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The fact that Griffin so casually uses the word "dissolvers," a term I've never before heard used but sounds precisely prefer the type of shorthand fetishists would certainly usage for subclassification, is what ultimately persuaded me that he really is a voraphile and hasn't just been maintaining a really dedicated long-con little.

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Dim T One point I execute agree through you on though: human being GOTTA learn the difference in between top/bottom and dom/sub. You intend it from the cishets, yet I also check out young LGBT+ individual who don't recognize the difference these days, and conflating the 2 reinpressures gross old-fashioned stereotypes.


You understand vore (and kink in general) requires roleplay and imagination right? world aren't actually getting consumed, that would be cannibalism. Same way the perchild that dresses up in a schoolgirl outfit and also gets spanked isn't really a schoolgirl, and the perboy that dresses up as a nurse and gets their companion off isn't endorsing abusive medical staff. Neither are my individual kink, I just think you're blurring the lines between fantasy and truth in a means which would certainly make many kink 'unacceptable'. Loads of human being are right into roleplaying immoral/illegal stuff (kidnap, restraint, BDSM torture, being a 'slave' etc. and so on etc.) however would certainly be utterly horrified by such things arising in genuine life outside the realm of consensual roleplay.I suppose, don't acquire me wrong, human sexuality is all sorts of weird and screwed up, but consenting adults roleplaying an imaginary scenario isn't the same point as that scenario actually happening. And in the case of vore, that scenario (gaining swpermitted by a gigantic person) isn't even possible!


Dim T "i'm generally against kinkshaming except when i don't choose the kink" ok bud

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MozarteanChaos im generally against kinkshaming bereason everyone must live their finest life yet i make an exception for world who get their rocks off as soon as consuming media that depicts vile stuff choose world literally dying. If you are sexually right into snuff theres somepoint wrong via you is all im saying. I dont think that's a really controversial statement?


Dim T bro if you wanna kinkshame that's your business

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It’s moments favor this once you have the right to really tell who’s the earliest, the middle, and also the youngest brother


i really carry out vibe via travis being the middle son and having actually to obtain your allude throughout as loudly and also incressingly frustrated as possible lest your siblings not hear you

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Or at “Justin would certainly you fairly have actually one brvarious other or no brothers?”“Like at this moment?”

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Justin being the quintcrucial big brvarious other that hates watching the little bit brothers fight yet doesn't disrupt it.

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Travis slightly shouting “QUINTESSENTIAL VORE” is the thing I essential best currently.

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"he is diGESted he is D I G E S T E D""She was the wicked witch of the eastern, BRO!"

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What I'm tryna say is with the concept of anal vore, genital vore, and also nasal vore, entering with the mouth and/or ending up in the stomach aren't required to specify something as vore

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Sammie1053 ok, but what around osmosis Jones? The pill guy was swallowed, however I don’t think that counts.

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I looked it up out of curiosity, just how the actual fuck is that taken into consideration pg?


ThePieGuy72 Vore does not have to be implicitly sexual. In truth, somepoint that many folks are right into is “safe vore”, where the stomach is seen as prefer a sort of safe and also cozy place for their smaller sized friends to hang out in. Accidental vore is additionally another huge one which is pretty self-explanatory.

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My favorite point is as soon as Justin claims “This has actually been. The worst 15 minutes. Of my life.”It’s just been 2