David Becker throughout an East Longmeadow High School boys varsity basketball game in the 2015-16 seaboy.Tom Westerholm/MassLive using AP
An virtual petition is calling for the removal of a District Court judge that last week sentenced a previous three-sport athlete at East Longmeadow High School to probation and also enabled him to attfinish college, after the athlete pleaded guilty to indecent assault on 2 female classmates.

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The petition, posted on the Care2 Petitions webwebsite, seeks the removal of Palmer District Court Judge Thomas Estes, that sentenced David Becker, 18, to two years of probation and also enabled him to serve it in Ohio, wbelow he plans to attfinish college.

“Judge Estes is essentially letting a known rapist totally free on a college campus,” created Kelsey Bourgeois, the writer of the petition. “Besides not serving a solitary day in jail, David will likewise not have to register as a sex offender.”


As of Tuesday night, the petition had been signed more than 5,500 times.

Hampden County prosecutors had actually requested a two-year jail term for Becker when he pleaded guilty Aug. 15 to two counts of indecent attack and also battery on a perboy over 14. He was originally charged through 2 counts of rape and also one count of indecent attack, on his classmates, that were unconscious. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of indecent assault and also battery.

A spokeswomale for the Massachusetts Trial Court declined to discuss the petition, and also a house telephone number for Estes can not be situated Tuesday night.

Becker’s lawyer, Thomas Rooke, also could not be reached for comment.

James Leydon, a spokesman for Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni shelp the repursuit for two years jail time was made “after a prolonged and also thoturbulent investigation” by prosecutors and regional police investigators.

“The recommendation of two years jail time was reputed correct and fair based upon the facts and scenarios of the situation,” Leydon shelp.

Throughout his probation, Becker must reprimary drug and alcohol totally free, continue to be away from the 18-year-old victims, and also submit to an testimonial for sex offender therapy, Leydon said.


If Becker successfully completes his probation without any violations, the charges will be dismissed and also he will not need to register as a sex offender, according to authorities.

The outrage over the sentence mirrors the reactivity nationally to light sentences offered to previous Stanford swimmer Brock Turner in California and former College of Coloraperform student Austin Wilkerkid in high-profile rape situations.

Turner got a six-month jail term, and also Wilkerboy was sentenced to probation. Turner and also Wilkerson, prefer Becker, are white. Becker was a three-sport athlete at East Longmeadow High School, Rooke told Masslive.com.

He told the media outlet that allegations that Becker had formerly attacked various other girls and that friends sometimes referred to as him “David the Rapist” were untrue.

Bourgeois, the petition author, referenced that nickname in her petition.

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“Judge Thomas Estes provided David Becker, or ‘David the Rapist’ . . . just 2 years probation” for the assault, she composed. “This is yet an additional circumstances of a white athlete receiving a slap on the wrist for a violent sex-related crime, adhering to on the heels of the Brock Turner instance in California.”

Bourgeois shelp Estes proved “a severe level of predisposition in his sentencing and is a part of a horrifying trend in the justice device. Massachusetts should show that it does not condone this biased sentencing.”

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