It is only as well straightforward for Christians to become daunted and also deeply pessimistic. The human being we live in is a dark and also presently an ever-darkening, area. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is increasingly and publicly mocked and also marginalized throughout culture, specifically in the media. Our Government passes law that defies the living God. Our churches, the majority of of them, are little and also struggling. Evangelical Christianity is awash via theological and moral deteriorate. You might well be foroffered for thinking, ‘Is it any type of wonder believers are daunted and deeply pessimistic?’

Do we have actually any kind of reason, however, for being downbeat and also discouraged? Allow me to remind you of our Lord’s words in John 5:17, ‘My Father is always functioning.’ Always! Not sometimes. Not a lot of the moment. But all of the time. Our God is never indolent, never before merely watching the world’s development from the sidelines. He is always at work; and also if he is always at work, exactly how have the right to we ever be daunted and discouraged? I recognize that some who read this letter will certainly be going with sore trials. Others will have legacies of deep disappointments. Some will be in churches where little if any evident development has been viewed for years. And yet, ‘My Father is constantly working.’

It is true that our God’s working is not always, or also regularly, apparent. ‘He hides himself so wondrously, as if tbelow were no God: He is least viewed when all the powers of ill are a lot of abroad.’ Nonethemuch less, he is constantly at occupational, fulfilling his sure, soveregime, blessed functions. He is never idle. His working is never frantic or unparticular, yet always calm, delibeprice and also perfectly purposeful: ‘Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him’ (Psa. 115:3).

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If nothing else, this excellent reality have to inspire at leastern two things in our lives:

First, we should never lose heart. Our God is working and nopoint and no one deserve to stand versus him. History, with all its dark unpredictabilities and also supposedly unmanaged wickedness, is overchecked out and also punctuated by the Soveregime God that functions. This is not an excuse for us to sit earlier and also smirk at our scenarios. But it is a wonderful encouragement for Christians not to shed heart, not to become daunted and disappointed. God is at occupational, constantly.

Secondly, we are encouraged to live by faith and not by sight. What is faith? At heart it is trusting God for who he is and also believing his Word, whatever it says. Faith says, ‘I think God.’ So, when we read, ‘My Father is constantly working’, however downbeat and also seemingly bleak our situations, we believe God’s Word.

I have actually little bit doubt that it regularly pleases the Lord to withhold the apparent evidences of his working in order to teach us the grace of belief. This reality is put starkly and also remarkably in Isaiah 50:10, ‘Let him that walks in the dark, that has actually no light, trust in the name of the Lord and count on his God.’ But belief is even more than trusting reposecompletely in God; it is believing that God is able to attain whatsoever he pleases. Because our God is an ever-functioning God, whose power is limitless and also unconquerable, tright here is no saying what he may well be pleased to accomplish. ‘You do not have actually bereason you execute not ask’! God’s sovepower functioning is not an excusage for us to sit earlier and also drift via whatever before tide comes our means. No, a thousand also times no. Does the Lord himself not tell us that his Father in heaven will offer the Divine Spirit to those who ask him? (Luke 11:13). Faith lays hold of the God who always functions, pleads his assures, the glory of his Son and also the conserving of his world.

‘My Father is constantly working.’ Are these not wondercompletely encouraging words? Do they not pierce our gloom and also despondency? The Lord will certainly not shed among his very own. He will certainly current his church to himself as a spotless, perfect bride, not one absent. Take heart. The God who is for us in Christ and who rules the heavens and also the earth is constantly functioning.

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Ian Hamilton is Pastor of the Cambridge Presbyterian Church, now worshipping God on Sunday mornings in All Saints’ Church, Jesus Lane, Cambridge and also in the Lutheran Church, Huntingdon Roadway, on Sunday evenings.