Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the many iconic personalities in the video game lexsymbol. He"s been around for nearly 30 years, providing fans plenty of time to speculate about his true nature. Lots of thought (possibly as well a lot, but that are we to judge?) has gotten in simply exactly how rapid he truly is.

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The folks over at Game Theory spent some time calculating just just how rapid Sonic is in his various game titles and also the results are... underwhelming.

According to their calculations, the Blue Bolt clocks in at just around 80 feet per second, on his finest day. That"s a much cry from the bill of items we"ve all been offered. The word "sonic" is in his name, after all.

To be fair, these calculations stuck strictly to what can be checked out throughout gameplay and that is, understandably, limited in order to make the game playable. If Sonic were truly zipping roughly quicker than the speed of sound, it would have a pretty detrimental impact on gameplay.

If we allow ourselves to suspend our disidea, we might trust Sonic Unleaded"s in-game speed meters, which have actually clocked Sonic at approximately 2,500 miles per hour. We can also reference the manual for Sonic Adventure DX, which boasts a height speed of 3,840 miles per hour. Tright here are, of course, also the light-rate shoes to consider.

The question of Sonic"s optimal speed is seemingly unanswerable. Even the in-game answers don"t agree via one an additional and that"s to say nopoint around the cartoons or comics.

And, to be hocolony, enough has been shelp about Sonic"s rate. What we"re interested in is the consequences of traveling at those speeds. And via his live-action deyet finally hitting theaters this weekend, what better time to find out?


Sonic"s major worry is not his speed, yet his acceleration. Once at speed, points level out. The G-forces level to 1 once you speak acquiring rate. That"s why astronauts on the room terminal don"t splatter versus the wall surfaces, despite traveling at even more than 17,000 miles per hour while inside it.

The forces inside your body as soon as speeding up are the very same as if you"re currently relocating rapid and also unexpectedly stop. Your body doesn"t treatment whether you"re coming or going — it"s all around transforms in momentum.

For our functions, we"ll assume Sonic"s peak rate is 767 miles per hour, the speed of sound. That"s quick. Faster than any kind of creature on Planet deserve to go without the assist of modern technology. In spite of common understanding, the animal rate record is not held by the cheetah. While it"s land-rate of 75 miles per hour is outstanding, the animal rate record is actually organized by the Peregrine Falcon with a maximum diving rate of 242 miles per hour, rapid enough to swoop dvery own from over and also punch various other birds out of the skies.

Sonic"s speed is even more than three times as quick as that, and also he accelerates to the rate of sound virtually automatically. Therein lies the trouble. The G-pressures during that kind of acceleration would wreak all sorts of havoc on a body.

Assuming a zero-to-sound barrier time of 1 second, Sonic would certainly suffer even more than 34 G-forces on his body, albeit for a short period of time. The influence of those sorts of forces are many and also none of them are great.

First, he"d experience "grayout." He"d lose the capability to procedure shade as blood circulation to his eyes diminimelted. Ultimately, he"d blackout as his blood faibrought about replenish the sensitive cells in his eyes. Then he"d pass out.

Short of some unusual circulatory device, Sonic"s heart wouldn"t be able to combat the pressure of acceleration and also would certainly fail to supply blood to his brain.

Ironically, slowing down the acceleration renders the case worse. Doubling the amount of time it takes him to hit Mach 1 still outcomes in G-forces practically double what a human being have the right to stand without losing consciousness while doubling the amount of time he"d suffer those forces.

What"s worse, if Sonic were to lose consciousness while running at the rate of sound, he"d extremely most likely collide via a stationary object and also automatically come to remainder. When we crunch the numbers on a collision of that sort, we discover that Sonic would suffer what we in the clinical community speak to "fatality."

The kinetic power of a 35 kg object traveling at the rate of sound (343 m/s) comes in at 2,058,858 joules. For conmessage, a one-ton wrecking ball dropped from a height of 2 meters, on a pendulum, reaches a maximum of 17,000 joules at the top of its arc. Which is to say, if Sonic hit a structure at complete rate, it"d carry out a hell of many damage and also he would be a puddle of blue mush. Probably with a lot of red in it.

If Sonic were to pertained to a sheight, at the mercy of an immovable object, he wouldn"t even have actually the deluxe of the one-second deceleration. The pressures acting on his body would be immediate; his bones and organs would certainly come into call first through his skin, then through the external people, at the rate of sound. Bones would certainly break and organs would certainly burst. He"d never have actually the possibility to regain his sight bereason his eyes would certainly no longer be tethered to his brain.

Speaking of eyes…


Though hedgehogs count virtually entirely on their senses of sound and also smell because their eyesight is disastrous, let"s assume that Sonic, clearly a talented hedgehog, has eyesight similar to a humale being and that he"s not blinded by his acceleration. Assuming he"s running on a level aircraft (accountancy for the curvature of the Earth), Sonic must have the ability to watch objects his own size roughly two miles ameans.

Given his rate, he"d cover that distance in around 10 secs. This would certainly offer him plenty of time to adjust for such a things and relocate out of its method.

The trouble comes in when he hregarding account for smaller sized objects, or for bigger ones moving once he"s closer to them.

The reaction time (the time necessary for light to enter your eye, hit your brain, and also elicit a response from your muscles) is around .2 secs.

At the speed of sound, Sonic would be traveling approximately 225 feet while his brain was processing the visual input in front of him. Even audit for the brain"s lag-correction, any transforms to the landscape within the initially 100 feet or so in front of Sonic would certainly be invisible to him. He"d come right into contact through any kind of moving object prior to his brain ever before had a possibility to notice.

No issue just how quick you run, you can not outrun the rate of cognitive processing. In order for Sonic to remain alive via the kind of speed he"s at, he"d require a entirety host of other superpowers just to proccasion himself from coming to be mush the first time he turned on the afterburners.


The next best point (or worst, offered the political climate) after his incredible rate is Sonic"s penchant for collecting gold. Riches abound in Sonic"s civilization and gold coins virtually the size of his body are almost everywhere the place. Sonic swoops them up while he runs, tucking them into his… pockets (?) before continuing onward.

The in-game rings are around the size of Sonic"s head. We"ll assume a foot in diameter. Even if we"re being conservative, we"re talking around an amount of gold equal to a typical gold bar — about 400 ounces, or around 25 pounds. Just 3 of them would certainly amount to Sonic moving his weight in gold while running at Mach 1.

The variety of rings he"s able to bring, via no impact on his speed, is limited just by the number available in a offered level. This raises a whole host of concerns around his true optimal speed. Sucount if he have the right to maintain momentum while delivering hundreds of pounds of gold, he might go quicker without that burden.

In any type of occasion, carrying also a dozen rings would certainly boost his full weight to 5 times traditional.

In-game, if Sonic comes right into call with an adversary or an object (sometimes a sharpened spike, dear God), he has a minute of panic and also spills his rings almost everywhere the location.

In truth, the over mentioned physical effects would just be heightened. The gold would certainly surely spreview across the land at significant speeds, but Sonic would never have actually the chance to collect them aobtain.

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It"s lucky that Sonic hails from the world Mobius, where the laws of physics are sudepend totally unrecognizable. Because the reality is, he wouldn"t last a fraction of a 2nd right here on Planet. Despite all our warnings, you"ll have actually a chance to check out him in activity on the massive screen on February 14.