FAQWhen will certainly my order ship?Due to COVID-19, we are enduring delays in manufacturing & order handling. Our team is functioning difficult to acquire all orders shipping as easily as possible and also we suppose all orders to ship within 2 weeks of posted release date. You will obtain a tracking number in your e-mail once it ships. We apologize for any kind of delays and also appreciate your patience & assistance.

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What around pre-orders?We fully anticipate pre-orders to ship on or before the day posted on the product web page. Please make certain you inspect the release day before purchasing to protect against any type of misinteraction. If you are ordering multiple items, all items will certainly ship together on the latest release date, once all products are obtainable. If you’d choose to obtain items as they end up being available, please order the items separately.Who have the right to I talk to around my order?Before you reach out, please check your order & product peras to make sure all the items in your order are available. In a team order, all items will ship with the latest release date once all the assets are accessible. If you have a question around a damaged order, transforming order information or cancelling an order, you can send an e-mail to info
muzic-ivan.info. Please encompass your order number so we deserve to ideal understand the difficulty and also assist you.

EU & UK Orders: Any VAT Taxes enforced by your country are your duty to pay upon receipt. If orders are returned we deserve to only refund the product cost minus any kind of fees/prices incurred for shipping globally and also being went back to sender. Each country has actually it"s very own import rules so please be acquainted with your country"s rules before ordering.

RETURN POLICYRetransforms & ExchangesUnfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on non-damaged music or garments items at this time.Damaged Items If you obtain a damaged item, please sfinish an e-mail to info
muzic-ivan.info via a photo or video of the damage to assist us understand also the difficulty and also deal with any potential concerns with future orders. If the product is still in stock, we will rearea the damaged item. If it is sold out, we will job-related through you to either return your money or send you a similar item.

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We deserve to not refund or exadjust orders bereason of separation vinyl sides. We have actually strict quality manage both coming into and also out of our warehome and also we usage the many secure packaging easily accessible to obtain LPs to you safely and in the highest possible quality. Unfortunately, split vinyl sides deserve to occur if shipping carriers aren"t careful with your product and also that danger should be thought about before purchasing.Unasserted PackagesLost packperiods are usually the result of entering an resolve mistakenly, moving prior to the item arrives, etc. When this happens, we will reach out and also e-mail you to verify your address and also resfinish your package. If we don’t hear earlier after 14 days, we will certainly remoney your order.