Sabotage the transceiver antennas making use of C4 with this Metal Gear Solid 5 C2W Mission guide. Mission 4 Walkthrough.

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This Metal Gear Solid 5 - C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough will show you exactly how to complete the Metal Gear Solid C2W mission of The Phantom Pain. For this operation we chose to infiltrate from the west, relocating eastern along the road until we got to the location of procedure. We’ll also cover a side operation that you can complete along the means, but this is totally optional. Remember, if you select to infiltprice for a different location, our arrangement of assault may not use to you. Follow our Metal Gear Solid Mission 4 Guide for all the info you require.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough

As you move alengthy the road tright here will certainly be a guard short article through 3 soldiers. If you have actually been playing ahead with your side operations you may have actually currently completed this. If not, use your iDROID to note all three poor guys, making certain not to kill the one marked as the Russian interpreter. You have the right to kill his 2 buddies, but make sure you usage non-lethal implies to subdue him, and then the Fulton Extraction Device to sfinish him earlier to Mvarious other Base. This will certainly enable you to listen in on Russian conversations, and also interrogate Russian soldiers on the battlefield. Both of these will certainly come in handy during this episode.

When that side search is out of the means, relocate forward alengthy the road and usage your iDROID to scout the route ahead. Tright here is a guard short article a brief way up via one soldier, and three more extra soldiers who will certainly occasionally patrol to the exact same write-up. The three added soldiers are break-up up into a team of 2 and an additional lone poor guy. Just let the team of 2 move through the location before you make any type of moves on the continuing to be 2 (lone) adversaries.


We would certainly advise that you stick to the north side of the road till the coastline is clear, and then sneak behind the lone soldier at the spotlight and take him dvery own. You have the option of killing him, choking him out, or even interrogating him for some added indevelopment. We’d advise you execute the latter, choosing to ask him about the areas of all his comrades.

When the soldier that provides the search light is down, hide his body and wait for the lone patrolling soldier to return. Take him out too, likewise hiding his body so that nobody else have the right to spot it. From here you will certainly want to return to the north (left) side of the road, working your method up the cliffs that overlook the camp. There will be on soldier that wanders up from time to time, but you must have actually no trouble taking him out without the rest of the camp learning. For the many component you won’t need to eliminate any kind of various other soldiers to finish your mission, but you can continue how you check out fit.

Your goal below is to blow up three transceiver antennas, which look favor little satellite dishes on top of three separate rooftops. Before you begin, target each one via your iDROID and ask for extra knowledge on it. This will put them on your map. From below you’ll desire to sneak close to each building, climb on top and plant some C4. If you don’t have C4, things are going to acquire fairly sketchy, as you’ll have to usage grenades instead, alerting your foes prior to you have the right to get clear of the base.


You shouldn’t should kill any type of extra enemies to complete this job, so simply make certain you’ve marked them all and deserve to save tabs on their whereabouts. When they have their backs to you, sneak to the transceiver antennas and also plant the C4. Once you have planted all three, sneak earlier out of the camp in the direction you came from. When you’re clear of the area, you deserve to blow the C4 and also call in your extractivity helicopter.

Of course, if you wish to perform appropriate by Mvarious other Base and expand your procedure, tbelow is a advantage to moving with the camp and also systematically taking out all of the occupying soldiers. This will permit you to gather sources that you might require later, and perhaps also complete a second side operation. If you’d quite quit while you’re ahead, usage your iDROID to speak to for a lift residence and fulfill it at the landing zone.

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