They say that home is wbelow the heart is, and this couldn’t be truer in Italy where household always comes initially.

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Tbelow is one word in Italian that covers both the words “home” and “house” and also that is casa (feminine, plural: case).

IPA: /ˈ

When offered on its own through the adhering to verbs, the translation is always “home” quite than “house”.

andare a casa = to go homevenire a casa = to come hometornare a casa = to go ago homerestare / rimanere / stare a casa = to remain homepassare da casa = to pop home (for a brief duration)mangiare a casa = to eat at home

Although not essential, you have the right to include possessive adjectives such as mia (“my”) or tua (“your”) after casa for emphasis or clarification.

Vaperform a casa mia.

I’m going house / to my residence.

Passo da casa tua domani.

I’m going to pop by your house tomorrow.

A typical Italian casa in Venice. In the Venetian dialect, residence becomes ca’.

If you desire to describe somebody else’s house, you should add di after the word casa.

Vado a casa di mia sorella.

I’m going to my sister’s home.

Mangio a casa di Lucia stasera.

I’m eating at Lucia’s house tonight.

The only exception is possessive adjectives which, as we already observed over, don’t need the preposition di.

Vacarry out a casa sua.

I’m going to his/her home.

Torno a casa tua.

I’m going ago to your house.

One thing learners of Italian may find confmaking use of at the start is that it isn’t obligatory to usage the word casa once talking around one more person’s home. All you need to carry out is insert the preposition da after the verb and it is assumed you are talking about another person’s place of residence.

Vaexecute da mia sorella.

I’m going to my sister’s (house).

Mangio da Lucia stasera.

I’m eating at Lucia’s (house) tonight.

Two case side-by-side

An exceptionally beneficial expression in Italian is sotto casa which literally equates as “under house” however in context, refers to world or things that are situated a stone’s throw from wright here you live. This might be a frifinish who is waiting external, your closest pizzeria, or a local shop wbelow you understand the owners by name. In English, the expression usually translates as nearby or out front.

Ti aspetto sotto casa!

I’ll wait for you out front!

Vuoi andare al ristorante sotto casa?

Do you desire to go to the nearby restaurant?

Conosci una buona pizzeria? – Sì, ce n’è una sotto casa!

Do you know a great pizzeria? – Yes, there’s one nearby!

By including the ending -etta to casa, you finish up through the diminutive develop casetta which can suppose bit house, cottage or a stall at a industry relying on the conmessage.

Che bella casetta che hai!

What a nice cottage / little bit home you have!

Ci sono tante casette al Mercatino di Natale.

There are many stalls at the Christmas Market.

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As in English, casa have the right to also be unified through other nouns to describe specific kinds of dwellings.

casa di cura = nursing homecasa di riposo = retirement homecasa famiglia = foster home

It can additionally expect company or firm if you tack on an adjective such as in the following examples:

casa discografica = document companycasa produttrice = manufacturing housecasa costruttrice = manufacturercasa automobilistica = automobile companycasa editrice = publishing house

Other words based on casa include:

casolare = farmhousecasale = farmresidence, but it also implies little rural villagecaseggiato = apartment blockcaserma = barracks, or big building in colloquial Italian, it also means army basecasalinga = housewife

Casa is an easy word for a basic concept, yet as we’ve watched, there is rather a lot to say around exactly how its usage differs from the English equivalents! How around you – what type of casa do you live in?