New Britain police are investigating after policemans say a boy and also girl had actually sex in an art class and another student taped the act. Then, posted the video on social media.

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Paleas we spoke with say they were disheartened by this news. Police say they worked quickly to obtain this off social media.

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“I suppose it is a small little shocking,” shelp Rosa Gonzalez. “He (her son) shelp that yes, tright here was a teacher that via some of the children in the means. Maybe the teacher didn’t notice? But, yes there was a teacher in the classroom.”

New Britain police say 2 students, a 17-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy,had actually sex in a crowded New Britain High School classroom Thursday. The video spreview quickly among students. Police say the 2 juveniles are in a connection and it’s unclear if the kbrand-new they were being videotaped.

“As a parent it does issue you, but they had actually a quick reactivity to let everybody understand the exact same day,” sassist Gonzalez.

As shortly as teachers learned about the video from students, the major shelp he alerted staff and parents.

The statement shelp an incident in institution associated, “inproper conduct in between a male and also female student which was later shared on social media. It continued, “Please be assured the safety and security of our students and staff is constantly our greatest priority.”

One mother did not want to be on electronic camera, yet says she’s automatically going to soptimal via her children.

“It’s funny you attempt to save your youngsters innocent as long as you can and the even more you need to teach them around life, the more you take amethod their innocence,” she said.

Capt. Jeanette Portalatinefrom New Britain Police sassist, “It’s a breakable situation. We have to handle it appropriately and we’re going to save investigating and also get to the bottom of it.”

Late Monday afternoon, police proclaimed that the juvenileshad actually each been issued a juvenile summons charging them via one count each of public indecency and danger of injury or impairing the ethical of children.

“If the teacher’s present in the room and is mindful of what’s going on obviously there’s going to be an problem tright here at this point we don’t understand if the teacher was tbelow or not. We’re getting 2 different stories,” shelp Portalatine.

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The school board did not lug up the concern at a regular meeting on Monday evening.