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Tbelow is a memorable line in the classic Wachowski brothers movie- The Matrix. The protagonist Neo is deciding whether to learn the truth about The Matrix, or go back to a life of blissful ignorance. Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne) starts his monologue by saying “let me tell you”. Out of this an internet meme was born. Below is one.

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Did it work? When you check out it did you watch what it really said, or did you read it the way you believed it need to read? A few exciting points around this meme. The first: What if I told you… that Morpheus never as soon as in the movie states “what if I told you.”? It’s true… he doesn’t. However before, if you’ve watched the movies I bet you check out the above text in his voice. And you probably also “remember” him saying it. Secondly, if you check out the message as it “should be” and also not as it was, congratulations. You’re normal. I’ve presented this photo to no much less than 25 world over the last week, and also everyone has seen it the same. Eventually I thought maybe world were messing via me so I had actually them read it aloud. Success price, 0%.

Much like The Matrix describes we are programed to check out things the way we are “conditioned” to check out them. Theology and the church is no various. Many evangelicals thrived up in a church that sassist and also did things a certain way. We had Sunday morning service, Sunday night organization, and also Wednessday night service. Track leaders offered method to worship leaders provided way to …

If your phase looked choose this in the late 90’s… you were doing worship right!!

…Prayer groups that extended across the entire phase and couldn’t perhaps have actually each person singing a various part!

We use weird concepts prefer “Let’s have fellowship” (what does that mean) “hedge of protection” and “traveling mercies”. We had these catch phrases prefer “It’s not a religious beliefs its a relationship”, “Christians aren’t perfect they are just forgiven”, and “The Gospel is justification by belief.” And honestly it’s ok. We must have these. The principle of Christian jargon has never bothered me. Starbucks has jargon and it doesn’t hurt them. I suppose seriously… where else is a little a tall, and a medium a grande?!? But ultimately we realized Starbucks is great enough, and also we bow to the god of jehovah java and also learn it.

However before, I carry out have a trouble as soon as, much like the meme we all read mistakenly, we watch points as we “think they must be” as opposed to exactly how they really are.

What if I told you, the Gospel is even more than a minute of justification. But it’s a life time of bringing Heaven to Earth. What if it is more than accepting forgiveness, but it’s living transformation.

What if the Gospel is these moments of grace propelling us forward as we development and also build the Kingdom of God. What if it is to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly through God.

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If this were the case would certainly it adjust the means we proasserted it? The modern day audience is in search of something radical. They want authenticity. They desire a glimpse right into ultimate reality. If we as a church continue to see things as we “think they have to be” and also not “as they really are meant to be”, we might miss the chance to share the full and durable Gospel to them.