Long story short: I live near Springhill Nursery and every spring at this time they clearance all their excess directory plants for 99 facility per.... I picked up a bare root climbed "Mint Julep" and wondered if anyone deserve to provide me a zone hardiness...i.e. not what the publications say, yet the farthest north you"ve had actually success through. I looked, and also it seems prefer this one might be a warmer liking one, although some civilization digital had planted it (through no comment on winterhardiness) in zone 5.





I"m sorry to inform you that "Mint Julep" is sort of a connoisseur"s rose -- ie, a climbed for folks who don"t mind lavishing extraplain amounts of treatment and consistent frustration for very bit return, reward, satisfactivity . . .

Perhaps it"s their gardeners that perform the lavishing, I do not recognize . . .

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It survives winter for me, however just badepend. I just gain a couple of blooms each year, yet the shade is pretty cool. Roses Countless additionally sells.


I have it right here in California. That will not aid you in "hardiness zones," yet I can tell you that it"s not worth coddling. UGLY climbed. (Yes, there is such a thing.)



Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, how wrong you have the right to be at times! Just as is beauty, ugly is additionally in the eye of the beholder. I might need to not be your frifinish unmuch less you take this ago. Seriously, I think the blooms are cool, yet I"ve watched pictures via a nasty gray color that did indeed look UGLY.

Maybe we have the right to gain the powers that be to begin an "ugliest rose" category in the next rose display. Not taking it ago. It"s blooming appropriate currently here, and also I simply went out and also shown my opinion. Wish I could uncover my electronic camera . . .

Grey and also additionally spotted -- gets the rose award for a lot of botrytis blight in my yard.


I prospered it in main Fl. for a number of years. It didn"t prefer the warm, humid summers however throughout the spring and autumn I thought it was a nice climbed. But I mess around in my garden all the time so I guess you have the right to say all my roses acquire a tiny added treatment. If you"re not sure around it, put it in a 10 or 15 gal pot and give it a little additional treatment. You"ll recognize by the end of following summer. Thank you for reminding me about this rose. Next off spring I have got the perfect place below at my new home for a pair.

For those of you longing to coddle somepoint -- you have the right to acquire it below -- Cottage Farms Direct -- rather cheap.

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Here is a link that could be useful: Mint Julep for sale


WOW!!! That"s about the most color-enhanced photo I"ve ever before beorganized -- anywhere!!! Better even than some of Wayside Gardens" pics! Also, I need to enhance you on standing your ground regarding Mint Julep . . . I"m another beholder whose eye tells me that Mint Julep is one incredibly, very YOU-glee rose!!!

It"s curious indeed that specific novelty roses persist in commerce: Roses favor Mint Julep, Julia"s Rose, Grey Pearl, Irish Creme, and (regardmuch less of protests to the contrary) Sterling Silver -- whether any type of of them is grafted or (hopelessly) own-root.

Unless one gets-off on somepoint approaching hortisocial masochism, I can"t imagine why perfectly great garden area is squandered on such dogs, or why great money is spent on them. Let"s confront it -- nobody grows them REALLY well in a garden setting.

The unwitting Michigoose can pride her/himself in having dropped just 99 cents at Spring Hill.

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