In his brand-new Netflix stand-up comedy one-of-a-kind "Kid Gorgeous at Radio City", John Mulaney riffs hilariously on age, mortality, and also childhood memories.

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Welcome to Radio City Music Hall. It’s time. Any questions? No. Walk via me.

Good evening. Hi, I’m John Mulaney, nice to meet you. Jon Brion, ladies and also gentlemen. Thank you for coming to watch me at Radio City Music Hall. I love to play venues wright here if the man that developed the venue can check out me on the stage, he would certainly be a tiny bit bummed around it. Look at this. This is so a lot nicer than what I’m about to perform. It’s really… It’s really tragic. What a historic and beautiful and deeply haunted structure this is. I store walking via cold spots being favor, “I wonder who that provided to be.”

I’ve never before viewed a ghost, by the means. I asked my mom if she’d ever seen a gorganize. That’s wbelow we’re at conversation-wise in our partnership as a mother and also child, because I’m 35 and I don’t have actually any youngsters to talk around and she doesn’t understand also my career. So I was residence for Christmas and we were simply eating Triscuits in silence and I was staring at the floor and I was favor, “Well, here goes nothing. ‘You ever before viewed a ghost?"” And my mom said, “Yes.” Which is the finest answer. She said, “I never told you this prior to yet our residence, when you were growing up, was haunted.” I sassist, “Say more best now!” She said, “Outside you and also your brother’s room, I used to see the ghold of a tiny girl in a Victorian nightgown and then she would walk dvery own the hallmeans and then she would certainly evaporate.” And then my dad shelp, “Let’s change the subject!” And I think he was just doing that dad-thing of, favor, “This is a weird topic and also I desire to talk around a book I read around World War II.” But the method it came off was that he definitely killed that bit girl. “Let’s adjust the subject! Why are we also talking around Penelope… or whatever her name was? I didn’t kill her! Whoever before did kill her just did it to safeguard her from this civilization.”

Namong us really recognize our fathers. Anyway… My dad is so weird. I’d love to fulfill him one day. You know, my frifinish was telling me that his dad used to beat him through a belt and that’s simply the setapproximately my story, so… Foracquire around that negative boy of a bitch. Anyway… He was talking and also I was waiting for him to be done so I could talk. So he’s “talk, talk, talk.” It’s my revolve next! And…

I shelp, “My dad never before hit us.” My dad is a lawyer and he was a debate team champion. So he would pick us apart psychologically. One time I was at the dinner table as soon as I was choose 6, bereason I had to be. My dad goes, “How was college today?” I said, “It was great however someone pushed Tyler off the seeobserved.” “And where were you?” “I was over on the bench.” “And what did you do?” “Nopoint. I was over on the bench.” “But you saw what happened?” “Yeah, ’reason I was over on the bench.” “So you witnessed what occurred and you did nothing?” “Yeah, ’cause I was sitting over on the bench.” “Let me ask you this. In Nazi Germany…”

…when human being experienced what the Nazis were doing and also did nothing, were those great people?” “No, those are poor human being. You gotta sheight the Nazis.” “But you experienced what they were doing to Tyler and you did nothing!” “Due to the fact that I was over on the bench.” And then my dad sassist, “Just define to me this. How are you much better than a Nazi?” And then my mother shelp, “I made a salad through Craisins!” And the conversation ended.

My dad’s an extremely weird, informal guy. A lot of human being ask me if he gave me a sex talk. Yes. I think. I was prefer 12 years old and my dad walked as much as me and also he said, “Hello… Hello, I’m Chip Mulaney. I’m your father.” And then he sassist the complying with, “You recognize, Leonard Bernstein… was among the excellent composers and conductors of the 20th century, yet periodically he would be gay. And according to a biography I check out of him, once he was holding ago the gay component, he did some of his ideal occupational.” Now we don’t have time to unpack every one of that. And I don’t understand if he was discouraging me from being gay or encouraging me to be a timeless composer. But that is just how he thought to phrase it to a 12-year-old boy. How would that ever before work? Like years later, I’d be in college around to go down on some rocking twink and also I’d be favor, “Wait a second… What would Leonard Bernstein do?” I’ve never before talked to my dad around that, but I figured I would certainly tell every one of you.

This is so great. Thank you for coming. You’re below. That’s great. You all confirmed up. - -I appreciate it. And then we showed up so you obtained to view the things that you phelp to see. That’s excellent. You don’t always acquire to see the things that you passist to view. Ever been to the goddamn zoo? Those males are never before wbelow they’re intended to be. Every time I go to the zoo I’m choose, “Hey, where’s the jaguar?” And the zoo male is prefer, “He need to be in the inside part.” The inside part? Tell him we’re below.

I love doing stand-up for crowds bereason this ideal below, this reminds me of assembly in grade school. And assembly was the just part of school I ever liked. Once you leave college, you don’t gain to have actually assembly. This is the closest we acquire in adult life to assembly. ‘Cause look at you all, you’re simply sitting there in chairs, looking at a guy via absolutely no field of expertise, who’s going to talk for a while. Although this is various than assembly bereason you bought tickets, you knew this was coming. Assembly you never before knew was coming as soon as you were a son. You simply showed up at 8:00 a.m. and also they were choose, “Put dvery own your stuff. Go to the gym.” You’re prefer, “God, I guess they’re ultimately going to kill us all. All best. This is younger than I thought I would certainly be however we are pretty massive assholes.” You get to the gym and also the entirety school is sitting on the floor. You’re favor, “What are we, about to graduate from Tuesday?” My major would always come out to kick points off. She’d be choose, “Children, fairly than continue to teach you exactly how to review, we have actually cleared the entire day for this random guy.” “I used to smoke crack! As you seven and eight-year-olds most likely understand, freebasing is the greatest orgasm known to male. But I’m right here to tell you there’s hope. I’ve been sober now two weeks. Well, weekdays, not weekends. Weekends, that’s Nunzio’s time.”

I was when in assembly listening to a male talk about smoking crack. My social studies teacher yelled at me, “Sit up straight! Show some respect.” I was favor, “He’s smoking cigarettes cocaine.” “Sit up straight”? He’s standing on a 45-degree angle. Or, as junkies contact it, first position.

I always acquired yelled at at assembly. That’s appropriate. Tbelow was always assembly and then, prefer, that second assembly to yell at you for exactly how you behaved at the first assembly. They’d be favor, “Get in here! Sit dvery own. I desire to talk about what happened yesterday.” You’re favor eight years old, “What’s yesterday?” “We invite a woman here via homemade puppets to teach you about bullying with skits and you laugh at this woman? We noticed you had all been bullying each other and also making fun of everything constantly. So we invite a woguy via directly gray hair, in a denim dress, through a wrist-cast and homemade puppets that all have actually the exact same voice to teach you around bullying with skits, and also you, ha-ha-ha, laugh it up. What was so funny about that woman? I desire to understand. What was so funny around when she couldn’t fit package of puppets earlier right into the trunk of her Dodge Neon? What was so hilarious that you all ran to the windows? Well, you all missed an useful leschild on the hazard of cliques.” “What’s a clique?” “It’s when a group of world hang out together.” “Oh, you mean prefer having actually friends?” “No, because these human being make fun of other human being.” “Oh, you expect prefer having friends?”

The greatest assembly of them all, as soon as a year, Stranger Danger. Yeah, the hottest ticket in town. The Bruno Mars of assemblies. You are gathered together as a school and also you are told never to talk to an adult that you don’t know and also you are told this by an adult that you don’t recognize. We had actually the very same Stranger Danger speaker each year as soon as I was a kid, his name was Detective JJ Bittenbinder. Go ahead and also laugh. His name is ridiculous. That was his name. It was JJ Bittenbinder. He was from the Chicearlier Police Department. He was a kid homicide professional and… - -Oh, gee. Very sorry, Radio City, did that make you uncomfortable? Well, guess what? You’re adults and also he’s not also below. So attempt being seven years old and you’re sitting 5 feet ameans from him. He’s still got blood on his shoes. And he’s looking at you in the eye to tell you for the first time in your very young life that some adults uncover you very attrenergetic. And they may simply need to kill you over it. Okay, c’est la vie, go be youngsters, go have actually fun. Bittenbinder came yearly. By the means, Detective JJ Bittenbinder wore three-item suits. He likewise wore a pocket watch. Two years in a row, he wore a cowboy hat. He additionally had actually a large handlebar mustache. Namong that matters, yet it’s crucial to me that you recognize that. He did not look choose his task description. He looked choose he have to be the conductor on a locomotive powered by confetti. But, rather, he made his living in murder. He was the weirdest goddamn person I ever experienced in my entire life. He was a man a lot of acquainted with misery. He could look at a son and guess the price of their coffin.

That line never gets a laugh. But once you compose it, it stays in the act forever.

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So Bittenbinder came every year via a program to teach us about the violent human being waiting for us outside the institution gym, and also that program was dubbed Street Smarts! “Time for Street Smarts via Detective JJ Bittenbinder. Shut up! You’re all gonna die. Street Smarts!” That was the basic tone. He would offer us tips to address crime.