Warning: this post consists of spoilers for The Shpermits, a movie you can pretty much identify the outcome of from the trailer. 

The Shallows is a tale of prodiscovered confusion. 

For an hour and also a half, Blake Lively evades a vicious shark with just a passing expertise of typical huguy habits. Nothing provides sense, and yet whatever is predictable. Here are our deep concerns. 

We will certainly refer to Blake Lively"s character, clinical college dropout Nancy Adams, as Blake Lively in this article because tright here is no pretfinishing that The Shallows is anything various other than that Blake Lively shark assault movie. 

1. How is tbelow so a lot blood?

Throughout Blake Lively"s first enrespond to via a shark, it bites her leg. It"s a brutal injury, however that does not define why the whole ocean is unexpectedly bappropriate red. Blake Lively is not choose you and I, certainly, however renowned people do not have more blood than non-famed world -- it"s among of the universe"s few equalizers.

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2. Why did she wear so a lot jewelry to go surfing?

The Shenables presents Blake Lively"s decision to wear big earrings to go surfing as a life-conserving foresight. Obviously she kbrand-new she would certainly have to percreate emergency surgical treatment on herself! 

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3. How does Blake Lively have perfect cell phone service?

Early on in the movie, Blake Lively takes out her phone and also looks at photos of her mother -- precisely three pictures that tell you everything you should know to contextualize Blake Lively"s decision to quit med institution and also go surfing alone. Blake Lively"s mom offered to surf at that specific area, she gave birth to Blake Lively and also then she dealt with a losing fight via cancer. 

To cement the Nicholas Sparks storyline, Blake Lively areas a video speak to to her boy sister back residence without even a 2nd of buffering, despite the truth that she is in a very remote place. 

4. What did Blake Lively think would take place once she asked a shark, "Where are you taking me?"

She was on a whale corpse as soon as she posed the question simply to paint a picture.

5. Are sharks full Blairs?

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The commanding risk of a shark in a part of the sea that does not generally have actually sharks as quickly as Blake Lively mirrors up smacks of a Gossip Girl revenge plot. Leighton Meester was the series" clear gem, and also yet, Lively"s had a considerably more high profile career. 

6. How are Blake Lively"s boobs entirely unscathed?

The ocean is not sort to Blake Lively in The Shallows -- she is burned, bruised, slaburned open up and also infected. But nopoint ever happens to her boobs. Not also a cut! While I definitely execute not wish any type of damage on Blake Lively"s boobs, I do not understand how they survived without also a scratch.

7. Why execute birds listen when Blake Lively speaks?

The breakout star of The Shpermits is Steven Seagull -- a nice bit joke for any kind of of the cinephiles discovering The Shallows. It is a seagull that dislocates its wing and, hence, has no alternative but to remajor in Blake Lively"s firm. She talks to the seagull, and it listens for some reason, obeying her commands choose a dog. 

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8. How did the shark capture on fire and also not get burned?

Yeah, the shark jumps up into the air in flames at one point. That happens.

9. Why wasn"t her leg amputated?

Look, unchoose Blake Lively, I execute not have actually a partial medical level, yet I"m pretty sure that once a shark bites your leg open up and your lower extremities are devastated by gangrene, it causes more damages than just a scar. And yet, a year later, Blake Lively"s legs are entirely fine, except for a sauto that reflects she"s deep. 

10. Wbelow are tbelow clean beaches in Galveston?

Galveston, TX is not well-known for its clear waters, yet someexactly how, Blake Lively"s family members visits beaches simply off the Port of Houston that aren"t complete of trash in the film"s heat and fuzzy sfinish off. It would be excellent to recognize where those idyllic places are so non-Blake Lively inhabitants of the Gulf Coast can also reap them.

11. Why aren"t tbelow currently ten sequels planned?

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