Title: Human of InterestGenre: Action |Crime |Keywords: ex cia agent |fabricated knowledge |agent |officially noted as dead |terror prediction |Released:2011Duration: 43 minCreators:Jonathan Nolan |Kilter Films |Bad Robot |Warner Bros. Television |Cast:Jim Caviezel |Kevin Chapmale |Michael Emerchild |Amy Acker |Taraji P. Henkid |Sarah Shahi |Quality: HD

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A billionaire software-genius named Harold Finch creates a Machine for the government that is designed to detect acts of terror before they have the right to occur, by monitoring the entire world through eincredibly cell-phone, email & surveillance electronic camera. Finch discovered that the machine sees every little thing, potential terrorist acts & violent crimes that involve ordinary civilization. When the government considered violent crimes in between continual human being irrelevant, Finch developed a ago door into the device that gives him the social defense variety of a person affiliated in a future violent crime so he could act. Partnered with John Reese, an ex-CIA agent, the two job-related in trick to proccasion violent crimes before they can take place. At some point their activities cause being pursued by the New York Police Department, CIA Agents in quest of Reese that was provided as dead, a computer system hacker named Root who wants accessibility to the Machine, & federal government officials who desire to save all expertise of the Machine a complete key.

Seakid 5Episode 13 Rerevolve 0Episode 12 .exeEpisode 11 SynecdocheEpisode 10 The Day the World Went AwayEpisode 9 Sotto VoceEpisode 8 ReassortmentEpisode 7 QSOEpisode 6 A More Perfect UnionEpisode 5 ShotSeekerEpisode 4 671Episode 3 Truth Be ToldEpisode 2 SNAFUEpisode 1 B.S.O.D.Seaboy 4Episode 22 YHWHEpisode 21 AsylumEpisode 20 Terra IncognitaEpisode 19 Search and also DestroyEpisode 18 SkipEpisode 17 KarmaEpisode 16 BluntEpisode 15 Q&AEpisode 14 GuiltyEpisode 13 M.I.A.Episode 12 ControlAltDeleteEpisode 11 IfThenElseEpisode 10 The Cold WarEpisode 9 The Devil You KnowEpisode 8 Point of OriginEpisode 7 Honor Amongst ThievesEpisode 6 PretendersEpisode 5 ProphetsEpisode 4 BrotherhoodEpisode 3 WingmanEpisode 2 NautilusEpisode 1 PanopticonSeakid 3Episode 23 Deus Ex MachinaEpisode 22 A Housage DividedEpisode 21 BetaEpisode 20 Death BenefitEpisode 19 Many Likely To...Episode 18 AllegianceEpisode 17 /Episode 16 RAMEpisode 15 Last CallEpisode 14 ProvenanceEpisode 13 4CEpisode 12 Aletheia (2)Episode 11 Lethe (1)Episode 10 The Devil"s ShareEpisode 9 The CrossingEpisode 8 EndgameEpisode 7 The Perfect MarkEpisode 6 Mors PraematuraEpisode 5 RazgovorEpisode 4 Reasonable DoubtEpisode 3 Lady KillerEpisode 2 Nothing to HideEpisode 1 LibertySeaboy 2Episode 22 God ModeEpisode 21 Zero DayEpisode 20 In ExtremisEpisode 19 Trojan HorseEpisode 18 All InEpisode 17 ProteusEpisode 16 RelevanceEpisode 15 Booked SolidEpisode 14 One PercentEpisode 13 Dead ReckoningEpisode 12 Prisoner"s DilemmaEpisode 11 πREpisode 10 Shadow BoxEpisode 9 C.O.D.Episode 8 Til DeathEpisode 7 CriticalEpisode 6 The High RoadEpisode 5 Bury the LedeEpisode 4 TriggermanEpisode 3 MasqueradeEpisode 2 Bad CodeEpisode 1 The ContingencySeason 1Episode 23 FirewallEpisode 22 No Good DeedEpisode 21 Many Happy ReturnsEpisode 20 Matsya NyayaEpisode 19 Flesh and BloodEpisode 18 Identity CrisisEpisode 17 Baby BlueEpisode 16 RiskEpisode 15 Blue CodeEpisode 14 Wolf and CubEpisode 13 Root CauseEpisode 12 LegacyEpisode 11 SuperEpisode 10 Number CrunchEpisode 9 Get CarterEpisode 8 FoeEpisode 7 WitnessEpisode 6 The FixEpisode 5 JudgementEpisode 4 Cura Te IpsumEpisode 3 Mission CreepEpisode 2 GhostsEpisode 1 Pilot
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