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Pat McGrath Labs freshly released her Lust 004 collection. I decided to grab the Flesh Kit and the Venom 1 lipstick single. They were accessible first on Pat McGrath’s website, I gained mine from Sephora. The retail is $60 for the kit and also $25 for the lipstick single. The kits are all marketed out virtual, however some lipstick singles are still easily accessible.

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Per Sephora: “A five-item kit of perverse lip paraphernalia that features 2 sinfully pigmented matte lipsticks, a clear vinyl gloss, a metallic gold pigment, and also a mesmerizing microfine glitter.

Turn your lips on and make your mouth a metaphysical masteritem through Lust 004 Lipstick. Satisfy your cravings for unorthodox glamour and endure changed states of lip deluxe through these cult classics.

Let the routine begin in one swipe. Choose the collection via the lip shades you desire: Bloodwine, Flesh, or Vermillion Venom (marketed separately). Lay down a velvety rich canvas of color through the 2 matte Lipsticks. Wear these lush, matte shades on lips alone, or combine to produce immaculate custom ombré impacts.

Glide on the Clear Vinyl Gloss over the matte lipstick for miraculous shine that will certainly leave your lips dripping in decadence.

Layer the Meltallic Gold Pigment over lipstick, gloss, or both for dramatic intensity. Then press on the Microfine Glitter for an enchanting look.”

Flesh: – 2 x 0.05 oz Lipstick in Flesh 1, Flesh 2 – 0.46 oz Clear Vinyl Gloss – 0.07 oz Meltallic Gold Pigment – 0.07 oz Microfine Glitter in Flesh


The glitter is fine, it’s not micro glitter. It’s a climbed pink colored glitter. It looks prefer any type of consistent craft glitter. I assumed it would be even more prefer micro glitter versus craft size glitter. Comes in a small sifter jar. The gold pigment reminds me of MAC Brass pigment that’s lengthy discontinued. I was surprised this is lip safe as it looks metallic and like it includes metal. It’s a fine brass colored metallic pigment that when blended with the gloss looks favor liquid brass steel. This comes in the very same small sifter jar. This was type of exploded almost everywhere the inside of the packaging. It leaked even though it has actually a sticker seal. The jar lid does not screw dvery own all the means. I also discovered this irritated my skin and also started to give me a rash, I was allergic to it. I’m never allergic to cosmetics, ever before. Besides lanolin which renders my lips go numb.

The lipsticks are slim via a creamy matte formula. Like any creamy matte it’s more comfortable to wear, yet lasts much less time. I acquired about 4-6 hours of wear out of these. They set a little bit darker in color then as soon as first used. No scent or adverse taste. They were the ideal part of the kit. They are roll up tubes so you have actually the capability to roll up and dvery own. The slim size made for a simple application. They are all rather pigmented.

Flesh 1 is a light warmth creamy peachy nude. This was method also light and opaque for me. It you favor light nudes this is for you. I like a nude more the exact same tone or slightly darker than my organic lip color. Flesh 2 is a deep cooler climbed nude. This is a darker nude, on the verge of being a non-nude for me. I tried to mix the two Flesh shades together to get a lighter nude yet the warmth and cool tones of each clashed and looked ashy. It just didn’t look appropriate blended. Neither shade was for me. Venom 1 is a bright classic neutral red. It’s warmer but not orange red, yet not blue red at all either.

L to R: Flesh 2, Flesh 1, Venom 1:


Sunlight L to R: Venom 1, Flesh 1, Flesh 2:

As constantly the creative thinking of Pat McGrath products is on par. You deserve to produce so many type of distinct looks via this kit. As a previous art significant, and also still artist, I appreciate the creative thinking, flexibility and fun you deserve to have actually through it. It is for the perkid who has the time to spend on multiple measures of makeup, not for the perkid that demands quick morning regimen. This kit while flexible for the number of means you have the right to wear it, is not for the average person. You’ll never before wear a full glitter lip or the metallic gold gloss to the average workarea. Maybe for a holiday or night out. For the perboy choose me through a 12 month old and also a permanent project, it’s mainly unusable besides the lipsticks and gloss.

The packaging is cheap choose the last set. I recognize Sephora claims “At Pat McGrath Labs, their luxurious product comes in packaging that’s motivated by authentic cosmetic lab samples. Products are packed via its signature couture sequins, elevating each and also eexceptionally kit through a subversive feeling of opulence, outrageousness, and also obsession.” However before, it feels very cheap, has actually a tiny amount of product and also they charge a greater price.

The gloss is in a cheap tube and is like any type of average clear gloss, it’s sticky and also thick. Nopoint spectacular. The gold pigment as soon as added over the lipstick without the gloss turns the lipstick ashy. It requirements to gloss to look good. Overall, great concept it’s fun. The lipstick is nice, the pigment is nice other than I couldn’t use it. The gloss is a waste, the glitter you deserve to get almost everywhere. I think you could pass on this set and also feel simply fine around it.

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Flesh 1, Flesh 2, Flesh Glitter, Gold Pigment.Flesh 1 via Glitter, Flesh 2 via Glitter.Flesh 1 through Gold Pigment, Flesh 2 with Gold Pigment.Add Gloss to above.Gold Pigment through Gloss.