Improves the opportunities of completing a successful alley-oop pass. When throwing an alley-oop pass, an attribute boost is offered to both the passer and also receiver to improve the possibilities of success.

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Combine this Badge with:Dimer BadgeNeedle Threader BadgeBuilds this Badge is Best Suited for:PlaymakersAttributes to Increase:Pass AccuracyGameplay & Playstyle Tips:Activate this badge by attempting alley-oops passes (Double tap Y / Triangle, Left Stick selects receiver).Take benefit of quick break opportunitiesMake sure the alley-oop finisher has a clear path to the hoop and also an excellent angle before throwing the alley-oop.Utilize the pick and also rollIncrease lob success rate by running via player(s) who have actually Lob City Finisher BadgeTo boost assists and also be an effective passer:Icon-pass (Press RB / R1 then push action switch of preferred receiver)Pass to the open man who’s in position to scoreMove the ball to rise team chemistryUse proper pass for each case (Lob pass or bounce pass to feed the article, crisp passes approximately the perimeter, etc).Avoid passes in hefty trafficTarget weak / low awareness defenders and also be conscious of defenders that are overplaying the passing lanes.Utilize pass fakesTry to be unpredictable to the defenseJoin an NBA team with excellent offensive finishers and also scorers so your teammates are more most likely to convert the help.Notes:Simulated games perform not count towards earning badgesBadges have actually 4 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and also Hall of FameBadge availcapability depends on the archetypeHOF badges are just obtainable if it’s a main skill of the archetype

Name: Lob City Passer

Description: Improves the opportunities of completing a successful alley-oop pass. When throwing an alley-oop pass, an attribute rise is given to both the passer and receiver to boost the possibilities of success.

Controls: Alley-Oop = Double Tap Y / Triangle

Skill(s): Offense > Passing

Type: Playmaking Badge

Notable NBA Players w/This Badge on HOF: Magic Johnkid, Steve Nash, John Stockton