When did you last gain driving? If you are a city dweller used to bumper-to-bumper conditions, it has actually more than likely been some time.

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So I was surprised to acquire behind the wheel of the Mini Cooper I had hired from the specialists at City Mini and feel so excited.

The evening they dropped the vehicle off, my partner and also I were due to meet a frifinish for a drink and dinner in tvery own. But I couldn’t withstand the bright, shiny, brand-new Mini waiting on the drive. I wanted to clear up into the leather upholstery and also try all the driving settings. Why not all head to the shore for fish and also chips instead?

While my companion linked an iPhone to the car’s USB and schosen the soundtrack for our impromptu road pilgrimage from Spotify, I acquired to play via the Mini Cooper’s controls.

And tbelow are the majority of controls. I began by mastering the 3 driving options. The first, a green ‘eco’ mode, made city driving more fun. As we functioned our way out of London, it updated me on how much fuel I had actually saved by utilizing it.

As the roads opened up out right into freeways, I switched to conventional ‘mid’ driving mode. Neon lights flaburned enthusiastically. I wasn’t rather sure what it was all around but it felt right.

And ultimately, on the motormeans, I involved ‘sport’. More neon flaburned. The car’s response tightened noticeably – something not all sport settings do – and also the drive seemed even more thrilling. I’m no rally driver and also even I can tell the difference.

There’s nopoint like a Mini adundertaking for a Londoner. The seaside tvery own of Whitsteady is just an hour’s drive. But in the late evening, the smell of the sea air and the tinkering of lanyards against sailboat poles made us feel a life time amethod from the city.

But forobtain the destination, this was around the journey. Driving was fun aacquire. Next day we headed off to the Forest of Dean, on the English-Welsh border, diverting by several hours to go by means of Stonehenge, just for the joy of it.

Central London-based City Mini Car Hire is a boutique rental firm specializing in, you guessed it, Mini Coopers. They are so passionate around Minis, they are the just vehicles they sell – all the latest models and immaculately maintained.

A freshly valeted City Mini.

You have the right to hire bog-standard cars even more cheaply from other service providers however City Mini is much even more affordable for premium or high performance cars prefer a Mini Cooper.

The extra benefits store adding up.

Firstly, you recognize exactly what car you are going to gain, fairly than taking pot-luck from a design array. City Mini has a clear price list Mini aficionados have the right to select from – Clubmale, Countryguy, Roadster, S Hatch, John Cooper Works and also more – plus a Convertible alternative, naturally.

For non-specialists, the agency supplies actual pictures of their own vehicles on their site to assist you choose. They are so reliable in delivering what you ordered, they are a famous option for world planning to gain their very own Mini and wanting to attempt before they buy.

Vehicles are purchased from brand-new through a myriad of top-of-the-array options, not generally discovered in hire cars, so you get all the luxuries consisting of leather internal, satellite navigating, bluetooth connectivity, and automatic transmission (the latter was a bonus for me yet driving purists deserve to opt for a manual).

City Mini provide for totally free to everywhere in London’s Zones One and also Two or to Heathrow Airport. This is even more than simply a drop-off service. Gerard, one of the company’s representatives took the moment to make certain I was completely comfortable with the car and overview me around the controls. He even offered to sync up my phone so I didn’t need to understand it for myself.

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All the staff are equally friendly and also beneficial. There is an insurance excess on all hire cars, particularly high-performance ones, wherever you gain them from. City Mini was the first firm I’ve ever hired from to suggest acquiring driver excess insurance digital fairly than direct from them, conserving me money at their cost.