Bringing Japanese pop culture to the world, we are Tokyo Otaku Mode.

We strive to carry the best of Japan and also its distinctive society to everyone about the civilization that loves it! We think in connecting fans and creators to develop a future wbelow Japan feels closer to fans, and also aim to become the top company among Japanese pop society fans worldwide!

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An “otaku” is someone via love and also dedication to a hobby, whether it’s anime, games, fashion, art, music, or something else. In the last decade, the term otaku has undertaken evolutionary changes in Japan’s mainstream conscience, and is undoubtedly making a lasting note on its pop society. Our vision is to make the world a happier location by spanalysis and also fueling the love that provides us all otaku!

Company kind of Name Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. Industries E-business, Internet Media, Web Services Location Nagatacho GRID 2F2 Chome-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093 Establiburned February 2012 Representative Naomitsu Kodaka
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Tokyo Mirai ModeA international crowdfunding platdevelop for jobs from Japan developed from and also operating via the advantage of TOM’s know-exactly how. Japanese tasks that will excite the world launch on Tokyo Mirai Mode! The future starts here!

A Hatsune Miku Figure Designed by Famous Illustrator LAM will certainly be Released! A Limited Lot of 390 Flight Jackets Based on the Figure"s will likewise go on Sale!

Press 2021.08.30

The “Let’s Enjoy an Exuberance Fun Band!Special Goods Set Box”to celebrate the band winning the English Version ofBanG Dream! Girls Band Party!2nd General Election is currently open up for pre-orders!

Press 2020.06.30

Pre-orders now open for 3 brand-new Attack on Titan Omni-directional Mobility Gear Bags!

Press 2019.09.21

Tokyo Otaku Mode is Exhibiting at and Live Streaming from Tokyo Video Game Show 2019 as an Official Media Partner!

Press 2019.09.11

New Products in the Cardcaptor Sakura Accessory Line! A “Petit Series” of Sparkling Earrings and Necklaces!

Press 2019.09.03

Three product lines from the famous series The Promised Neverland also begin pre-orders today!


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Alpacasso, The Popular Plush Toy is Collaborating via Evangelion to Become Adorable Battle Weapons!

Press 2019.07.04