The argumentative essay is one of the a lot of typically assigned kinds of esstates in both high college and college writing-based courses. Instructors often ask students to compose argumentative essays over topics that have “real-human being relevance.” The question, “Should college athletes be paid?” is among these real-people appropriate topics that deserve to make a great essay subject!

In this write-up, we’ll give you all the devices you should write a solid essay saying why college athletes need to be phelp and why college athletes have to not be phelp. We"ll provide:

An explacountry of the NCAA and also what function it plays in the stays of student athletesA summary of the pro side of the argument that"s in favor of college athletes being paidA summary of the con side of the dispute that believes college athletes shouldn"t be paidFive tips that will assist you create an argumentative essay that answers the question "Should college athletes be paid?"


The NCAA is the organization that oversees and also regulates collegiate athletics.

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What Is the NCAA?

In order to understand also the conmessage neighboring the question, “Should student athletes be paid?”, you have to understand what the NCAA is and also exactly how it relates to student-athletes.

NCAA represents the National Collegiate Athletic Association (but human being commonly just call it the “N-C-double-A”). The NCAA is a nonprofit company that serves as the nationwide governing body for collegiate athletics.

The NCAA especially regulates collegiate student athletes at the organization’s 1,098 “member schools.” Student-athletes at these member colleges are compelled to follow the rules set by the NCAA for their academic performance and also development while in college and playing sports. In addition, the NCAA sets the rules for each of their recognized sporting activities to encertain everyone is playing by the exact same rules. (They additionally readjust these rules sometimes, which deserve to be pretty controversial!)

The NCAA webwebsite says that the company is “dedicated to the well-being and lifelengthy success of college athletes” and also prioritizes their wellness in academics, on the area, and in life beyond college sports. That means the NCAA sets some pretty strict guidelines around what their athletes can and can not perform. And of course, appropriate currently, college athletes can not be passist for playing their sport.

As it stands, NCAA athletes are allowed to receive scholarships that cover their college tuition and also connected college costs. But historically, they haven"t been allowed to get extra compensation. That supposed athletes couldn"t receive direct payment for their participation in sports in any kind of create, including endorsement deals, product sponsorships, or gifts.

Athletes who violated the NCAA’s rules about compensation can be suspfinished from participating in college sporting activities or kicked out of their athletic program altogether.


The Problem: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

You recognize currently that one of the the majority of well-known attributes of the NCAA is regulating and also limiting the compensation that student-athletes are able to get. While many world can not question this plan, the question of why college athletes have to be passist or shouldn"t be phelp has actually been a hot-button topic for several years.

The fact that human being store asking the question, “Should student athletes be paid?” shows that there’s some warm out there neighboring this topic. The concern is commonly discussed on sports talk shows, in the news media, and on social media. Most newly, the topic re-emerged in public discourse in the UNITED STATE because of law that was passed by the state of California in 2019.

In September 2019, California governor Gavin Newsome signed a law that allowed college athletes in The golden state to strike endorsement deals. An endorsement deal enables athletes to be paid for endorsing a product, prefer wearing a particular brand also of shoes or showing up in an advertisement for a product.

In various other words, endorsement deals allow athletes to get compensation from service providers and also organizations bereason of their athletic talent. That implies Governor Newsome’s bill explicitly contradicts the NCAA’s rules and also regulations for financial compensation for student-athletes at member schools.

But why would certainly Governor Newsome go versus the NCAA? Here’s why: the The golden state governor believes that it"s unmoral for the NCAA to make money based on the unpaid labor of its athletes. And the NCAA definitely renders money: each year, the NCAA upwards of a billion dollars in revenue as an outcome of its student-athlete talent, however the organization bans those same athletes from earning any kind of money for their talent themselves. With the new The golden state regulation, athletes would be able to book sponsorships and also use agents to earn money, if they pick to carry out so.

The NCAA’s initial response to California’s brand-new legislation wregarding push earlier tough. But after even more says introduced similar law, the NCAA adjusted its tune. In October 2019, the NCAA pledged to pass new regulations as soon as the board voted unanimously to permit student athletes to obtain compensation for use of their name, picture, and also likeness.

Simply put: student athletes have the right to currently gain passist through endorsement deals.

In the middle of new state regulation and the NCAA’s response, the recurring debate about paying college athletes has actually returned to the spotlight. Everyone from political leaders, to sports analysts, to college students are arguing about it. Tbelow are strong opinions on both sides of the issue, so we’ll look at how some of those opinions have the right to serve as essential points in an argumentative essay.


Let"s take a look at the arguments in favor of paying student athletes!

The Pros: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

Because the dispute about whether college athletes need to be phelp has actually acquired a lot of public attention, there are some lines of reasoning that are frequently called upon to assistance the claim that college athletes have to be passist.

In this section, we"ll look at the three greatest debates in favor of why college athletes need to be paid. We"ll additionally give you some principles on just how you deserve to assistance these arguments in an argumentative essay.

Argument 1: The Talent Should Receive Several of the Profits

This discussion on why college athletes need to be passist is probably the one human being cite the a lot of. It’s additionally the easiest one to support via facts and proof.

Basically, this discussion says that the NCAA provides millions of dollars bereason world pay to watch college athletes complete, and it isn’t fair that the athletes do not gain a share of the profits

Without the student athletes, the NCAA wouldn’t earn over a billion dollars in annual revenue, and also college and university athletic programs wouldn’t obtain numerous countless dollars from the NCAA each year. In truth, without student athletes, the NCAA wouldn’t exist at all.

Because student athletes are the ones who geneprice all this revenue, human being in favor of paying college athletes argue they deserve to obtain some of it earlier. Otherwise, the NCAA and also various other establishments (choose media companies, colleges, and universities) are exploiting a bunch of talented young people for their very own financial gain.

To support this argument in favor of paying college athletes, you must include particular information and revenue numbers that display just how a lot money the NCAA makes (and also what portion of that actually goes to student athletes). For instance, they might allude out the fact that the schools that make the the majority of money in college sports only spfinish about 10% of their tens of millions in athletics revenue on scholarships for student-athletes. Evaluating the spending practices of the NCAA and also its member institutions might serve as strong proof to support this dispute in a “why college athletes need to be paid” essay.


I"ve you"ve ever before been a college athlete, then you understand how difficult you need to train in order to contend. It deserve to feel favor a part-time project...which is why some people think athletes must be phelp for their work!

Argument 2: College Athletes Don’t Have Time to Work Other Jobs

People periodically casually describe being a student-athlete as a “permanent project.” For many kind of student athletes, this is literally true. The demands on a student-athlete’s time are intense. Their days are frequently booked dvery own to the minute, from at an early stage in the morning till late at night.

One point tbelow frequently isn’t time for in a student-athlete’s schedule? Working an actual job.

Sports programs have the right to imply that student-athletes need to treat their sport favor a permanent project also. This can be problematic for many kind of student-athletes, who may not have actually any kind of financial resources to cover their education and learning. (Not all NCAA athletes obtain complete, or also partial, scholarships!) While it may not be expressly forbidden for student-athletes to get a part-time task, the pressure to go all-in for your team while still maintaining your eligibility deserve to be remarkable.

In addition to being a financial burden, the incapacity to work a genuine job as a student-athlete deserve to have actually aftermath for their experienced future. Other college students get internships or various other career-certain endure throughout college—avenues that student-athletes rarely have time for. When they graduate, advocates of this stance argue, student-athletes are under-skilled and also might face difficulties through founding a career external of the sporting activities human being.

Since of these factors, some argue that if civilization are going to describe being a student-athlete as a “full time project,” then student-athletes should be paid for doing that project.

To support an argument of this nature, you have the right to offer real-life examples of a student-athlete’s daily or weekly schedule to present that student-athletes need to treat their sport as a full-time project. For instance, this Twitter thread contains a selection of responses from real student-athletes to an NCAA video depicting a rose-colored interpretation of a day in the life of a student-athlete.

Presenting the Twitter thcheck out as one form of evidence in an essay would administer effective support for the claim that college athletes have to be paid as if their sport is a “full-time task.” You could likewise take this stance in order to insurance claim that if student-athletes aren’t acquiring passist, we must change our needs on their time and habits.

Argument 3: Only Some Student Athletes Should Be Paid

This take on the question, “Should student athletes be paid?” sits in the middle ground between the even more excessive stances on the concern. There are those who argue that only the student athletes who are huge money-equipments for their university and also the NCAA should be paid.

The thinking behind this argument? That’s simply just how capitalism works. Tright here are constantly going to be student-athletes who are even more talented and who have even more media-magnetizing individualities. They’re the ones who are going to be the confront of athletic programs, who lead their groups to playoffs and conference victories, and that are approached for endorsement avenues.

In addition, some sports don"t make money for their institutions. Many type of of these sporting activities loss under Title IX, which states that no one deserve to be excluded from participation in a federally-funded regime (including sports) because of their sex or sex. Unfortunately, many type of of these programs aren"t renowned through the public, which suggests they do not make the same revenue as high-dollar sporting activities like football or basketball.

In this line of thinking, because there isn’t realistically sufficient revenue to pay eincredibly single college athlete in eextremely single sport, the ones that geneprice the many revenue are the just ones who must gain a piece of the pie.

To prove this allude, you can look at revenue numbers too. For circumstances, the womens" basketball team at the University of Louisville lost $3.8 million dollars in revenue throughout the 2017-2018 seaboy. In fact, the team produced much less money than they pay for their coaching staff. In instances choose these, you can argue that it makes much less feeling to pay athletes than it could in various other instances (choose for College of Alabama footround, which rakes in over $110 million dollars a year.)


Tright here are many human being that think it"s a negative idea to pay college athletes, also. Let"s take a look at the opposing debates.

The Cons: Why College Athletes Shouldn"t Be Paid

People also have some pretty solid opinions about why college athletes shouldn"t be paid. These debates can make for a pretty compelling essay, too!

In this area, we"ll look at the three biggest disagreements versus paying college athletes. We"ll additionally talk around just how you have the right to support each of these claims in an essay.

Argument 1: College Athletes Already Get Paid

On this side of the fence, the the majority of common reason given for why college athletes need to not be phelp is that they already get paid: they get complimentary tuition and also, in some cases, extra resources to cover their room, board, and various educational costs.

Proponents of this argument state that free tuition and also spanned educational costs is compensation sufficient for student-athletes. While this money might not go straight right into a college athlete"s pocket, it"s still a valuable resource. Considering a lot of students graduate through practically $30,000 in student loan debt, an athletic scholarship have the right to have actually a vast influence when it concerns making college affordable.

Evidence for this argument can look at the financial support that student-athletes get for their education, and also compare those numbers to the financial support that non-athlete students get for their schooling. You deserve to likewise point out data that shows the genuine value of a college tuition at specific schools. For example, student athletes on scholarship at Fight It Out might be "earning" over $200,000 over the course of their collegiate careers.

This discussion functions to highlight the means in which student-athletes are compensated in financial and also in non-financial means during college, fundamentally arguing that the special treatment they often obtain during college combined with their tuition-totally free ride is all the compensation they have actually earned.


Some world who are against paying athletes think that compensating athletes will certainly result in amateur athletes being treated like professionals. Many kind of believe this is unfair and also will certainly bring about more exploitation, not less.

Argument 2: Paying College Athletes Would Side-Step the Real Problem

Anvarious other debate versus paying student athletes is that college sporting activities are not professional sports, and treating student athletes choose professionals exploits them and takes amethod the spirit of amateurism from college sports.

This stance might sound idealistic, yet those who take this line of thinking generally execute so with the goal of protecting both student-athletes and the tradition of “amateurism” in college sporting activities. This discussion is constructed on the concept that the current device of college sports is problematic and also demands to readjust, however that paying student-athletes is not the appropriate solution.

Instead, this dispute would insurance claim that tbelow is an even better means to fix the corrupt mechanism of NCAA sporting activities than just offering student-athletes a paycheck. To support such an debate, you could revolve to the exact same evidence that’s cited in this NPR interview: the European version of supporting a true minor league mechanism for many sporting activities is effective, so the UNITED STATE need to implement a comparable model.

In short: developing a minor league deserve to ensure athletes that want a career in their sport get paid, while not putting the burden of paying all collegiate athletes on a university.

Creating and also supporting a true experienced minor league would permit the students that desire to make money playing sports to carry out so. Universities might then confidently put earned revenue from sporting activities ago into the university, and also student-athletes wouldn’t check out their college sports as the best and just course to a career as a expert athlete. Those interested in playing professionally would have the ability to pursue this dream through the minor leagues instead, and student athletes could just be student athletes.

The goal of this dispute is to type of attain a “finest of both worlds” solution: via the breakthrough and assistance of a true minor league device, student-athletes would be able to focus on the forea lot of goal of obtaining an education and learning, and also those that desire to obtain passist for their sport have the right to do so through the minor league. Thunstable this version, student-athletes’ search of their education and learning is protected, and college sports aren’t bogged dvery own in honest concerns and logistical hang-ups.

Argument 3: It Would Be a Logistical Nightmare

This debate versus paying student athletes takes a stance on the basis of logistics. Basically, this dispute claims that while the present device is flawed, paying student athletes is just going to make the mechanism worse. So until someone deserve to prove that paying collegiate athletes will certainly fix the device, it"s much better to keep the condition quo.

Formulating an argument about this perspective basically entails presenting the various proposals for how to go around paying college athletes, then poking holes in each proposed strategy. Such an debate would certainly most likely culminate in stating that the challenges to implementing pay for college athletes are reason enough to abandon the principle altogether.

Here"s what we suppose. One popular proposed strategy to paying college athletes is the concept of “pay-for-play.” In this scenario, all college athletes would receive the very same weekly stipfinish to play their sport.

In this type of argument, you might explain the pay-for-play solution, then pose some questions toward the approach that expose its weaknesses, such as: Where would the money to pay athletes come from? How might you pay athletes that play specific sporting activities, but not others? How would you avoid Title IX violations? Since there are no straightforward answers to these questions, you can argue that paying college athletes would certainly just develop even more problems for the human being of college sporting activities to address.

Posing these challenging questions may sway a reader that attempting to pay college athletes would cause as well many kind of issues and lead them to agree with the stance that college athletes have to not be passist.


5 Tips for Writing About Paying College Athletes

If you’re assigned the prompt “Should college athletes be phelp," don"t panic. Tright here are several steps you can require to create an remarkable argumentative essay about the topic! We"ve damaged our advice right into five advantageous tips that you deserve to use to sway your readers (and also ace your assignment).

Tip 1: Plan Out a Logical Structure for Your Essay

In order to write a logical, well-arranged argumentative essay, among the initially points you must do is arrangement out a framework for your argument.

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Using a bare-bones argumentative outline for a “why college athletes must be paid” essay is an excellent place to start.