L>"Family Feud" seaboy 6 -- 6-answer boardsWhen you"re on the road and you look right into the auto next to you, what is the driver commonly doing?TALKING/ON PHONE42MUSIC/SINGING6LOOKING AHEAD23EATING/DRINKING2PICKING HIS NOSE19LOOKING AT YOU8Name something in your house with four legs.TABLE49INSECT3PET21COUCH2CHAIR19BED5Name somepoint certain that keeps a race car driver from injury.HELMET/SUIT48BEING CAREFUL3SEAT BELT/HARNESS33AIR BAGS2ROLL CAGE/BARS7PADS/PADDED SEAT6Name a component of the body males put cologne on.NECK48SHOULDERS2FACE/CHEEKS30UNDERARMS2CHEST14BEHIND EARS3Name something a womale might consider trading via her finest frifinish for at some point.CLOTHES/SHOES48JEWELRY11HUSBAND/PARTNER14SECRETS2CAR13KIDS11Real or fictional, name a renowned Simpkid.BART SIMPSON45MARGE SIMPSON5O.J. SIMPSON23MAGGIE SIMPSON2HOMER SIMPSON13JESSICA SIMPSON11If an angry dog was chasing you, what would you do?RUN44SCREAM/YELL6STOP/STAND STILL24PRAY2JUMP ON SOMETHING14KICK/ATTACK IT9Name something that civilization jump right into.POOL/WATER77WORK2RELATIONSHIP8ARGUMENT2BED5CAR4Name a type of area wbelow guys sit approximately and also talk about sporting activities.BAR/CLUB66WORK4HOME11LOCKER ROOM/GYM3SPORTS EVENT9BARBER SHOP5Name somepoint you check out eincredibly day without fail.PAPER/HOROSCOPE60STREET SIGNS5BIBLE/BOOK18THE CEREAL BOX2THE MAIL7MAGAZINE6Name a means eggs are prepared that can additionally define a perchild.SCRAMBLED53SUNNY-SIDE UP7HARD-BOILED13EGGS "BENEDICT"2OVER EASY12FRIED11Name something people ask for when they wake up through a hangover.ASPIRIN/TYLENOL49ALKA-SELTZER4COFFEE18TOMATO JUICE/O.J.4COLD WATER15"HAIR OF THE DOG"8Name a well known Ruth.BABE RUTH48RUTH BUZZY8RUTH IN BIBLE14RUTH GINSBURG3DR. RUTH14BABY RUTH11Give me a person"s name that rhymes via "Larry."HARRY47GARY3BARRY27TERRY3MARY11CAREY/CARRIE7Name something children perform these days rather of analysis.VIDEO GAMES46EAT/DRINK3WATCH TV30PLAY CARDS/POKER2COMPUTER/INTERNET10SPORTS/EXERCISE7Name something your body has that starts through the letter "L."LEGS45LIMBS8LIPS18LYMPH NODES2LUNGS14LIVER11Name somepoint that expires.MILK/FOOD40CAR REGISTRATION6DRIVER"S LICENSE31MEDS/PRESCRIPT"NS4CREDIT CARD10PERSON/LIFE7Name a word that rhymes via "tricky."STICKY38PICKY7DICKEY33MICKEY5RICKEY8HICKEY7Name an occupation that starts through the letter "J."JANITOR62JOURNALIST4JUDGE19JUGGLER3JEWELER5JOCKEY4Name something in America that"s a lot dirtier than it provided to be.CITIES/STREETS59PEOPLE"S LANGUAGE5WATER/OCEAN16TV2AIR9POLITICS/GOVERN.6Name a location wright here you get chewed out a lot.WORK56IN MILITARY3HOME/BEDROOM16COURT3SCHOOL/PRINCIPAL16DOCTOR"S OFFICE3Name somepoint human being do on their hands and also knees.SCRUB/CLEAN47PLAY3PRAY30LOOK FOR ITEM3CRAWL9EXERCISE5When toddlers feed themselves, where does most of the food go?ON THE FLOOR37HIGH CHAIR/TRAY4CLOTHES/BIBS28IN THEIR HAIR2ON THEIR FACES18ON LAPS/BODIES8What is a surefire means to liven up a dull party?MUSIC/KARAOKE36DANCE5ALCOHOL28TELL JOKES5PLAY GAMES13EXOTIC DANCER10Name a title of nobility that is likewise a name for a dog.PRINCE34QUEEN6DUKE23DUCHESS5KING17PRINCESS12Give me a word that rhymes via "candy."SANDY34BRANDY8DANDY22RANDY8HANDY13MANDY12Name something linked through The Three Musketeers.SWORDS/FIGHTING33HORSES2CANDY BAR30MUSTACHES/BEARDS2"ALL FOR ONE..."28HATS2Name an excuse for lateness that bosses acquire sick of hearing.OVERSLEPT/ALARM27SICK KIDS4TRAFFIC JAM26NOT FEELING WELL3CAR TROUBLE20MISSED BUS/TRAIN17Name somepoint you"d skip if you were late for work-related.BREAKFAST/COFFEE80PUTTING ON MAKEUP2TAKING SHOWER6NEWS/NEWSPAPER2BRUSHING TEETH3ANSWERING PHONE3Name something world carry out while driving that reasons auto mishaps.USE CELL PHONE67PLAY WITH RADIO3EAT/DRINK12GET INTIMATE3FALL ASLEEP6MAKEUP IN MIRROR5Name somepoint that is soft, warmth, and expenses numerous money.COAT/FUR COAT58COUCH/SOFA3BLANKET/COMFORTER15BABY/CHILD3DOG13BED/MATTRESS4Name the person you feel most guilty lying to.PARENT56BEST FRIEND2SIGNIFICANT OTHER22DENTIST2CHILDREN11MYSELF3Name a factor why a perkid could not desire to take a date back to their house.IT"S A MESS40HAVE A ROOMMATE6DON"T LIKE THEM20THEY HAVE KIDS5LIVE WITH PARENTS16ALREADY MARRIED9Name a well known "Carey."JIM CARREY32MARIAH CAREY6CARY GRANT29CARRIE FISHER4JOHN KERRY18DREW CAREY7Name something gorillas perform all day.SCRATCH26JUMP AROUND6EAT/BANANAS25GROOM EACH OTHER6BEAT THEIR CHESTS19GRUNT/MAKE NOISE14Name somepoint human being are born with a talent for.SINGING/MUSIC73DANCING3PAINTING/DRAWING7EATING3TALKING/SPEAKING5ATHLETIC ABILITY4Name an action star whose muscles have actually muscles.SCHWARZENEGGER71LOU FERRIGNO/HULK4SLY STALLONE7LL COOL J4"THE ROCK"5JEAN-C. VAN DAMME4Name somelocation men go only because women make them.SHOPPING/MALL64THEATER/MUSICAL2CHURCH17WEDDING2FAMILY/IN-LAWS5DOCTOR5Name somepoint Jennifer Lopez does at leastern when a year.MARRIAGE/NEW GUY60HAS A BIRTHDAY6MAKES A MOVIE10MAKES AN ALBUM3MAKE A VIDEO8LOOKS HOT8Name somepoint a womale does a lot even more if she"s pregnant.EAT/GAINS WEIGHT59COMPLAINS/NAGS5GOES TO BATHROOM11CRIES5SLEEPS8THROWS UP7Give me a component of your body that never before stops thriving.HAIR52BOTTOM4NAILS25STOMACH2FEET6BRAIN/MIND6Tell me somepoint most guys think they can"t live without.SEX/WOMEN52SPORTS6TELEVISION/REMOTE13FOOD5MONEY11CAR8Name somepoint that"s really, really hairy.APE/GORILLA38BEAR5DOG27SKUNK3HUMAN15CAT7Name something specific about a womale that gives her her own style.HER HAIRSTYLE37HER SMILE6HER CLOTHES24HER PERFUME4HER PERSONALITY13HER WALK11Name a kind of taracquire children try to hit through snowballs.OTHER KIDS/PEOPLE33SNOWMAN4CARS32STREET SIGNS4BUSES13WINDOWS9Name something you do to aid autumn asleep on a hot summer night.AIR CONDITION/FAN55LISTEN TO MUSIC4TAKE SHOWER/BATH23WATCH TELEVISION3COLD DRINK5OPEN WINDOW4Name the area wbelow you perform most of your singing.SHOWER/BATHROOM50ON STAGE3CHURCH25KITCHEN3CAR8LIVING ROOM5We surveyed 100 males...Even if it"s for simply someday, name somepoint Hugh Hefner has actually that you"d like to have.HIS MONEY40HIS FAME3HIS MANSION22HIS BATHROBES2HIS WOMEN14HIS CARS13When you count your blessings, name a blessing you count.BEING ALIVE38GOD"S GOODNESS3FAMILY27MY HOME2GOOD HEALTH21FOOD ON TABLE3Name something civilization store placing off.PAYING BILLS26WEDDING12HOUSEWORK20DIETING7DENTIST/DOCTOR15PAYING TAXES14Tell me a man"s initially name that starts through the letter "W."WILLIAM54WILSON4WALTER22WARREN3WAYNE6WINSTON4Name something that might be tough to start.CAR/TRUCK54WEED WHACKER4LAWN MOWER17STORY/CONVERSAT"N4BUSINESS/CAREER8DIET/EXERCISE6After lastly moving the couch for the initially time in ten years, name something you might discover underneath it.MONEY/CHANGE49THE REMOTE4DUST BUNNIES24CLOTHES/SHOES4OLD FOOD7TOYS5Name a renowned musical family members.THE JACKSONS48THE VON TRAPPS5THE OSMONDS20THE JUDDS3THE OSBOURNES9PARTRIDGE FAMILY8Name a component of a car that thieves often steal.RADIO/STEREO46MOTOR/ENGINE4TIRES/WHEELS22AIR BAGS4HUBCAPS13BATTERY4Name a children"s story or rhyme through the word "little" in the title.LITTLE BO PEEP45MARY HADVERTISEMENT LITTLE...3...RED RIDING HOOD30LITTLE ENGINE...3...MISS MUFFET9...JACK HORNER3Name the initially thing you think of doing on a rainy day.SLEEP/NAP39GO TO MALL3READ25HOUSEWORK2WATCH TV/MOVIE21MAKE LOVE3Name a location where human being would certainly notification if you came in late.WORK38MOVIE/THEATER9CHURCH/WEDDING25DOCTOR"S OFFICE3MEETING9SCHOOL9Name a celebrity who"s well known for his or her nose.JIMMY DURANTE36HOWARD STERN3BARBRA STREISAND27DANNY THOMAS3MICHAEL JACKSON17BOB HOPE7While driving, name something you rubberneck to look at.ACCIDENT35BILLBOARD/SIGN4SEXY MAN/WOMAN31NICE HOUSE4HOT CARS13STORES/SALES6Give me a word that rhymes with "sound."FOUND30GROUND7ROUND30HOUND7POUND12BOUND7If a millionaire loses his money, name somepoint else he might shed.MATE/FAMILY30FRIENDS3MIND/SANITY29THE LIMO2HOUSE17DIGNITY/RESPECT12Name something that civilization spread.GERMS/DISEASES30JELLY6BUTTER25MAYONNAISE5RUMORS/GOSSIP18PEANUT BUTTER9Name somepoint that you could uncover on your automobile windshield.PARKING TICKET28STICKERS/DECALS8FLYERS/ADS22INSECTS4BIRD DROPPINGS16WINDSHEILD WIPERS15Name something that some world are afrhelp to ride on or in.AIRPLANE44HORSE4MOTORCYCLE21ELEVATOR3ROLLER COASTER16BOAT4Tell me something people crack.NUTS42ICE2EGGS25SAFES2KNUCKLES11GLASS/WINDOW10Tell me somepoint parents blame for their kids" negative behavior.TV/MOVIE VIDEO35NOT FEELING WELL7FRIENDS30MUSIC/MUSIC VIDEO4OTHER PARENTS8SCHOOL/DAYCARE8We surveyed 100 males...Name somepoint certain no one have the right to execute and your mom can.COOK67SEW2LOVE/CARE12DRIVE2CLEAN5NAG/COMPLAIN3Name something that world pull up.PANTS61ZIPPER3WEEDS/PLANTS11PANTY HOSE3UNDERWEAR7SOCKS6Name a farm pet a turessential might imitate to escape being consumed at Thanksproviding.CHICKEN/ROOSTER47GOOSE5COW15DOG5PIG11DUCK8Name a well known Dan or Danny.DAN RATHER34DANNY DEVITO6DAN AYKROYD28DAN QUAYLE5DAN MARINO12DANNY GLOVER6Name an task which requires body contact.MAKING LOVE32BOXING6DANCING21HUGGING5FOOTBALL17WRESTLING10Name a country where they seem to hate Americans.IRAQ64AFGHANISTAN2FRANCE14CUBA2IRAN5RUSSIA3Name a famous Willie.WILLIE NELSON47WILLIE SUTTON4WILLIE MAYS24WILLIE THE WORM3WILLY WONKA8FREE WILLY4Name something a husband also does even more of if his wife works.HOUSEWORK/LAUNDRY44HAS AFFAIR6COOKS16SPENDS THE MONEY5WATCHES THE KIDS12WATCHES TV/MOVIES7Name an occupation wright here laughing on the project would be taken into consideration rude.DOCTOR/PSYCH.34SECRETARY9JUDGE16CLERGY6MORTICIAN15POLICE OFFICER10Name an pet some people look favor when they pucker up for a kiss.MONKEY/APE32ANTEATER2FISH32CAMEL2DOG19PIG3Name something you think there"s just also a lot of on TV.VIOLENCE27SPORTS3SEX/NUDITY24SITCOMS3REALITY SHOWS20COMMERCIALS13Name a phrase that starts through the words, "Top of the..."MORNING27MOUNTAIN10WORLD19CLASS3HILL18LINE13Name a glamorous department keep.MACY"S26NEIMAN MARCUS7SAKS FIFTH AVENUE25NORDSTROM5BLOOMINGDALE"S19LORD & TAYLOR8Name somepoint in Las Vegas that starts with the letter "C."CASINO51CHIPS6CASH13CAESARS PALACE4CARDS8CRAPS7Name something you usage your index finger for.TO POINT49CLICK MOUSE3DIAL PHONE16HOLD PENCIL3FLIP PAGES/READ13TO TYPE5Tell me one thing world understand about Shrek.HE"S GREEN38CARTOON/MOVIE7HE"S AN UGLY OGRE16HE"S NICE5HE"S BIG12HE"S FUNNY11We surveyed 100 11-year-olds...Tell me a prank that children pull on Halloween.T.P.

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HOUSES35SOAP WINDOWS5THROW EGGS25SMASH PUMPKINS4DING-DONG DITCH10JUMP OUT & SCARE10Name somepoint that happens during the majority of church services.SINGING32PREACHING/SERMON5PRAYING30RUN TO BATHROOM4COLLECTION PLATE13DOZING OFF5What"s the initially thing you desire once you don"t feel well?SLEEP/BED REST35LEFT ALONE/QUIET8FLUIDS21SOUP3MEDICINE13MOM8Name somepoint men hate shedding.MONEY/WALLET29JOBS5HAIR26ARGUMENTS4KEYS14WOMEN10Name a possession of yours they"d never try to bury you via.JEWELRY29TV5CAR/TRUCK24COMPUTER3MONEY20PET7Name a public place where you"ve experienced couples fighting and making a scene.RESTAURANT29STREET/SIDEWALK6BAR21SUBWAY4MALL/STORE21PARK7Tell me something that a womale can not desire to disclose about herself to her date.HER AGE55HER PAST LOVES4HER WEIGHT12SHE"S PREGNANT3SHE"S MARRIED8HAS BOYFRIEND5Name a renowned perchild, living or dead, whose last name is Collins.JOAN COLLINS49DOUG COLLINS5PHIL COLLINS16JACKIE COLLINS4JUDY COLLINS7TOM COLLINS6Name a specific food or drink that is a lot of responsible for the dimension of your belly.BEER41DONUTS3SODA25CHIPS3ICE CREAM8PIZZA7A song might be a hit. Name somepoint else that could be a hit.MOVIE39BOOK7TV SHOW19BASEBALL/SPORT6DANCE8BROADWAY PLAY8Name somepoint civilization get stuck in.TRAFFIC36RELATIONSHIP4ELEVATOR25BILLS/DEBT3MUD14SNOWSTORM5Name the glue that holds most marriages together.TRUST/HONESTY26CHILDREN/FAMILY7COMMUNICATION25MONEY4LOVE15RELIGION/FAITH10Name somepoint that might acquire bigger the older a perkid becomes.STOMACH47FEET5BOTTOM12BANK ACCOUNT3NOSE/FACE12EARS/EAR LOBES7Give me another word for "desire."WANT43NEED5LUST18CRAVE5PASSION9YEARN6In your opinion, what occupation has the many masculine men?CONSTRUCTION35LIFEGUARD5PRO SPORTS20POLICE OFFICER5FIREMEN/PARAMEDIC14FITNESS TRAINER7Name somepoint paleas and teens have huge power struggles around.CURFEW35SEX/DATING7CAR16PRIVACY6MONEY14DRUGS8Name something people put their fingers in their mouth to execute.PICK TEETH27WHISTLE8FLOSS23EAT/TASTE FOOD6BITE NAILS12SUCK FINGER/THUMB10Name something that ties you dvery own.HAVING BABY/KIDS27BILLS/DEBT9WORK/JOB18PET3SIGNIFICANT OTHER15ROPE/STRING14Name somepoint a woman fixes.MEALS49LAMP/LIGHTBULB4HER HAIR18PLUMBING4CAR/FLAT TIRE5CLOTHES/SEWING5Name a food or drink that includes the word "warm."..CHOCOLATE/COCOA42HOT SAUCE8HOT DOG12HOT TAMALE5HOT COFFEE9HOT TEA9Name a kind of place you"d hate to be hearing people"s cell phone go off.MOVIE/THEATER35BUS4CHURCH20SCHOOL/CLASSROOM3RESTAURANT17DOCTOR/HOSPITAL6Name somepoint woguys do a lot of that starts with the letter "C."COOK30CHAT7CRY18CRITICIZE6COMPLAIN13CLEAN11Which animal"s temperament is closest to your own?CAT28TIGER8DOG22BEAR5LION13MONKEY/APE9Name somepoint you waited for that was worth the wait.MARRIAGE41GOOD FOOD5CHILDREN24VACATION4MAKING LOVE5BATHROOM5Name a type of car that has "speeding ticket" composed everywhere it.CORVETTE32LAMBORGHINI4FERRARI25MUSTANG4PORSCHE14JAGUAR5We surveyed 100 married women...Name something that tires out your husband.JOB/WORK27MAKING LOVE11EXERCISE/WALKING15BABY-SITTING/KIDS5HOUSEWORK/CHORES14MOWING/YARD WORK12Name something Hawaii has more of than any kind of other state.PINEAPPLES24FLOWERS/LEIS10VOLCANOES16GRASS SKIRTS4BEACHES/WATER16PALM TREES14Name something that some human being carry out clothed that others carry out in the nude.SUNBATHE20CLEAN6SWIM19COOK4SEX/BE INTIMATE18SLEEP17Name something of yours that"s gaining older and also looks it.MYSELF!42PET4CAR18SPOUSE4CLOTHES/SHOES9FURNITURE6Name something you"d intend to view inside a police vehicle.TWO WAY RADIO41CRIMINAL4POLICE OFFICER15COMPUTER SCREEN4GUN13HANDCUFFS6Name somepoint you do not like to share, also with your spousage.FOOD/DRINK27BATHROOM/TOILET6MONEY25SECRETS/PAST4TOOTHBRUSH14CAR7Name a country via a background of seafaring men.NORWAY23GREECE8ENGLAND22USA7SPAIN12PORTUGAL11Name a sort of place you feel better leaving than going.WORK19PRISON9HOSPITAL18BATHROOM5DENTIST/DOCTOR18FUNERAL/CEMETERY14Tell me somepoint that often does not start when it"s expected to.CAR52MEETING5LAWN MOWER7SPORTING EVENT4WEDDING7MOVIE7Name somepoint world from Texas brag around.HOW BIG IT IS41PRESIDENT BUSH5GOOD FOOD/BBQ.22DALLAS COWBOYS3OIL6MONEY5Name somepoint a frifinish might perform in your vehicle that would certainly irritate you.SMOKE50TALK/BE LOUD6PLAY WITH RADIO8THROW UP4LEAVE/THROW TRASH7EAT6Name something you have actually that you hope someday to remove.EXCESS WEIGHT21SPOUSE/MATE8BILLS/DEBT20PAIN/AILMENTS7CAR15JUNK/TRASH10Name a bird that renders most noise.PARROT/PARAKEET29OWL5WOODPECKER16SEAGULL5MOCKINGBIRD15CROW10Name a type of place where everyone constantly seems to be in a hurry.TRAIN/SUBWAY19WORK7ON THE ROADS19MALL5AIRPORT17SUPERMARKET13Name a particular location where you"d hate to be when there"s a major power failure.ELEVATOR38HOME/BASEMENT7SUBWAY/TRAIN11DOCTOR/SURGERY6WORK/OFFICE BLDG.9MALL/STORE7Name somepoint civilization do even though there"s a sign that tells them not to.SMOKE32SPEED6ILLEGAL TURN18JAYWALK5LITTER10WALK ON GRASS7Name something woguys think around more than guys think about.LOOKS/FIGURE18SHOPPING9CLOTHES15MAKING LOVE/SEX8MONEY/BILLS14CHILDREN/FAMILY14Somepoint you have actually that provides you feel even more secure.MONEY30GUN/WEAPON8ALARM SYS./LOCKS14DOG5HOME/APARTMENT11FAMILY/SPOUSE9Name something civilization constantly case theirs is much better.COOKING/RECIPE26THEIR HOUSE7THEIR CAR15CLOTHES/SHOES7SPOUSE/FAMILY14BODY/SELF7Name something that renders a dress sexy.NECKLINE/LOW CUT26BACKLESS7SIDE SPLIT21WHO"S WEARING IT5STRAPLESS8TIGHT FITTING8Name somepoint civilization roll up.SLEEVES22CIGARETTE9NEWSPAPER/MAG.14JOINT6CARPET/RUG13MONEY/COINS11Name a game bit boys play that they don"t desire girls to sign up with in.FOOTBALL28MARBLES7BASEBALL15COWBOYS & INDIANS6COPS & ROBBERS11VIDEO GAMES7Name a nation that you still feel it"s safe to take a trip to.CANADA23IRELAND6ITALY14GERMANY6ENGLAND14FRANCE10Name a magazine that offers human being tips on enhancing their sex life.COSMOPOLITAN34EBONY4PLAYBOY17ESSENCE4PEOPLE7REDBOOK5Name a state that probably has more cows than human being.TEXAS33KANSAS5WISCONSIN13OKLAHOMA5NEBRASKA10IOWA5Name an animal that best defines your boss.SNAKE18DONKEY9MONKEY/APE14PUSSY CAT6DOG13BEAR11Name something you remember doing by yourself for the initially time.DRIVING CAR17COMBING HAIR7TRAVEL/AIRPLANE16IRONING7RIDING BIKE13GOING TO MOVIE11Give me a word or expression that starts via "double."DOUBLE TROUBLE25DOUBLE WHAMMY5DOUBLEMINT21DOUBLE JEOPARDY4...YOUR PLEASURE9DOUBLE DARE6We surveyed 100 males...Name somepoint some womales do way also quick.TALK27GET MAD/ARGUE7DRIVE12MAKE LOVE6SHOP/SPEND MONEY8FALL IN LOVE7We surveyed 100 woguys...If you wanted to drive your husband crazy, name something of his you could hide.KEYS22EYEGLASSES6REMOTE CONTROL18COMPUTER/MOUSE5WALLET/MONEY9CIGARETTES/CIGAR7Name a particular task that beginners constantly look funny doing.DANCING28SWIMMING6SKIING9ROLLER SKATING6AEROBICS/EXERCISE7ICE SKATE/HOCKEY6Name somepoint you have that you wish operated much better.CAR20WASHER6COMPUTER11CELL PHONE/PHONE5TV/REMOTE9MY BODY8Name somepoint you carry out that you don"t want to do in a hurry.COOK/PREPARE FOOD19HOUSEWORK7EAT8HAIR/MAKEUP5MAKE LOVE8DRIVE7Back to index