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"Norguy Rockwell Visits A Country Editor" Sells for Nbeforehand $11.6 Million at Christie"s Auction

Proceeds Will Benefit Professional Advancement for Journalists and also Other Programs Of the National Press Club Journalism Institute and The National Press Club

Sale Price is 4th Highest Ever for a Rockwell Sold at Auction


WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2015 / -- A Norman Rockwell masterpiece that had actually dubbed The National Press Club residence for more than 50 years has offered to an anonymous purchaser at auction at Christie"s in New York City for $11,589,000 consisting of all fees.

The proceeds of the sale of "Norguy Rockwell Visits A Country Editor," which had been owned by the National Press Club Journalism Institute (NPCJI), will certainly assistance skilled advancement programs for journalists and various other efforts of NPCJI and also The National Press Club.

The Rockwell item was among even more than 100 functions of Amerihave the right to Art featured in the Christie"s auction this morning.

"We"re gratified that this bucolic portrayal of a small-tvery own newspaper newsroom from the mid-20th century has lived up to its estimated value," shelp John Hughes, President of The National Press Club. "The affect of the Club"s stewardship of this great occupational will certainly pay dividends much past what the artist could have actually imagined."

"The proceeds of this sale will certainly ensure that we can expand a durable routine of education and learning and training for journalists, and also they will certainly sustain the operations of the Journalism Institute for years to come," shelp Barbara Cochran, President of the NPCJI Board of Directors.

Proceeds of the sale will be provided to support Institute programs to uphold push flexibility, build the skills of professional journalists and also communicators, and carry out scholarships for future journalists, Cochran said.

At today"s auction, 2 Christie"s executives positioned throughout the saleroom from each various other traded bids in $100,000 increments for practically five complete minutes, beginning at the $7 million note, and also continuing previous the $10 million mark to obtain to the final sale price of $11.6 million through buyer"s premium. Christie"s Deputy Chairmale Maria Los secured the winning phone bid on behalf of her client.

The $11.6 million result is the fourth highest possible price ever before accomplished for Rockwell at auction.

The National Press Club, established in 1908 in Washington, D.C., is the world"s leading expert organization for journalists and fights for a cost-free press international, through 3,100 members approximately the globe.

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The National Press Club Journalism Institute is the non-profit affiliate of The National Press Club. It is committed to providing valuable training to journalists and also communications experts working in a swiftly changing media setting. The Institute is residence to the Club"s prestigious journalism awards that recognize expert journalists that have actually produced impressive job-related for the pubic, and it oversees the club"s recently renovated Eric Friedheim Library, which assists journalists in finding accurate information utilizing the latest innovation.

For More Information Contact:Sara Fox, Christie"s(212) 636-2680

Rob Stoddard, on behalf of National Press Club Journalism Institute(202) 222-2352