I"m certain you"ve met someone prefer this; a perchild whose expertise of nature, framework and the universe leaves them constantly awed by the intricacy of virtually every little thing.

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I"m searching for a word (muzic-ivan.info or borrowed) that defines a perkid via that constant elation of someone who has lived half a life in a small level in a dull city but is unexpectedly handled an all costs passist round-the-human being tour.

Awe and Wonder are nouns that I think convey this definition, but the naïve verb equivalents (awful & wonderful) do not fit the bill.

Any ideas?

sumelic provides a terrific clarification point: I"m specifically searching for a word that means "I would mean them to be awestruck regularly in the future" whether or not they are presently.



How about wide-eyed:

= staring, spellbound, gobsmacked (British) (slang), dumbestablished, agog, agape, thunderstruck, goggle-eyed, awe-stricken

It"s generally provided to define an prompt reactivity, however I think it works as a summary of character: component impressionable, component naive, component optimistic.

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If the person is constantly awestruck by points that others take into consideration unamazing or mundane, he is said to have

a childlike sense of wonder(or wonderment)


This evokes a photo of innocence—of being struck through wonder as if seeing the (whatever) for the first time.

Or, you could sindicate say that (in referral to encountering these awe-motivating things), he is childlike

(NOT childish!)


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