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Memory 04 - The Mystery of the Twice-Dead Professor

Part 1: Byng’s Home Investigation¶

This memory starts on the sidewalk outside of a solicitor’s office in the north west percent of the City of London bostormy. After speaking through the fellow below to initiate the memory, make your means over to the Byng’s Home examination marker adjacent. In the search area you’ll find the body at the base of the stairs. Inspect it.

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Looking over the corpse will certainly lead to 2 suspects, Emmet and Angela, and six extra clues showing up in the search area for us to discover. Activate Eagle Vision to have them show up highlighted in gold to make points much easier. You’ll want to inspect the following:

**Personal Letter –** On a little drawer sitting in an alcove beneath the stairs. **Sculpture –** Located on a small table on the second floor of the building. **Cprice –** Located on the optimal floor of the building by a bookinstance. **Dead Spider –** Can be discovered on the peak floor of the structure by the peak of the stairs. **Legal Letter –** On a table on the height floor of the building. **Letter from Colleague –** Sitting on a tiny chest of drawers on the optimal floor of the structure.


We’ll now want to interrogate the suspects nearby and also hear all of their conversation alternatives. Emmet have the right to be uncovered on the ground floor of the search location (ask him about: Byng, Crate, Will). Angela is by the base of the stairs on the ground level of the search area (stop to her about: Crate, Byng and then Spider and Last Words).

Finding all salso of the clues and interrogating both persons of interest at Byng’s Home will certainly give us 2 extra search locations to research – the College and Cemetery. Both of these are situated to the south of the initial search location. Let’s make our means to closest one initially – the University.

Part 2: University Investigation¶

The College investigation zone contains a team of three suspects, Professor Silas, Dr. Wilboy and Virginia, whom we deserve to stop through (although we’ll carry out that after finding the hints of course) and also functions one more eight ideas which we’ll need to find. Aobtain, activate Eagle Vision to make this task simpler. You’ll want to check the following:

**Handkerchief –** on the foot of a desk simply inside the door on the ground floor of the building. **Receipt –** On the floor by a desk on the ground floor of the building. **Spider Illustration –** Located mounted on a wall on the second floor. **Treatise by Prof. Wilchild -** Sitting on a small chest of drawers on the second floor of the structure. **Small Box –** situated on the floor by some windows on the second floor. **Pedestal –** Located by the railing overlooking the stairs on the optimal floor. **Book created by Prof. Byng –** On the ground by a bookshelf on the top floor. **Booksituation –** The glowing booksituation on the peak floor.


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Loot the hints in the university (left) and then chat with the suspects (right).

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With all of those hints, it’s now time to sheight via the surrounding suspects. Professor Silas deserve to be uncovered on the peak floor of the University building (we’ll want to ask him about: Byng, Byng’s Publication, Travels). Dr. Wilboy have the right to be found on the second floor (inquire about: Byng, Empty Box, Spider). Virginia is by the base of the stairs on the ground level (soptimal to her about: Receipt, Byng and then Will).

At this point, there is nothing left to perform at Byng’s Home or the University, so make your method over to the various other examination area – the Cemetery.

Part 3: Cemetery Investigation¶

There are one more four ideas to find at the Cemetery and an additional suspect, Beswick, to interrogate - Gilbert. Activate the Eagle Vision capability to locate the clues. Inspect the following:

**Byng Family Vault –** The large stone monument in the northeastern edge of the Cemetery. **Money –** Located by the fountain in the facility of the search location. **Gravedigger’s Coat –** Cshed to the fountain in the middle of the search area. **Handkerchief –** On the ground by the route on the northern finish of the search zone.

With the hints in hand, head over and soptimal with Beswick (we’ll desire to ask him about: Byng, Money, Grave Robbery and then Body-Snatching Proven). Following the conversation, go back to the Byng Family Vault and whip out your Eagle Vision. You’ll find a trail of muddy tracks leading away from the Cemetery. Follow this all the means to the end to uncover another search area – an Abandoned Housage.


After inspecting every one of the clues in the cemetery (left) follow the muddy tracks (right) to the next search area.

Part 4: Abandoned Housage Investigation¶

The Abandoned Housage has actually 6 hints hidden within. Again, we’ll desire to activate Eagle Vision to make the job of tracking them all down a lot easier. You’ll desire to inspect the following:

**Tools –** On the floor just inside the doormeans. **Single Page –** On the floor to the appropriate of a tiny table. **Ashes –** On the floor straight in front of the doormethod. **Mask –** On the floor by the Ashes directly in front of the doormethod. **Ripped Chapter –** On the floor to the left of a little table. **Spectacles –** On the floor by the home window opposite the entrance.

Now that we have actually all the ideas in the situation all wrapped up, it’s time to revisit one of our suspects for a little added indevelopment. We deserve to soptimal through Virginia (ask about: Handkerchief) at the College.

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At this point you’ll have actually all the hints at hand and will be able to pick and also accusage one of the persons of interemainder. The answer is Professor Silas.