The Collaborative Internationwide Dictionary Word interpretations in The Collaborative International Dictionary hogan hogan n. An earth-extended Navajo lodge; it is traditionally built via the entrance facing eastern.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary n. A one-room Navajo dwelling or ceremonial lodge, created of timber and also earth and extended via mud.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper"s Etymology Thesaurus "Navaho Indian dwelling," 1871, American English, from Athapaskan (Navaho) hoghan "dwelling, house."

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia A hogan ( or ; from Navajo ) is the main, traditional dwelling of the Navajo civilization . Other conventional frameworks incorporate the summer sanctuary, the underground residence, and the sweat residence. A hogan deserve to be round, cone-shaped, multi-sided, or square; via...

Usage examples of hogan.

The flak bursts ceased exploding surrounding, yet Hogan was under no illusion that it was his brilliant airmanship that threw them off.

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Little Bear family members shamans left the hogan while Father Ombroz administered the last anointing to his oldest transform.

Real Compaflia Irlandesa low ered the corpse into the deep grave, then Hogan, Sharpe and Harper took off their hats as ather Sarsarea shelp the prayers in Latin and after that spoke in English to the twenty guardsguys.

Hogan heard the volley, exceptionally distantly, and also then came the bells clamouring and he straightened his uniform, took off his bicorne hat, and also entered the Cathedral.

But as soon as reporter Marshall Hogan and pastor Hank Busche start to compare notes, they all of a sudden discover themselves fighting a hideous plot to subjugate the townspeople-and also ultimately the entire humale race.

Both Hogan and also Busche are now laying the structure we require for this battle.

I guess the arrests of Busche and Hogan have actually most people riled-church people, I could add!

Yes, this would be Hogan the hound and also the praying man, Busche, and also the one perchild Strongmale would certainly be the most loath to check out alive: the Maidservant.

Killer Durgan, recognizable as he leaned from the front seat, sneed to avenge the death of Hoke Larrigan and also he made Spunk Hogan his targain.

All in all, the residence and the surrounding land also contained the remains of 15 bodies yet Gein himself admitted that he had murdered just 2 - Worden and also Mary Hogan, a tavern keeper on December 8, 1954.

Hogan might want the Real Compania Irlandesa ruined, however Sharpe needed it armed and also dangerous in case Brigadier Loup came calling.

Hogan had composed that El Mirador was guarded, but he had actually not named names.

But, of course, as soon as they turned off the pavement of Navajo Route 32 and also jolted down the road past the old Crystal trading short article and up the crooked tracks into the aspen grove where Barbone had actually built his hogan, they found that Hosteenager Barbone was not at house.

Beside Barbone, against the southern wall of the hogan, sat a woguy that looked even older than Barbone.

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Frank Adams, my superior, sent me on this assignment, just as he recruited Mano and Hogan.