Billy the Kid (1859–1881) - "Billy the Kid," whose genuine name was Henry McCarty, was likewise recognized by the pseudonym William H. Bonney. One of the most well known figures of the Amerideserve to Old West, McCarty killed eight men before he was shot and eliminated at the age of 21. Billy the Kid"s life and likeness have been typically dramatized in Western renowned culture. Pictured, an unretouched original image of Bonney, c. 1880.

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Jesse James (1847–1882) - One of the a lot of iconic figures from the era, Jesse Woodboy James was the leader of the James-Younger Gang, a team of outregulations based in the state of Missouri and among the many feared, most publicized, and also most wanted band of desperados on the American frontier. His criminal career ended as soon as he was swarm and killed in 1882.

Frank James (1843–1915) - The older brother of Jesse, Alexander Franklin James was additionally a member of the James-Younger gang. As a bandit, Frank James was involved in at least four robberies that caused the deaths of bank employees or citizens. He lived into old age, dying at 72 in serene retirement. The James brothers proceed to enjoy iconic condition as two of the many recognized numbers from the Old West.

Bob Younger (1853–1889) - Alengthy via brothers Cole, Jim, and John, Bob Younger was a member of the James-Younger Gang, a group of outlaws that centered around Frank and also Jesse James. For practically a decade, the gang robbed banks, trains, and also stagecoaches across Kansas and also Missouri. During an attempted financial institution robbery at Northarea, Minnesota on September 7, 1876, Bob, Jim, and Cole were captured (John Younger didn"t take part). Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, Bob Younger passed away behind bars of tuberculosis.

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Cole Younger ( 1844–1916) - One of the few Old West outlegislations to endure right into old age, Thomas Coleman Younger was an outlegislation leader with the feared James-Younger Gang. The elder brvarious other of Jim, John, and Bob Younger, Cole took part in the infamous Northarea, Minnesota financial institution rhelp for which all 4 siblings were jailed for life. Cole and Jim were paroled in 1901. Jim died in 1902. Cole became a Christian and repented of his criminal previous. He passed away in 1916 aged 72.

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Rictough Liddil (1852–1901) - Liddil was currently stealing equines when he met Jesse James and also joined his band also of outregulations in 1879. He took part in a string of financial institution robberies, however later fell out with the James brothers. In 1882, he turned himself in together with Robert Ford, who would certainly later on assassinate Jesse James. Liddil testified versus Frank James in exadjust for being pardoned. A complimentary male, he went on to come to be a well-off steed owner, and died at the racetrack in 1901 of a heart assault.

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Robert Newton Ford (1862–1892) - Inwell known for killing his gang"s leader Jesse James in 1882, Robert Ford was hoping to collect a reward and a promised amnesty for past crimes after shooting dead the infamous outlegislation. Instead he was charged along with his brvarious other, Charles, of first-degree murder. Both men, but, were virtually immediately granted a complete pardon. Robert Ford was himself swarm dead in Kansas on June 8, 1892.

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Belle Starr (1848–1889) - Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr began associating via outregulations in her late teenage years, including with the likes of Jesse James. She arisen a reputation as a horse thief and also a crack swarm. She additionally nurtured a strong feeling of fashion and also was frequently viewed riding sidesaddle while elegantly dressed in black velvet. Starr was fatally swarm while riding residence from a neighbor"s residence in a instance that is still officially unsolved.

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Butch Cassidy (1866–1908) - Robert LeRoy Parker, much better known as Butch Cassidy, made his living robbing banks and also holding up trains as a member of the "Wild Bunch," a gang of outregulations that consisted of Ben Kilpatrick, Will Carver, Harvey Logan, and Harry A. Longabaugh (the "Sundance Kid"). The gang"s exploits were carried to the significant screen in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969).

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The Sundance Kid (1867–1908) - Harry A. Longabaugh adopted the nickname the "Sundance Kid" in jail after stealing a steed from a ranch in Sundance, Wyoming. He met Butch Cassidy in 1896. The pair would later lug out a string of successful bank and train robberies while riding via the "Wild Bunch." With lawguys on their trail, they fled together to South America, where they were allegedly eliminated in a shootout in Boliusing. Pictured is the "Wild Bunch." Front row, left to right: Harry A. Longabaugh, Ben Kilpatrick, Robert Leroy Parker. Standing: Will Carver and Harvey Logan.

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Babsence Jack (1863–1901) - Cowboy turned criminal, Tom Edward Ketchum became recognized as "Babsence Jack" after helping to rob a train in New Mexico Territory in 1892. Associated at one allude through Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch Gang and also later on the Hole-in-the-Wall surface Gang, Black Jack ongoing robbing trains until his capture in 1899. Ketchum was executed by hanging.

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Laura Bullion (1876–1961) - By the moment she was 13, Laura Bullion had currently met two members of the "Wild Bunch," and by the early 1890s was riding through Butch Cassidy’s gang. In fact, she ended up being romantically connected with one of them–Ben Kilpatrick. Arrested and also jailed for her component in a train robbery, Bullion was released in 1905 and later relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. She passed away tbelow in 1961. She was the last enduring member of the Wild Bunch Gang.

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Tom Horn (1860–1903) - A killer-for-hire, Tom Horn worked as a scout, selection detective, and also Pinkerton agent prior to finding regular employment as a gunman hired to watch over cattle. He is believed to have actually eliminated 17 males prior to being accprovided of murdering a 14-year-old boy, a charge that would eventually bring about his hanging in 1902. Historians this particular day still debate whether he was responsible for the crime, and also Horn has considering that come to be an unlikely people hero of the Old West.

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Sam Bass (1851‒1878) - In 1877, Sam Bass was component of a gang that robbed the Union Pacific Railroad gold train at Big Springs, Nebraska. The outlaws netted US$60,000 (tantamount to US$1.4 million in 2019), a staggering amount at the time. With Texas Rangers and also Pinkerton detectives on his tail, fate captured up through the outlegislation at Round Rock in July 1878, wright here he was swarm and also eliminated.

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Billy Clanton (1862–1881) - William Harrikid Clanton, together with brothers Tom and Frank McLaury, was eliminated on October 26, 1881, in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombrock, Arizona Territory, after an continuous dispute via lawmales Wyatt, Virgil, and also Morgan Earp. The shootout is mainly related to as the many famous in the American Old West. Pictured is Tombstone in 1881.

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Johnny Ringo (1850–1882) - Outlaw John Peters Ringo committed his first murder during a wave of cattle rustling that end up being known as the Maboy County War. But it was his implication in the attempted murder of Virgil Earp and the ambush and fatality of Mbody organ Earp in 1882 that lugged him to the attention of law enforcement officers. Shortly thereafter, Ringo was found dead with a gunswarm wound to his head.

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Bob Dalton (1869–1892) - As leader of the Dalton Gang, Robert Rennick Dalton in addition to brothers Emmet and also Gratton, and also fellow outregulations Bill Powers and also Ricdifficult Broadwell, rode into Coffeyville, Kansas on October 5, 1892, to rob not one but 2 banks—simultaneously! However before, townspeople well-known the gunguys and also alerted the authorities. In the following gunfight, Bob and also Gratton were killed alongside Powers and Broadwell. Emmet endured, despite receiving 23 gunswarm wounds.

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Bill Doolin (1858–1896) - For a while a member of the Dalton Gang (and suspected of taking part in the ill-fated Coffeyville bank holdup), William Doolin later on created his very own gang, occasionally called the "Oklahombres." The gang embarked on a run of effective bank and train robberies. Pursued by lawmen and also bounty hunters, its members were eliminated one by one: a US Marshal inevitably captured up via Doolin in Lawson, Oklahoma Territories, and shot the outlaw dead.

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John Wesley Hardin (1853–1895) - John Wesley Hardin eliminated his first guy at age 15. When he was sentenced in 1877 to 24 years in prison for murder, he asserted to have actually put 42 guys in the ground. Released in 1894, Hardin himself was gunned down in an El Paso saloon. He has actually since end up being a controversial individual icon. Bob Dylan named his 1967 album "John Wesley Harding" after the outlegislation, although the name was spelled in a different way.

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Dan Bogan (1860–after 1889) - Alabama-born Bogan operated as a cowboy but was blackprovided in 1884 for taking component in a strike. He started rustling livestock for a living and easily got a reputation as a deadly gunman. Convicted of murder in 1887, Bogan was sentenced to death however escaped from jail, prompting a substantial manhunt. He was never before recorded and his loss stays a secret.

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Babsence Bart (1829–1888) - Charles Earl Boles, better well-known as "Black Bart," was a infamous stagecoach robber, holding up at least 28 across northern California between 1875 and also 1883. On two occasions, he left poems at the robbery sites, acts that earned him a reputation as a gentlemale bandit through a flair for style and also sophistication. Eventually apprehfinished, Boles offered 6 years in jail prior to fading into obscurity.

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Rufus Buck Gang - An outlegislation multi-racial gang whose members were part African American and also component Muscogee, the Rufus Buck Gang were responsible for a spree of killings and robberies committed from 1895 to 1896 across the Indian Territory of the Arkansas-Oklahoma location. Exceptionally brutal and also indiscriminate in their strikes, the gang was inevitably captured and all members hanged for their crimes. Pictured left to right: Maoma July, Sam Samchild, Rufus Buck, Lucky Davis, and also Lewis Davis.

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Pearl Hart (c. 1871– after 1955) - Born Pearl Taylor in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, Pearl Hart gained notoriety after committing among the last stagecoach robberies in the Unites States, on May 30, 1899, in Arizona. For the holdup, Hart had reduced her hair short and dressed in men"s garments. She was uncovered not guilty of the crime after pleading poverty, but still ended up in priboy on mail fraud. After her release, Hart lived a quiet life via her husband also and also died, aged 79, in 1955.

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Marion Hedgepeth (1856–1909) - By all accounts a dandy of gentlemanly appearance, Marlon Columbus Hedgepeth (his actual name) was, according to Allan Pinkerton of the National Detective Agency, "a deadly killer and also one of the fastest firearms in the West." He eliminated at least 2 world and also was also wanted for train robbing and larceny. He served 14 years in priboy before being swarm and killed in a botched Chicearlier saloon robbery.

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Jim Miller (1861–1909) - Knvery own as "Killer Miller" for his ruthlessness, Jim Miller was a Wild West hit man, a skilled killer said to have dispatched 12 people throughout gunfights—perhaps the many well-known homicides by one man in the time of the era! Some say he met a perfect finish, lynched by an angry mob via 3 other men after killing a former US deputy marshal.

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Tiburcio Vásquez (1835–1875) - Born in Monterey, Alta The golden state, Mexico (the contemporary state of California), Vásquez arranged a bandit gang that numbered Juan Soto and Procopio Bustamante among its more infamous members. Their choice was for robbing stores, house burglaries, and also highmeans thefts. Vásquez was eventually betrayed by a family members member and also was executed in San José jail. California"s landmark Vásquez Rocks, where he regularly hid to evade capture, is called after him.

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Big Nose George (1834–1881) - Frenchmale George Parrott was not a lot more than a highwayguy and also common thief. But once "Big Nose" and also his gang murdered two regulation enforcement policemans throughout a bungled train robbery, a price showed up over the émigré"s head. Parrott met a gruesome end. Lynched by a mob, his skin thereafter was made into a pair of shoes and component of his skull was offered as an ashtray.

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Soapy Smith (1860–1898) - Larger-than-life Jefferchild Randolph "Soapy" Smith was the Old West’s the majority of celebrated con artist. Smith devised a "prize soap racket," in which he’d market bars of soap through dollar bills concealed in some of the bars" packaging to increase sales. However before, he"d encertain that only members of his gang purchased the lucky "prize" soap. The scamera didn"t wash for lengthy though, and also "Soapy" was killed in a shootout in Skagway, Alaska, where he"d moved to try his luck in the Klondike Gold Rush. He"s pictured standing at a bar in a Skagway saloon in 1898.

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Clay Allichild (1841–1887) - A gunfighter through a reputation for violence, Robert Clay Alliboy was implicated in a number of vigilante jail break-ins and also lynchings. Not just was he dangerous to others, his disturbed nature occasionally made him a danger to himself—he once accidentally swarm himself in the foot during a violent rage! Personally responsible for a number of murders, Allison died of a damaged neck as soon as a wagon wheel rolled over him.

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Frank Reno (1837–1868) - Frank Reno and his brother John establiburned the Reno Gang in 1864. The group expanded as soon as siblings Simeon, William, and Clint Reno joined the fold. Knvery own as the initially "Brotherhood of Outlaws," the Reno Gang terrorized the Midwest for several years, robbing and also murdering travelers, and raiding banks. Frank, Simeon, William, and other gang members were lynched by a mob on December 11, 1868. The Reno Brothers feature in Elvis Presley’s first movie, "Love Me Tender" (1956), wbelow he stars as brother Clint.

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The Amerideserve to Frontier of the second fifty percent of the 19th century and also the beforehand 20th century is a period sometimes described as the Old West. An era regularly characterized by violence as a lot as for romance and folklore, it’s additionally well-known as the Wild West for the plenty of outlegislations that required to the saddle to raid financial institutions, rob trains, and also hold up stagecoaches. Some of these gunfighters accomplished an iconic, almost legendary condition. Nat an early stage all, but, were ruthmuch less and also brutal and also truly deserved their reputations as dangerous gunfighters.

Click via the rogue’s gallery of bandits, villains, fugitives, gunslingers, and also desperados, and draw on some of the the majority of wanted outlegislations in the Wild West.


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