STEPH He hurt me, he really did, you know? I mean, I deserve to take a lot, pretty a lot, anymeans, however I'm, like, my face? That's . It simply is ... (Beat.) Not that I think I'm some beauty — an old-fashioned glamour gal or anything, I don't — but I'm not poor, ya know, not negative at all ... and also if I was, ugly, I'm saying, even if I was not cute or close to that, unattrenergetic by civilization standards, don't I wanna be via someone who finds me beautiful? I think so. It's not prefer a math equation or anypoint, it is reasonably simple — you can't be through a man that finds you unpleasant to look at. Not that, yet also on the fence ... How can I? Knowing that he's sitting tbelow at dinner throughout from me but he's constantly reaching for something, the salt or whatever, or looking around the room, and why? 'Cause he doesn't wanna make eye call. That would suck, completely suck if you were that woguy and also that was gonna be me — I'm saying as soon as I knew exactly how he felt around me, that was what I had to look forward to. Listen, it's weird, I understand that, bereason I don't count looks as my optimal thing in a guy, not at all — look at Greg. He's obtained a good challenge, really, not knockout however incredibly OK, yet I never provided to even think it to myself, I intend, envision him in that means. Sometimes, a frifinish or, choose, some cousin of mine visited a couple of months earlier and she whispered to me at a household point we were at, a barbecue, "God, he's cute. He's so cute!" And I looked over to wright here she was pointing, expecting to watch a boy from the community — we know the majority of people, having actually grown up here since, prefer, forever before — and also she's pointing at Greg. Just ideal there, my boyfriend, who's over at the grill and laughing and making burgers for all of us ... and also he was, as well. With the sunlight going dvery own — you understand how it shoots a ray out occasionally roughly something, choose a halo, virtually — it was doing that and also he was bathed in this light for a second, in this splash of gold and also creamy light, and I believed, "Yeah, he is. He really is a handsome male," but, check out, that still isn't any kind of huge deal to me. Even though he is ... in his own method ... it's not the thing around him that first made me like him. Uh-uh.

She thinks about this for a minute, mulling over what she's simply shelp. She nods her head.

STEPH I really execute feel that, that I'm not this perkid who gets off on looks or the more, like, physical side of men yet when it's the various other method about ... , you know? It simply entirely hurts if you discover out he's not at all into your confront, and also why that is I don't understand, I expect, what a scientist would say around it, those people that are examining huguy habits or whatnot ... Not saying this is complete of prouncovered insight or anything however any type of woguy I recognize, prefer, my age or younger, she's gonna be super upset if she heard what I did. That her boyfriend thinks her challenge is "OK." You can't swallow that down and discover a way to come up smiling or anypoint, you understand what I'm saying? Tbelow is just no great method to take that! (Beat.) Why execute we feel that means, though, I wonder? Is it possibly TV or magazines or something, our moms telling us that we're pretty no issue what we look like ... I'm not sure. I simply understand that women throw whatever they've got into their physical being, and a main component of that — the primary part — is the face. (Beat.) I go nuts if I still break out on my chin or anypoint, bring tweezers in my purse, and also I'm not even, favor, all crazy around it choose many my friends are ... and also eincredibly among them, the ones that I've called, at least, they all sassist to dump him. They did. Since if he's willing to say that, even to a frifinish, then you can bet he's probably reasoning also more than you know about. Can you imagine what he's actually feeling around my body, and this isn't about sex, not really, however simply exactly how he sees my legs or arms, anything ... OK, yes, I'm thinking around all the rest of it, too, of course I am! The words he'll usage to define my breasts or my butt or things favor that ... It's also a lot, it is, I can't even start to go tright here without wanting to throw up. I constantly felt prefer my challenge was among my much better parts and also he's talking about me choose I'm some old Buick out in the backyard that he keeps reasoning around resolving but simply can't gain to it. (Laughs.) "Meant as a compliment," he states to me, favor that have to calm my nerves or somepoint, so ... that. I mean, really. . I'm realistic and I understand me as a perchild — I don't have actually that a lot going for me, not really. Not all educated and smart or anything, and also not gorgeous, not prefer some girls — yet I prefer what I've got and I'm gonna safeguard that. I am.

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Yeah. (Beat.) I expect, wouldn't you?