One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure reminds us that tbelow are no mistakes or accidents in life-that whatever happens as it need to. Through the dissolution of a sordid affair through a married guy, friendships, and personal setbacks Stewart teaches us the art of letting go, and adapting to whatever before comes our method. Stewart permits us, the reader, an intimate look into his personal life through stories that center on dating, love, are afraid, fate and also destiny. "I hope my story, these words, will certainly assist navigate the resides of men and also woguys all over." Craig Stewart"s groundbreaking deyet memoir, Words Never before Spoken transcfinished race, gender and also sexuality. Dubbed a literary piece of artwork, Words Never Spoken offered voice to males and also womales who are conflicted sexually, and frustrated by the complexities of being gay, bisex-related or trans. Stewart returns via the lengthy awaited sequel, One Thing for Certain, Two Things for Sure, A Memoir continued. "I promised myself years back that I wouldn"t be the kind of writer, artist, that puts out a project because world desire to hear more from me. Rather, I"d be the type of artist that just puts out a work bereason I have actually somepoint to say, and I"ve kept that promise."

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Craig Stewart an artistic virtuoso via a passion for literature, music and theatre is bringing his love for storytelling to the arts scene. He showcased his skills and ambition, through his debut stage production-A Day in the Life. It finimelted a effective run in Atlanta and establiburned Stewart as one of the nation"s up and coming artists. The first in his immediate family members to graduate from college, Stewart attended Hampton College, wbelow he got a degree in liberal arts. Originally a native of Baltimore, Stewart moved to Atlanta over a decade ago through dreams of making it in the music market. In spite of his passion and also a number of opportunities to work with established artists and producers, Stewart ultimately realized that his future was not just in music. He turned his attention to composing, and in 2002, his initially play, A Day in the Life, opened up at Atlanta"s 14th Street Playresidence. The show"s original running was cut brief by a absence of capital and also Stewart"s individual battles with depression. In 2004, Stewart established his own greeting card agency, Say It in a Card, LLC. It was via Say It in a Card that he eventually met a backer to sponsor a 2nd run of A Day in the Life. The new manufacturing opened in 2007 to a offered out crowd, played thirteenager shows over ten days at the Balzer Theater and was conveniently hailed as an effective creative statement concerning the emotional and also societal pressures competent by gay Afrihave the right to American guys. Born out of Stewart"s very own individual battles to find love and also a sense of self- expertise as a gay male, A Day in the Life touched the hearts and also minds of audience members and also quickly won Stewart praise from doubters and publications favor Southern Voice and DAVID magazine. In enhancement to his success as a playwright, Stewart has actually composed for the Atlanta-based theater firm, Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (YEA)-an company supported and also funded at one suggest by actress & philanthropist Jane Fonda.

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His greeting card organization (Say It in a Card) has been very successful and his talents have actually won him the prestigious honor of composing personalized cards for such high-profile clients as Darius Miles of the Portland also Trailblazers and also award- winning recording artist Brandy. Stewart has additionally co-created a variety of fact display projects in partnership through Kenny Leon Productions and also via provided tv personality and world-renowned fashion skilled Dwight Eufinancial institutions of the Atlanta Housewives.