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Hi all,I"m a new owner of a "12 Silverado 1500 4x4. I looked on the forum yet I didn"t watch an answer to my question, which is:Can you install both fender flares and splash guards? Or is it a one-or-the-other form of deal? If you have the right to, what brands work together?Also, perform the rear wheel well liners interfere with either fender flares or splash guards? (I think the answer is defintely "no" on the splash guards.)Thanks for your help,-Alan


My dealership said true OE flares were not avalible for 11"s. I had to go aftermarket. That was a year back.. Are they avalible now Wordman ? Im reasoning of pulling mine off and putting the molded Huskey mud flaps earlier on, instead of ordering new fender flare molded style. Cant store my truck clean.
StarsnBars -- Thanks for the details. I will hit Google and look for compatible guards/flares. Sparkjumper has a good concept through being able to mount the level style mud guards. That looks choose what Silveradomale is mirroring in his pix.I haven"t watched any GM flares easily accessible. And I do not have either one set up yet. Naked wheel wells all around! -Alan
Ive been kinda shopping around for the flat ones to. They will work-related through the flares. Cant store my truck clean. I have actually the consistent style molded ones however they wont fit currently with the flares. Really dont feel choose parting through the $$$ for the ideal ones.
It looks like the flare-compatible molded mud guards are not easily accessible for the 2012 Silveracarry out. At least I can not find any type of using my finest Google-fu.I think I will go for flares with flat-style mud guards. I"ll let you understand what I gain (and also short article pix).-Alan
Yeah Im on the hunt to. Hit around whatever neighborhood yet cant uncover that special set. Looks favor time to surf the web for me.
Hey male i recognize that chevy and gmc both put out a level mudflap thats not molded and they are really nice. I wanted to throw them on my truck however my tires rub a tiny so they would break them. But if you go to your local dealer they should have some level unmolded for you to pick and also pick from. I wanted to put them on prefer i sassist cause they reall execute look nice and also carry out great at protecting everything. My parental fees run molded ones on their GMCs and in my opinion i dont think they sit low enough to do an excellent project. But i would certainly look into the unmolded ones and also view what you like cause they will job-related through flares.Chris
I simply ordered my prestige flares with the stainless rivets no gotta decide weather to leave em black or spray them victory red. Stars u obtained any type of close ups of yours I see they are babsence.

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2010 Silveracarry out LT Z-71 Diablew TunedHD Hood/Grille 20/14 fuel cleavers 38/13.50 trail grapplersMcgaughys lift zone body lift 14 inches totalTOTM winner1996 1500 w/t
Thanks stars mine must be here this week I"ll short article up once I acquire them on I think I"m going to check out what they look choose babsence then decide on the red will certainly also view what the front looks like with the air dam off. I do not like mud flaps simply an individual preference.
2010 Silveracarry out LT Z-71 Diablew TunedHD Hood/Grille 20/14 fuel cleavers 38/13.50 trail grapplersMcgaughys lift zone body lift 14 inches totalTOTM winner1996 1500 w/t