinish this cash with
ERIC BELLINGER - I Don't Want to "I Don't Want Her" song by ERIC BELLINGER: League of Starz... Sorry Jaynari. ... Yeah she poor ain't she? Why would certainly I wanna save her to myself? I know you mad ain't ya? ... So she can show off them legs ... (What?) (Come on) (Whaaat?) Bad bitches put your hand also up (hands up) ... I'mma need a brand-new woman
WEBBIE - Bad to "Bad Bitch" song by WEBBIE: The girl be cooking and also cleaning and cleaning and food preparation She be constantly douching and also ... But she just want players that much from rookie ... If you try to holla she might holla she tooken ... Which one is the baddest ... I bring the totality hundred shit what you gon execute for me man
Bitch (Remix)I require a poor bitch Come on... if you a negative bitch Yeah I desire a poor bitch The girl be,... ... Can never before tell a bad bitch a freak, she as well classy. But shit, I can tell ... Trina's the baddest. And I'm ... A hood chick, I obtained yo' man, what a tragedy. He give...
Reckmuch less Ink - She Bad to 'She Bad' by Reckless Ink. Bone Baby / Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Bone Baby. / Beezy / Yeah guy ... She The Baddest Bruh and I Can't Even Lie.(Tell the Truth) ... You Need to Let Me Kcurrently What You Do for the Dolla. (Dolla) ... Can Iggy Azalea Overcome Her Struggles With New Tune 'Can't Lose'? Watch Ariana...
R5 - I Want You Bad to "I Want You Bad" song by R5: In the ago of a taxi cab, One quick rotate ... I don't know what to do! I'm in love with someone else's girl. You rock my civilization, But you're the one that I can't have, ... It sucks, she's his girl and he's my friend,
Jonn Hart - Bad to 'Bad' by Jonn Hart. ... Portrait, picture perfect / And she perform what she want she know / She bad, ... Bad New! Highlight to include Meanings, Special Memories, and also Misheard ... Can't speak through all them curves and ... She the baddest out her entirety crew ... She acquired that shit that make you go coo-coo.
WEBBIE - Shawty KnowYou my what you contact as soon as you wanna take ya time, resolve dvery own, and share it all. You deserve to have actually fifty percent of all this. You my baby girl. ... Causage shawty recognize she lookin like… woah. ... Let's challenge it, we in love. and you make me so mad til I hate you so bad however I love you so a lot and the break-ups simply never before last. ... Baddest In Here
B.O.B - HeadBandI don't also understand also, why she'd ever want a man ... I sassist, oh what a night, oh what a night. Yeah she a poor bitch, all jokes aside Hey, look ... Day you deserve to fuck through me, that would be Neveruary ... I'm searching for the baddest one here
Trey Songz - Da Baddest to 'Da Baddest' by Trey Songz. You kno who ... New! Highlight to add Meanings, Special Memories, and also Misheard ... If I have the right to I wanna grab it(grab it) I'm the male n you can have actually this(have actually this) Wat I'm sayin' is you a negative bitch(a bad bitch) ... She have the right to easily steal your spirit bouncin' that ass all round(round)
J. Cole - In The Morning 'Cause girl I recorded the vibe choose you threw somepoint to me. So I threw 'em back, now all my niggas hollerin, who was that. Oh boy, she negative nigga, what you...
DRAKE - Shut It to "Shut It Down" song by DRAKE: These girls ain't obtained nopoint on you uhh, say baby I ... you be the baddest girl about round round ... also though she's standing out she looks favor she belongs here ... what deserve to I do to make you stay
TYRA B - Tease"Tease". Oh I swear she poor. She know she the baddest bitch ... Like you don't know what you doin' But you ... Why can't you check out what you doin' to me 'Cause I...
J. COLE - Work to "Work Out" song by J. COLE: I wanna view you job-related out for me, occupational out for me Hey ... Causage girl I can't be your male, no ma'am ... What your nigga make in one year, that's unfair yet ... She poor and she know it, some niggas conserve Hoes
JONN HART - Bad to "Bad" song by JONN HART: My chick drop that gorgeous She wear leaking faucet Portrait picture perfect She do what she desire, s... ... Can you stop through all them curves in. So genuine from head ... She the baddest out of her crew. So cold...
K CAMP - Own to "Own Boss" song by K CAMP: She poor, she mine, she recognize, she recognize, she gain money Damn ideal, she recognize it's alright She understand she... ... She knows she the baddest of them all ... Summer time, drop the height, currently we riding in the latest ... I have the right to fuck you to this song ... And she desire some more, what you tripping for?
MA$E - What You Want to "What You Want" song by MA$E: Tell me what you desire Tell me ... Girl, in my eyes you the baddest ... Anypoint in your course, you desire you have the right to have
Don't Own MeYou don't very own me. You don't very own me Well, let's go. But I'm Gerald and also I can constantly have simply what I want. She's that baddest I would love to flaunt
JOJO - Marvin's Room (Can
't Do Better) to "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)" song by JOJO: Hello? ... ideal now, just been drinking, Jack What are you doing, I miss you You wanna come ove... ... Fuck that new girl that you choose so poor. She's not crazy favor me, I bet you prefer that
U to "What U Want" song by PNB ROCK: Laying in bed, smoking on the dough Bad bitch through me, say she wanna roll gas on the counter, appropriate. ... I obtained what you want, I acquired zans, I got lean, I acquired all these perks, I obtained dough we deserve to smoke, you...
J. COLE - You
Got to "You Got It" song by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time Throw your hands to the sky tonight 'cause I think I ... 'reason I think I check out the baddest bit point in the people ideal currently ... I just could adjust your life ... Yeah, go ahead and also pop it choose you perform in the mirror ... She as well bad to pass, so fine I don't speak
G-EAZY - MadCan't tell as soon as it's for real. Or if it's only for ... And she was starin' prefer it was no one else up in this location ... I require ya so poor ... My darling, you're the baddest, ass is the fattest. I desire you tonight favor Gladys Are you single? What's your status?
G-EAZY - Tumblr GirlsPretty faces love condition, she acts as if she's the baddest. Man I swear she's simply prefer loads of girls, she expects the free drinks. And I'm effective she ... Making poor calls once I'm off the blow. Causage she's a bitch, I'm selfish, desire eincredibly girl, can't help it ... Missing everything you say, it's not essential what you stand for. You're...
MACHINE GUN KELLY - Baddest to "Baddest" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: Promethazine at 13 muthafucka, Everypoint slow-moving movement, I'm not an earthling muthafucka, And you are... ... She desire me to make her scream, I ain't a killer however don't push me ... So I'm a host u dvery own reason u the only one that I have the right to trust, 2 fingers ... Bad bitch, (what she do?)
K Camp - Actin' Up Gotta so wet that a nigga could surf (wooh) Gotta so wet ... This ain't nopoint brand-new girl I understand what you prefer. Wanna ... She just desire that dick as soon as she acting up
DIGGY SIMMONS - Do It Like You to "Do It Like You" song by DIGGY SIMMONS: Oh! Hey There she go ... And I'm gonna be with you no matter what it takes ... I'll make certain to make some time for you though my schedule might differ ... Well girl my vision's poor so I'mma require you to come closer ... The baddest out ya crew and that is not up for debating
NICKI MINAJ - to "Favorite" song by NICKI MINAJ: I don't want no drama I just wanna be your diamond, babe Guaranteed to be a difficulty Every time I gain... ... You can really wanna try me, babe ... Tell me-tell me what you require, acquired the weed. I'm a bad lil bitch and I never before indict her ... Run with the clubs with the baddest
Cyhi Da Prynce - New
Girl to 'New Girl' by Cyhi Da Prynce. Looking ... She say she desire a soldier well girl I'm a amrine. And she loved great music she abandoned the team. So what you wanna carry out girl, le tme rockin boots girl 'reason I'm. Chorus: ... I reduced you girl from the .. yeah all poor b*tch for DC ... simply to see your ..girl you have the right to contact .. take what .
JACK & JACK - Like
ThatI ain't never met a girl, choose you. And you'll never before uncover a guy, like me. Walking out the door, through you on my arm. You have the right to hit me on my phone anytime you want
CONOR MAYNARD - HelloHello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd choose to meet ... Hello, deserve to you hear me. I'm just at a ... as you. Well look, I woke up alongside the baddest bitch I've ever before watched ... Unless they been via it they don't know what the fuck I mean. So please ... But dog I bet my life she thinks around me when you're with her
NICKI MINAJ - Itty Bitty PiggyListen, I'm the baddest in the institution, the baddest in the game. Excusage me honey ... Holiday You can't give it to them dry prefer that you got to gain that shit. Wet first...

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LLOYD - You to "You" song by LLOYD: Its significant move appropriate below baby You gotta acquire wit it or obtain lost ... (She's fine as well yet I want you) ... But she have the right to contact it what she feel
CHILDISH GAMBINO - to "L.E.S." song by CHILDISH GAMBINO: Baby, you're the baddest Baby, you're the baddest ... A New York nine's an everywhere-else 6 ... Causage everybody lis10s to Biggie, but she different. Right, that's why your friends require wristbands? Fuck you. And can I have this dance? ... Causage we barely knew, what we had
2 Pistols - She
Got It I recognize she obtained it 'Causage she lookin' at me prefer she want it (want it) She droppin' it low, make me wanna throw some d's on it (hey) Whatever before it is you can't sheight it,...
ELLE VARNER - Only Wanna
Give It To YouAnd I desire you even more than a new pair of shoes. I just wanna offer it to you. And I certain perform hope that you feel like I execute Can't let this go what deserve to I say?
DRAKE - Say What's to "Say What's Real" song by DRAKE: Why do I feel so alone Like everybody passing via the ... That was your poor, just how can you pass up on 'em


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