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Parenting Children through ADHD: 10 Lessons that Medicine Cannot Teach

Vincent J. Monastra, Ph.D., the book"s writer, is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist specializing in the neurophysiological attributes of youngsters with ADHD. He is the founder and director of the Fpi Attention Deficit Disorders Clinic in Endicott, New York, and also frequently lectures and also conducts workshops at clinical conferences across Canada and the United States on the topic of ADHD and kids.

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This well-organized, clearly written, conveniently interpreted book leaves few unanswered concerns for parents of ADHD kids, as well as the clinicians that treat ADHD children or anyone interested in getting a much better knowledge of ADHD. The book"s major objective is to help paleas learn means to boost their child"s success and also is based on Monastra"s research and treatment of countless patients via ADHD.

As the title argues, the book consists of ten lessons or chapters (plus a concluding chapter, recommendations and also index) which describes his comprehensive treatment technique including paleas, diet, physician/ clinical, institution district and teacher, psychologist and biofeedearlier. Each chapter addresses a particular element of ADHD although assist for parental fees weaves itself through the entire book. In the initially chapters, Monastra discusses the 5 criteria that must be present to appropriately diagnose ADHD; and also clarifies that ADHD is a genetic, clinical and also psychiatric trouble that is primarily linked via too much inactivity of the frontal lobes of the brain.

He gives parental fees with a inspect sheet, "What I"d Like My Child to Learn: Dr. Monastra"s Top 40" which has such items as, "wake up in the morning without battling me," and "remember to lug house publications and products required for homework-related." He asks paleas to develop a non-aggression pact via their son for all interactions and also to select 6 or eight of the check sheet items on which to focus. Monastra discusses the importance of paleas establishing a plan and also offers distinct approaches and methods to aid paleas in disciplining and getting their ADHD boy to complete jobs.

A chapter is devoted to the miscellaneous medications supplied in treating ADHD, and one more discusses nutrition and also the prominence of protein in the diet. A later on chapter examines the role of the school corporation and also classroom teacher in the treatment arrangement, and also has an assessment checklist for teachers and a sample letter to request a college corporation"s ADHD evaluation. In the staying percentage of the book, Monastra uses parents in-depth nonconfrontational methods to put out emotional fires and teach their ADHD kid problem addressing abilities. In the last chapter, he defines locations where parenting initiatives commonly obtain bogged down and offers helpful suggestions based upon his years of clinical experience.

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Reperceived by Rebecca A. Adams, Ph.D., CFLE, Help Professor Emerita, Department of Family and also Consumer Sciences, Ball State College.