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The rise and fall of American footsphere star, O.J. Simpchild, from his days thriving up in Los Angeles to his murder trial that polarized the country.

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Adrian Monk was once a increasing star through the San Francisco Police Department, legendary for making use of untraditional means to deal with the department’s most baffling situations. But after the tragic (and also still unsolved) murder of his wife Trudy, he arisen a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Now working as a exclusive consultant, Monk continues to investigate situations in the most untypical methods.

30 for 30 is the umbrella title for a series of documentary films airing on ESPN and its sister networks and also online properties. The series, which highlights world and also events in the sporting activities world that have generally obtained tiny quantities of attention, has featured 2 “volumes” of 30 episodes each, a 13-episode series under the ESPN Films Presents title in 2011-2012, and also a series of 30 for 30 Shorts shown with the ESPN.com webwebsite.

On the 30th anniversary of his Florida execution, CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER: THE TED BUNDY TAPES brings the infamously twisted mind of serial killer Ted Bundy right into the light for the incredibly initially time and also invades our psyche in a fresh yet terrifying means with exclusive, never-before-heard interviews from the “Jack the Ripper of the USA,” himself.

The story of how Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher deliberately bgot to police procedure and also protocol to catch a hugger, a decision that ultimately price him his career and reputation.

Dr. Dylan Reinhart, a gifted author, university professor and previous CIA operative is lured back to his old life by tenacious peak NYPD Detective Lizzie Needham. Though Dylan and Lizzie initially clash, once it comes to capturing killers, they make a perfect team.

The exploits of the Los Angeles–based Office of Special Projects (OSP), an elite department of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service that specializes in undercover assignments.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey invents new settings of clinical storyinforming to reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-create commemorated elements of the original series, consisting of the Cosmic Calendar and also the Ship of the Imagicountry.

Uniting scepticism and wonder, and also weaving rigorous scientific research with visual, emotional and spiritual elements, it is a transcendent experience – a vision of the cosmos on the grandest range we understand.

The story of a young Louis XIV on his journey to come to be the many effective monarch in Europe, from his battles with the fronde with his advancement into the Sun King. Historical and fictional characters guide us in a human being of betrayal and also political maneuvering, revealing Versailles in all its glory and also brutality.

The story of the Medici household of Florence, their ascent from basic sellers to power brokers sparking an economic and also social radvancement. Along the means, they additionally accrue a long list of effective adversaries.

Modern-day underpeople characters Nidge and John Boy wrestle for control of Dublin’s illicit drug profession in this forceful crime drama.

Porn has actually gone mainstream; the question is, deserve to we manage it? This exploration of the intersection of sex and technology is told with the stories of the world whose resides are defined by the existing explosion of internet porn-whether they’re creating it, consuming it, or both.

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