These grammar notes define the distinction in between the Spanish words “pero” and also “sino” which are offered as “but” or “yet rather” and are regularly puzzled by students finding out Spanish. Read the explacountry of the difference between these conjunctions and also examples of their usage, then exercise via the interenergetic exercises to examine your comprehension.

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The Spanish conjunctions "pero" and "sino" are often translated mistakenly as "but" in English, however they are actually various.

"Pero" means "but" and is mainly provided once the second clause adds a qualification of what has actually been said before. It can likewise be interpreted as "however","nevertheless", etc.

María es muy inteligente pero nada simpática. Maria is incredibly intelligent but not friendly.El día está soleacarry out pero hace frío. It"s a sunny day yet cold.

"Sino" might be translated as "however rather", "however on the contrary" or "but instead" and it is offered to say something negative or the opposite or contradicts something sassist earlier.

Juan no es tonto, sino inteligente.Juan is not stupid, however he is intelligent.El idioma más hablado en Latinoamérica no es portugués, sino español. The most commonly spoken language in Latin America is not Portuguese, however Spanish.

You deserve to likewise find "sino" in the framework "no sólo...sino" (which can be analyzed as "not only...however also"). If what is being stated is a things, you would certainly say: "No sólo...sino también" and if what complies with is a clausage you would certainly say: "No sólo...sino que (también/además)".

No sólo los niños sino también los adultos asisten a este parque de diversiones.No sólo viajarán a Londres sino que también/además visitarán Roma.

Exercise: Complete the sentences listed below via "sino" or "pero".

Ejercicio: Completa las oraciones con "sino" o "pero".

If you don"t know the correct answer, kind "?" to disclose it.

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Teacher and also student in classroom

1. No quiero salir, quedarme en casa.

2. Tal vez no sea muy inteligente, sé lo que quiero.

3. Diviértete, ten cuidado.

4. No es fácil escribir, vale la pena.

5. No vine a trabajar, a descansar.

6. El cielo no es verde, azul.

7. Este camino es más largo, es seguro.

8. La fiesta no fue divertida, aburrida.

9. No pueperform asistir al congreso, voy a enviar mi ponencia.

10. No sólo asaltaron mi casa, también la del vecino.

11. El perro no es grande, pequeño.

12. La casa es lujosa, está en un barrio muy ruidoso.


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