We compare the ideal smartwatches from Apple, Asus, Motorola, Pebble, and Samsung to tell you which one deserves to be ticking on your wrist

They say smartwatches are the next huge point. In our tests though, we’ve normally discovered these devices to lack the allround use to really be recommfinished.

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That shelp, smartwatches have come a long means considering that their debut; sufficient to make feeling for more than just beforehand adopters. There are popular names, from the greatest modern technology giants, and also things are starting to change.

Many kind of took interemainder in smartwatches after the Apple Watch was announced, while others look to the Moto 360 as the ideal. Over the past few months, we as well have actually tinkered through many kind of of these gadgets and also there are fairly a few options obtainable in the sector.

MOTO 360 (2ND GEN)Perhaps the finest well-known smartwatch in the industry today, Motorola was the initially company to present the round dial on a smartwatch. That shelp, the first gen Moto 360 still had actually a means to go, and the company has actually improved via this second version. The Snapdragon 400 SoC on the gadget is much quicker and the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) is much more responsive than the original. It’s faster and even more fluid.


It is available in 46mm and 42mm sizes and also is just a hair thinner than its predecessor. While the stainless steel casing on the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) is comparable to its predecessor, the new versions looks even more mature. The power on/ off button has actually been relocated to the 2’o’clock place and the straps deserve to currently be rerelocated by any watch maker. The enhancement of a metal clasp has actually also made the watch look much better.

While looks are subjective, what’s really worth appreciating is the 233ppi pixel density on the new Moto 360. It renders the screen quite crisp and also practically eliminates the screendoor result that was widespread on the original variation. The display is also fairly bright and has excellent touch feedearlier.

From a performance suggest of watch, the Moto 360 was the fastest to respond to calls and also supports a variety of apps, From a performance point of see, the Moto 360 was the fastest to respond to calls and supports a variety of apps, rivaled only by Apple’s Watch OS. It hardly ever stops working to rotate the display screen on as soon as you raise your hand also to inspect a notice or to see the moment, and also it’s amongst the even more accurate smartwatches in the industry this particular day. Tbelow are likewise a variety of watch deals with to select from.

It costs Rs.19,999 though, which puts it amongst the more affordable smartwatches in the sector best now. That sassist, Android Wear OS isn’t exceptionally intuitive. The major mode of interactivity through Android Wear is voice, which is hard, especially when you’re in noisy outdoor conditions. Even indoors, where the voice acknowledgment functions fine, it isn’t the fastest method to connect, when compared through Apple’s crown or Samsung’s rotatable dial.


The development of the smartwatch market has actually been noticed by standard watchdevices freshly. But while technology giants have actually commonly concentrated on the smart part, these watchdevices focus more on the watch part of these devices. They execute still loss under the same category though and also may appeal to many type of world.

Titan JuxtThe Titan Juxt is easily the ideal looking smartwatch in the sector this particular day. It’s an analogue device, which has actually a small display for smart features. It’s not the a lot of sensible as a smartwatch, but those that treatment to have actually a smartwatch that looks like an analogue watch, this would be the perfect pick. It prices virtually Rs. 20,000 though, so it does autumn in the premium watch segment at least.

The Titan Juxt isn’t the ideal as soon as it concerns taking calls or responding to, or also analysis message messeras. It has a high quality leather strap, which have the right to be readjusted in Titan stores

Timex Metropolitan+If you sindicate desire an analogue watch that additionally has some smart attributes and doesn’t price you an entire month’s salary, then this is the one to take into consideration. The Timex Metropolitan+ is an activity tracker, and also an analogue smartwatch. It costs about Rs.10,000 and also has changeable straps, which deserve to be changed by any watch-maker.

Personally, we’re not substantial fans of this watch’s looks, however as we’ve sassist time and aobtain, looks are subjective.

ASUS ZENWATCH 2Perhaps the cheapest and also a lot of worth for money smartwatch in the market today, the ASUS Zenwatch 2 is like square dial equivalent to the Moto 360 (2nd Gen). It runs the Android Wear OS, meaning it has actually some of the same staminas and also weaknesses. In enhancement, the two gadgets run on the same Snapdragon 400 SoC, and also are just as responsive.


The Zenwatch 2 is amongst the few square dial smartwatches running Android Wear and also it looks fairly good. The stainmuch less steel style is nice, however the thick bezels hamper the in its entirety architecture. In enhancement, it has plastic on the earlier, which is a significant downer as well.

The Zenwatch weighs 60 grams, making it the heaviest in this comparikid, however the weight really isn’t a huge issue. However, while the watch is IP67 certified, we would certainly advise you to save the leather straps amethod from water.

The 278 ppi pixel thickness of the Asus Zenwatch 2 is not as high as the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2, but it’s simply about sufficient. It is worth noting that we used the Asus Zenwatch 2 WI501Q, and also tbelow is another variants to this gadget, which has a slightly smaller sized screen. The WI501Q has a 1.63inch screen, while the other lies at 1.45 inch.

The performance of the Zenwatch 2 is mainly beyond question, other than the fact that its screen refuses to turn on immediately sometimes.

Wbelow the Asus Zenwatch 2 makes all its money though is its battery life. The watch lasts for a complete 2 days and can go on a tad much longer. While it’s not best, amongst Android Wear smartwatches, it’s the finest. It beats the Moto 360 by a full day. In addition, the variety of customisations feasible on the Zenwatch 2 also add points in its favour.

The Asus Zenwatch 2 expenses Rs. 11,999, making it the cheapest Android Wear smartwatch that you can buy at the minute.

PEBBLE TIMEThe Pebble Time is quickly the the majority of intriguing smartwatch in the sector now. It’s e-paper display screen solves a really massive trouble in smartwatches, that of battery life. Of all the smartwatches that gain the ‘smart’ component ideal, the Pebble Time is the only one that have the right to last for a complete 7 days. It carries a square-ish style, choose the Asus Zenwatch 2 and Apple Watch, but is much lighter than the majority of of them.


In truth, the construct and architecture of the Pebble Time is rather simplistic. It has a stainmuch less steel body, but feels rather plasticky and looks exceptionally a lot choose a toy, even even more so bereason of the colour e-paper display. That shelp, many have appreciated the looks and architecture of the Pebble Time and simplistic would be the best method to specify it. The watch is incredibly light, at 42.5 grams, and fairly resistant to scratches too. In fact, many would certainly even say that the Pebble Time has an elegant architecture, even if extremely simplistic.

Unlike Android Wear, Apple’s WatchOS or Samsung’s Tizen though, the Pebble OS that runs on the Pebble Time depends on physical buttons for navigating on the watch. This is a major hindrance to making use of the Pebble Watch successfully. Its buttons are difficult to push, especially when you’re wearing it, and also 4 buttons on such a small tool offer it a pretty steep discovering curve. The Pebble Time has three butlots on the right, while there’s also a residence switch on the left of the gadget. Due to the fact that the display screen isn’t touch sensitive, you will be stuck pushing the buttons whenever you should read a text or adjust the settings.

The Pebble Time’s advance has likewise been quicker than what many type of would have meant. Pebble OS supports a lot of of the important apps this day, prefer Evernote, WhatsApp and more, and also the watch is really responsive in regards to exactly how quick it responds to calls or texts that you obtain.

There’s an interesting note below, while Android Wear and also WatchOS tools respond faster to native Android apps, choose Google Messenger etc, they’re slower in responding to messages on WhatsApp and also various other third party apps. The Pebble Time yet, takes the same time to respond to all applications that it supports.

The trouble through the Pebble Time is that it costs nearly Rs. 20,000, which is a lot considering it’s other difficulties. The absence of intuitiveness, a heart rate sensor and also the inaccuracy in steps-tracking are significant inhibitors for it. While the Pebble Time absolutely has potential, there’s still more to perform for the firm.


Testing smartwatches deserve to be tricky. It’s one point to compare looks and also design, but that may differ from person to perkid. What you think looks great, may not be the same as what we think. Nevertheless, the looks for a smartwatch does play a really significant function in its success. After all, tbelow is a large fashion play right here.

There is more to it though. A smartwatch additionally desires to be your fitness tracker, which means that accuracy is of paramount prominence. We tested the tracking capabilities of each of these devices.

Then aobtain, smartwatches likewise have some similarities through phones. Things prefer processor rate, RAM, pixel density of their displays, were likewise thought about. Waterproofing is a crucial aspects, which implies an a watch that is completely waterproof will be even more useful than one that is just water resistant. Add to that the weight of each watch. All these features were taken right into consideration.

For performance, we tested the moment each smartwatch required to display notifications. Some took a few seconds also lengthy to detect calls and texts, which is often the difference in between pulling your phone out of the pocket and using your smartwatch to respond. Also, while Apple’s Watch OS functions well via iOS, Google’s Android Wear is likewise designed to be in sync through Android. In future, this might be a problem for operating systems like Tizen and Pebble OS, which have to walk the extra mile in order to attain the very same speed and also fluidity. Speaking of which, the intuitiveness of the OS was additionally detailed, in addition to the ecomechanism it tries to provide for included use.

Lastly, having actually reregarded every one of these smartwatches and also used them ourselves, we had actually an excellent sense of exactly how long their batteries last. However, for a more objective strategy, we made equal number of calls and also message messages to each of these and detailed the battery drop. Few smartwatches deserve to boast battery life of over a day and also a half now, which is somepoint that companies really must resolve.

With all this done, the price aspect was brought right into play, in order to recognize which watch made for the ideal value for money and bag our Best Buy award.

Our selections were the most talked about smartwatches this particular day, which produced a great fight. We had actually the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, Moto 360 (2nd Gen), Asus Zenwatch 2 and the Pebble Time.

APPLE WATCHAn exciting point happened while creating dvery own this comparikid. On the day we sat dvery own to create this, Apple chose to drop the price of the Apple Watch in the US. It presently costs about $300 tright here, yet unfortunately, at the moment of print, the India pricing was still upwards of Rs. 40,000.


Now the Apple Watch played an amazing function below. On the one hand also, the gadget has a really premium metal build, however our judgements on its design are split. So, we’ll leave the decision of whether the Apple Watch really looks good, to you.

The redeeming characteristics of the Apple Watch though, prefer firstly in its display screen. It has a 1.65 inch screen, via an significant 303 ppi pixel density. Barring the Samsung Gear S2, the Apple Watch might very well have actually the highest pixel density among smartwatches now. In addition, like most Apple screens, this one likewise looks incredibly great.

But while the Apple Watch has a really good display, its various other features and performance barely justify the price. For one, like a lot of Apple tools in the past, this one also can’t go past a complete day’s battery life. In truth, also that depends on exactly how many notifications you commonly get. In enhancement, Apple’s Watch OS isn’t the a lot of intuitive either. It tries to replicate iOS in some methods, while including the crown has made it much easier to navigate than many various other smartwatches.

Having said that, the crvery own still isn’t the ideal means to navigate and also tbelow are areas wright here the Apple Watch simply isn’t the ideal in the market. The excellent part is that tbelow are rather a couple of apps to use with it, however choose the majority of various other smartwatches, they’re not the a lot of beneficial. In enhancement, while the Apple Watch isn’t entirely exact in tracking your steps, in our tests it turned out to be the most specific amongst these rivals.

It also works only via iPhones, interpretation it renders no sense unless you very own Apple’s premiere tool. So, all things taken into consideration, while the Apple Watch may be amongst the better smartwatches in the market appropriate currently, it’s much from the best.

SAMSUNG GEAR S2The Samsung Gear S2 is quickly the many intuitive smartwatch in the market this day. In fact, we like this watch more than any various other, simply because of that intuitiveness, which is all thanks to the rotatable dial. It renders for a near perfect method to navigate roughly a smartwatch, and of all the OSs and watches that we compared, this is the just one that actually made us want to read emails and long text messeras on the watch. It likewise expenses `24,300, which is a good price, but even more than watches like the Moto 360 (second Gen).


In truth, while Samsung’s Tizen OS comes out to be this watch’s downfall, the South Oriental huge has actually done an extremely good project through it. The factor the Gear S2 takes a separation second even more than the Moto 360 to respond to calls and also notifications, is an outcome of the disaffix between Android/iOS and Tizen. It is the very same factor why Pebble OS is sreduced. That sassist, the Gear S2 likewise has the same benefit as the Pebble Time, in that, it responds to all notifications equally. But then aacquire, the application support requirements to increase for this to really be the finest smartwatch in the market. Tright here aren’t many watch deals with to select from, yet the truth that you deserve to put your own photos on the watch challenge is excellent. The Samsung Gear S2 has actually many redeeming characteristics, however it demands a tiny even more work-related to truly be the finest smartwatch in the sector.

The Samsung Gear S2 is the lightest after the Pebble Time, yet though it has actually a metal body, it isn’t the finest looking smartwatch, in our opinion. The watch has actually changeable straps, however it’s not as easy to perform that as in the Moto 360 and also ASUS Zenwatch 2.

It supplies much longer battery life than the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) and Apple Watch, however not as long as the ASUS Zenwatch 2. Of course, that immediately indicates it lasts for a much shorter duration than the Pebble Time smartwatch.

All in all, while the Samsung Gear S2 is amongst our favourite smartwatches in the sector this particular day, it falls just short of being the ideal performer appropriate currently. It may be the finest once it pertains to making smartwatches better though. While all others are either initially generation commodities, or slightly improved versions of their originals, the Samsung Gear S2 has added something really meaningful to smartwatches and put Samsung firmly on the map in this industry.

Samsung Gear S2Apple WatchASUS Zenwatch 2Pebble TimeMoto 360 (2nd Gen)
PriceRs. 24,399Rs. 44,000Rs. 11,999Rs. 19,500Rs. 18,499
Performace Final Scores14.612.612.88.217.6
Features Final Scores14.813.713.812.313.7
Platdevelop Final Scores16.615.61312.213
Design Final Scores21.522.2523.419.922.8
Overall Rating67.764.263.152.767.1
Processor Cores21414
Display Size1.21.651.631.251.56
Display Pixel Density320303278182233
Battery (in mAh)250250400150400
Operating SystemTizenWatch OSAndroid WearPebble OSAndroid Wear
Time taken to display screen message (in seconds)1.1221.292.152.6822.506
Time taken to screen calls (in seconds)1.512.180.861.670.2
Intuitiveness of UI53333
Number of Gestures available11414
Display Auto Turn On109629
Tip Tracking Accuracy (percent accuracy)70.188.2707577.5
Heart Rate Tracking Accuracy (percent abberration)18220014
Battery Life (in hours)36244816827
Looks (out of 5)3.54434
Sizes Available (number of sizes)22212
Operating System (out of 5)45545
Setting of Reply for Email/Texts11111
Mode of Reply for Calls0.510.50.50.5
Keyboard Quality10000
How intuitive is the OS43222
Weight48 gm50 gm60gm42.5 gm50 gm
On/Off Buttons11111
Navigation Buttons/Dial/Crown22010
Changeable Straps11111
Storage4 GB8 GB4 GB0.015 GB4 GB

BEST BUY: ASUS Zenwatch 2As pointed out prior to, at Rs.11,999, the ASUS Zenwatch 2 is the a lot of value for money smartwatch today. While tright here is room for development, if you’re looking to get a taste of what smartwatches can market, this is the one to go for. Android Wear runs smoothly on the tool and it is extremely customisable, possibly the the majority of customisable of the lot.

ASUS requirements to work on the architecture by reducing the thickness of the watch’s bezels, and also maybe even make the totality body out of steel. The Zenwatch 2 is still one of the much better looking smartwatches in the industry.

If you’re planning to buy a smartwatch and can’t decide which one to buy, the ASUS Zenwatch 2 would be the best option. It allows you to understand also what a smartwatch can do and also being a second generation gadget, it is substantially boosted from the original. The ASUS Zenwatch Manager is also amongst the better bridging apps, through which you can control and also customise the smartwatch.

BEST PERFORMER: Moto 360 (second Gen)When the first Moto 360 smartwatch was announced, it was commonly prodeclared the ideal smartwatch in the industry. So, it doesn’t come as a large surpincrease that the second generation version has concerned be the best perprevious this time. The Moto 360 (second Gen) was the fastest to respond to calls and messages, while its battery life lies in what can be thought about the sector typical now. The Moto 360 (second Gen) is also widely benefited from the fact that Android Wear is expected to work-related well with Android tools.

The Moto 360 (second Gen) is also the best looking among smartwatches, at leastern in our opinion. It is well built and looks premium. Even though there aren’t huge architecture changes, Motorola has polished the design this time, making the Moto 360 (second Gen) whatever it needs to be, in regards to looks and also construct. If Google have the right to make progression through Android Wear fast sufficient, that’ll execute the Moto 360 (second Gen) a people of excellent.

It has actually a big enough screen and the pixel thickness is additionally rather high.

EDITOR’S PICK: Samsung Gear S2Numbers play a large function in comparison, which is why the Samsung Gear S2 couldn’t take the ideal perprevious titled in this comparichild. While the smartwatch is indeed slower to get notifications than the Moto 360, a separation second’s difference barely makes that big of a distinction. The Gear S2’s rotatable dial even more than provides up for this, and also it is incredibly simple to usage this smartwatch.

As we stated prior to, the smartwatch is the only one that we really felt prefer using. Yes, we would be glad if Samsung can include assistance for more applications, choose Pebble OS and Apple’s Watch OS, however it’s a really great start.

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It is a tad expensive, yet at this nclimb phase, it provides a lot more feeling than buying an Apple Watch or an LG Watch Urbane.

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