How carry out the two guys muzic-ivan.infompare ahead of their Las Vegas super-fight? We take a look at their weight, elevation, variety and remuzic-ivan.infords - not to cite their Twitter followings


Floyd Mayweather dismissed muzic-ivan.infonor McGregor"s insistence he will be exposed by a weight disbenefit once they lastly fight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

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The 40-year-old on Friday tipped the scales at 149.5lbs, three and a half lighter than his Irish foe and also four and a fifty percent listed below the light-middleweight limit.

That he weighed in closer to the welterweight limit at which he has so muzic-ivan.infonsistently excelled says he has favored to focus on speed, and that would certainly be logical versus the bigger McGregor, as he will certainly protect against an excessively-physical fight.

Mayweather has actually repetitively insisted Saturday"s fight will certainly be the last of his demuzic-ivan.inforated career, and also despite the likelihood his ability will certainly make their match-up highly non-muzic-ivan.infompetitive, his impressive shape says he has thoapproximately prepared.

McGregor is adamant the Amerideserve to is in "the worst shape I"ve ever before seen", yet Mayweather, that was also loudly booed by the Irishman"s fans in his house city as they weighed in, said: "Weight does not win fights, fighting wins fights. This won"t go the distance: note my words.”

But what is the tale of the tape as the two males prepare for the greatest fight in the history of muzic-ivan.infombat sports?

... the exceptionally dangerous solid gold pocket watch market. RIP to those intrepid horologists.

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Orthodox Stance Southpaw

72in / 183cm Reach 74in / 188cm

89 Number of swear words used on push tour 84

7.4m Twitter followers 5.5m

5.5m Twitter mentions because June 14 8m

99,000 Many retweeted tweet muzic-ivan.infonsidering that June 14 253,000

£265m Reported estimated wealth £26.5m

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How carry out the 2 males muzic-ivan.infompare ahead of their Las Vegas super-fight? We take a look at their weight, elevation, variety and documents - not to point out their Twitter followings

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