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Persona 5 is full of polish, alattract, cinjury — and also more than 100 hrs of gameplay. This overview and walkthrough will certainly display you everything you must recognize.

Persona 5 has actually a handful of features that provides this role-playing game distinctive. One of Persona 5’s many fun aspects is the fighting mechanism. While it has conventional functions prefer attacking with weapons, using items and casting spells, there’s a small even more to it than just attacking adversaries. This overview will help you make the the majority of of one its many distinct systems, the Hold Up.

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As we questioned in our Persona 5 guide: 10 tips for your first 20 hours write-up, adversaries have actually elemental weaknesses. Learning how to strike those will bring about enormous success in battle. Beyond putting a large hurt on adversaries, hitting demons through their elemental weakness have an included benefit: It knocks them dvery own and makes them immobile for a couple of turns. If you manage to do this to all of the opponents (or you end up killing adversaries, and also the last one is left knocked down), then you’ll initiate a Hold Up. From tbelow, you’ll have actually a few options.


When you initiate a Hold Up, your entire party surrounds your knocked down adversaries via guns attracted. From tright here, you are provided a collection of options: You have the right to percreate an All-Out Attack, Talk to the demons or cancel the Hold Up and attack the opponent aacquire as normal.

An All-Out Attack is a team assault that deals a substantial amount of damage to the foe, enough to instantly finish most fights. If you acquire an prompt kill versus your enemies, whoever before initiated the All-Out Attack will certainly obtain a fancy splash screen specific to that character.

If you select Talk, you get a collection of brand-new options. When you talk to the downed demons, you then obtain to either ask the demon to lfinish you their power, ask for money or ask for an item. Asking for money and items is straightforward. Of course, not all demons have actually money or items to give, so be forewarned.

Asking a demon to lend you their power well then cause a demon negotiation to happen. These negotiations, if done successfully, will permit you to add a new Persona to your arsenal. We have a full page dedicated to Persona 5’s demon negotiations, yet let’s recap what you need to execute to be effective.


The crucial to perdeveloping a effective demon negotiation calls for knowledge two things: demon personalities and what answers each personality likes.

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Demons can be one of four personalities: Upbeat, Timid, Irritable or Gloomy. Throughout your negotiation, demons will certainly ask you concerns. If you usage the ideal answers, they will certainly lend you their power. To make points simpler on you, use the overview below or examine out our complete Persona 5’s demon negotiations overview for advice.

Persona 5 Negotiation Guide

Personality Like Disprefer Personality Like Disprefer
Upbeat Funny Serious, Vague
Timid Kind Vague, Funny
Irritable Serious Vague, Kind
Gloomy Vague Serious, Funny