Fine, flat hair is a common grousage, but what happens if your hair isn't precisely straight nor does it have actually curls characterized sufficient to look good?

Welcome to the painful in-between wright here hair will involuntarily 翘 or flip outwards, making one look disheveled, also sloppy. 

What deserve to we perform in such a situation? 

We gain Shinice from Koinonia Salon to share some tips with us.

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1. Make Sure Your Hair Doesn't Touch Your Shoulder

One element causing hair that curls out (or 翘 hair) is the contour of your neckline. As the neck or shoulder is perpendicular to the hair, your hair ends will certainly curl outwards as the hair ends touches the neck.

It doesn't issue if you keep your hair much longer or shorter; as long as you keep them amethod from the shoulder, your hair will certainly not curl outwards so quickly. 

Perm by Koinonia Salon

2. Get a Skillful Cut

Anvarious other reason why hair transforms outwards is because of exactly how the hair is reduced. If the layers are thick, your hair tends to curl out more conveniently. 

A knowledgeable cutter will however be able to reduced the hair in such a way that it will tuck in. One method to perform so is to perform some undercutting at the nape. This is suitable for thicker East Oriental bone structures which is flast at the earlier. This method, the hair will curl inwards naturally.

Conversely, European head structures via much less hair at the back can benefit from texturizing overlapping layers that permit the top layers to tuck in over the lower nape. 


Haircut by Koinonia Salon

3. Hydprice, hydrate, hydrate

One feasible factor that can contributes to the hair curling messily is hair damage. If you've gone for one two many kind of hair colours, you might discover your hair curling upwards and also frizzing.


If you invest in hydration commodities such as hair masks, deep conditioners and serums, you'll have the ability to flush out a lot of the frizz in your locks, making it a lot even more controllable. You may even discover a new love for your hair's delicious density as soon as it stops trying to rebelliously escape in every direction! If your hair is not that far gone yet, it might be worth it to begin looking at lower-damages options, whether perm or colour, to proccasion your hair from degenerating right into that state. 

4. Go on the Straight and also Narrow

Rebonding gets a negative rep from its early on days of reducing coiffs to somepoint entirely level, featureless, and also just mainly hanging off your head.

Now though, really organic looking rebondings are available, and smoopoint perms, both of which offer you shiny sleekness without completely sucking the personality out of your hair.


Volume rebonding by Koinonia Salon

Tright here are even C-curl perms that actually slick and straighten the location near the crown to prevent puffiness, yet include a neat inward-wave at the hair ends to give your execute some activity and also on-trfinish femininity. 

And aget, the style is semi-irreversible (well, as lengthy as your hair takes to grow out) so that it takes minimal effort to get your coiff in form.

5. Try a Perm

The trouble with the haircut-just approach is that the hair will ultimately prosper out and curl outwards once it goes out of shape.

Perms are a longer lasting approach as it reforms your hair and also imposes a fixed framework onto your curls, so you looked groomed fairly than messy. 


Advante Perm by Koinonia Salon

But what if your hair is already fairly damaged as a result of previous hair colours and also bleaching?

Get in Advante Perm, the revolutionary low-damage perm that works also on bleached hair.

Advante Perm by Koinonia Salon

If you haven't already read about it, Advante Perm is the initially perm lotion in Singapore that deserve to create defined curls without also opening your hair cuticles!

This is all many thanks to the patented ingredient Thioglycolic acid that softens hair at low pH, enabling stylists to produce those curls without opening your hair cuticles. The best component is that the curls are characterized and last for a lengthy time. 

Want to view how the procedure works? We follow Agent G who is obtaining the Advante Perm at her favourite place Koinonia Salon. 

Agent G's Advante Perm Experience

Hi, I'm Agent G, a psychologist with the federal government. 

Don't think me? I deserve to tell what you are thinking right now..

Which is... that I don't precisely look prefer a psychologist. 

My hair colour is a tiny bright for what many people think a psychologist must look like and yup, I more than likely look even more frazzled than your typical image of a calm, zen psychologist, right?

Well, we're humale too! All of us have actually our very own personalities, likes, dislikes, fears and also choices. You deserve to probably tell that I'm a small even more adventurous given my choice of hair colour. Magenta is not as well widespread and also I love exactly how it perks me up while at the same time, draws my clients' attention to it in a great means. As a lot as I love my colour, I'm not such a fan of my hair flipping up here and also there. 

Now that my hair is in the colour I desire, I just want to resolve my entire mane in some type of presentable form instead of trying to tame it eextremely day.

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I learned from my stylist Shinice at Koinonia Salon that haircut can assist tame my hair a small however via some of the hair hanging roughly the shoulder area and also my hair being a tiny damaged, it might be difficult for it to look presentable without actually blowdrying it correctly. (Who has time for that?) 

What around going for a perm? It have the right to provide your hair a proper structure and also shape so that it will look presentable at all times of the day.~ Shinice, Koinonia Salon

What she states renders feeling. But I simply went for those pink highlights not also long ago. Could my hair withstand the perm? 

Fortunately for me, Koinonia Salon has simply what I need - a brand-new perm lotion that deserve to perm even damaged hair prefer mine: Advante Perm! Shinice was raving about exactly how it can produce defined curls also on hair that has been bleached 2-3 times and so should be suitable even for my hair. 

I might be the professional once it comes to psychology but Shinice is the one I completely trust in the realm of hair; she has never before disappointed me even once. 

So below we go!

Step 1: Consultation

I've been with Shinice for a few years currently yet she just joined Koinonia Salon recently.

Whereever she goes, I go and also I must say, I'm really happy she joined Koinonia Salon