We offer you the Major’s place in this Metal Gear Solid 5 On the Trail Mission Guide. Get the S Rank in this Mission 19 Walkvia.

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This Metal Gear Solid 5: On the Trail mission guide will present you exactly how to acquire the elusive S Rank as easily as possible on Mission 19. In order to obtain an S Rank you have to score 130,000 points. We’ll additionally list the mandatory and also optional missions for you, however the latter aren’t vital (and are often detrimental) to getting the S Rank. The best element in earning the 130,000 points is your time bonus, so speed is essential. Follow our Metal Gear Solid 5 - On the Trail Mission Guide - Mission 19 Walkthrough - How to acquire S Rank for all the details you require.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 On the Trail S Rank Guide - Mission 19 Walkthrough

Identify the subordinate of the PF commander (Optional).Identify the PF commander (Optional).Eliminated the Major (Mandatory).Extract the Major (Mandatory).Extract the Major’s subordinate (Optional).Extract the prisoner at Munoko ya Nioka Station (Optional).Listen to the conversation in between the major and also his subordinate (Optional).

Metal Gear Solid 5 On the Trail Mission Walkthrough - Mission 19 Guide

Choose the eastern landing zone, as well as a deployment time of 18:00 hours. You’re likewise going to want to lug your D-Horse, as tright here isn’t much usage for either D-Dog or Quiet. Since we’re going for a quick time, shaving actually some seconds (or minutes) off traveling is the significant essential to success below.


When you are on the ground, hop on your equine and automatically begin riding southeastern. Tbelow is a huge dotted line on your map, and also you are going to follow that all the method to the outarticle at the far edge of the mission area. The a lot of southeast building has a prisoner inside of it, and you deserve to sneak in the earlier home window to gain accessibility. Put him on your shoulder, and then toss him out the home window. When you acquire outside, send him to Mvarious other Base with the Fulton Recoexceptionally Device. This guy is a Missile Guidance Specialist that will work-related for your R&D team, so extracting him matters. If you find that going out of your way to snag him prevents you from acquiring the S Rank, play the mission a 2nd time and overlook this whole initially action.

If you don’t treatment around the prisoner, begin from the eastern landing zone, riding your D-Horse to the east till you hit the road that follows the mountains. Head north, searching for a side road that kicks off to the appropriate. It’s here that you’ll find the Major.

Our ideal advice is to speak to in a Bombardment and also use the sleeping gregarding knock out the entire crew standing by the car. If anyone makes it out awake, shoot them with your tranquilizer gun. When everyone is resting, affix a butt-fill of Fulton Recover Devices to them and also send them ago to Mother Base. You have the right to also extract the vehicles if you desire, however remember that eextremely second you are in the mission is a few points you aren’t acquiring towards that S Rank.

When the Commander is gone, ride ago the way you came, exiting the warm zone and also completing the mission. If you end up this mission in 5 minutes, you’ll be simply shy of the 130,000 points you require for the S Rank, but modifiers choose No Retries, No Kills, No Reflex and No Enemy Combat Alerts have to put you over the optimal. Also, if you extract the Major, you’ll acquire an extra 5,000 points for that objective. When you add every one of this up, this one isn’t that hard.

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