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The Voice of My Unacquainted Little Sister

At his father's funeral, Shogo is startled by a voice outside his window. The voice clintends to that she is his bit sister, but she'll only tell him that she is for a price.

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E1 | The Voice of My Unacquainted Little Sister

At his father"s funeral, Shogo is startled by a voice outside his home window. The voice claims to that she is his little bit sister, however she"ll only tell him that she is for a price.


E2 | My Sister and the Moonlit Dance

Shogo receives a mysterious contact from the perboy who claims to be his sister. At the same time, his school life gets a jolt through the arrival of a new student to his class.


E3 | My Sister"s Seduction

Shogo"s sexual choices come right into question, bring about Miyabi and Rinka to overextend in their efforts to present him the appeal of a woguy.


E4 | My Sister"s Hero is Her Onii-sama!

Shogo"s relationship with Myabi lies in damage. A brand-new problem arises after he tells Konoe about his dilemma.

E5 | My Sister Won"t Put Me to Bed

A sleep deprived Shogo discovers someone else has the exact same protokind phone as Konoe and also renders a discovery around Mei.

E6 | My Neko-Mimi Mhelp Sisters

Shogo concocts a arrangement to prevent Lyrical Sisters from shutting dvery own, yet he"ll need everyone"s help to pull it off.

E7 | My Little Sister is Disciplined, Polite, and Beautiful

Shogo"s "sister" needs that he speak searching for her or else she"ll disclose damaging keys through the institution broadcast system!

E8 | My Sister Resisted

Kunitachi can be Shogo’s sister, however he can’t get close to her. Ikusu argues that Shogo and Kunitachi spfinish time external the college to have actually her drop her guard.

E9 | Surpincrease Attack! Little Sister Warning!

Shogo is getting a brand-new neighbor and also even more than one unintended surprise! Is it finally his little bit sister?

E10 | My Blooming Sisters

Things gain messy once every one of Shogo"s potential wives are invited to the exact same party. Just as soon as he thinks points can not acquire any type of worse, he gets some bad news.

E11 | My Sister"s Trap

Kannagi’s outrageous requirements in enhancement to all the chaos and also adversity he is currently dealing with is causing Shogo to lose his mind!

E12 | My Sister Was Almeans Beside Me

With Ikusu’s aid, Shogo lastly discovers the identity of his real, blood related sister. However before, this will certainly come through its very own collection of worries.

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