I am puzzled even on the card it shelp have the right to be supplied for games. Whats the allude in buying ms bucks then.

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Still Getting This Message And I Have A Valid Crmodify Card On My

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Backwards Compatible Games Only Purchasable With Credit Card On Xbox

It claims microsoft balance cannot be used on this channel or something choose that.


Microsoft account balances cannot be supplied in this purchase channel. Even the developed in home windows application save will certainly not allow me to use my microsoft account. That makes it even even more baffling why 360 games cant be bought online or via xbox one store using your existing balance. The money in your microsoft account cant be supplied to shop at microsoft store retail places or to acquire cash gift certificates or comparable payment products other than as soon as forced by law.

I bought a 15 xbox card to attempt to acquire gold but then realized i can obtain gold that method so now im trying to buy a prop for my avatar yet it keeps saying you have actually no valid payment alternatives on file. To fix this problem purchase the item on your xbox 360 consingle wbelow you have the right to use your microsoft account balance to make purchases. If thats true i think thats a pretty annoying trouble.

What is the magic that i need to do in order to spend the money on what i desire and not somepoint that i dont want but dont desire to lose the money either before microsoft expires it. I dont know what that means im brand-new to this and also. But that would make feeling so itll never happen that means.

I saw buy a 360 game on my xbox1 and it said microsoft account balances cannot be supplied in this purchase channel however. If you pick pay with account balance and also you dont have actually enough it have to let you pay the remainder via the credit card. They could have one line dedicated to pay through account balance and also an additional line dedicated to pay via crmodify card.

Microsoft account balances cannot be offered in this purchase channel. Microsoft account balance is the term supplied by their website. This is really frustrating.

It was a prepaid 25 card for my hotmailmicrosoft account. Am i just able to usage the balance once i purchase straight from my xbox. Whether i try to buy an x360 or x1 game on the webwebsite it just charges my credit card through no alternative for utilizing my balance.