Razor blade, that"s what I speak to love, I bet you pick it up and mess about through it If I put it dvery own It gets incredibly facility. Anything to forget whatever. You obtained to take me out, At least as soon as a week Either I"m in your arms, Or I"m at your feet. I understand exactly what you"re reasoning You will not say it currently But in your heart it"s love Oh, my feelings are even more crucial than yours. Oh, drop dead, I do not treatment, I won"t worry. Let it go. Oh, the razor blade, Wish it would certainly snap this rope The human being is in your hands Or it"s at your throat At times it"s not that complicated anything to foracquire everything. He would certainly never before talk, But he was not shy She was a street-smart girl, But she could not lie They were perfect for each various other Say it currently "Cause in your heart it"s loud Oh, my feelings are even more vital than yours Oh, drop dead, I don"t treatment, I will not problem Sweetheart, Your feelings are even more necessary of course Of course Everyone you wanted, Everything that we would certainly take from them I don"t wanna understand, I don"t wanna recognize Tell me, tell me, tell me Oh, do not, okay.

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Razorblade Lyrics as composed by Julian Casablancas

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General CommentI think it"s about a relationship that had it"s falling out. I prefer what Nitty said about exactly how guys may attempt and also try and it still seems prefer tbelow is no salvation or satisfaction.It"s that feeling of unrequited love, wbelow the girl seems to act so indifferent, many specifically AFTER the falling out, to wbelow the guy feels choose she doesn"t care at all. And so he put the words right into her mouth, given that she won"t say them, "My feelings are even more necessary than yours. Oh, drop dead, I do not care. I won"t concern..."Sometimes all we need is an answer, and also a right one at that. But hardly ever will we gain it. He"s hanging on by that string, and also desires to just "cut the rope." So he eggs her on by making her out to be so insensitive, to the suggest wbelow she finally gives in and also decideds to let him have actually it. At which suggest he no much longer desires to know, bereason he knows he"s about to acquire the closure he so longed for, as soon as in truth he really wanted to organize on to that bit string of hope, because he wanted it to work out.I enjoy bands that deserve to be cleverly spiteful. So my favourite part hregarding be wright here he switches up and also claims "Sweetheart, your feelings are more vital, of course... Of course!" It"s such a sharp statement after the remainder of the lyrics, figuratively speaking, and the exclamatory "of course!" is just the twist of the knife.I love it.