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When someone pretends to be a legitimate agency and also sends out an e-mail requesting confidential data, such as crmodify card numbers, this is known as ________.

. hawking

. spoofing

. phishing

. sniffing

A subversive technique for intercepting computer interactions is ________.

. sniffing

. spoofing

. phishing

. pretexting

________ is a term for when someone reasons deception by pretending to be someone else.

. Hacking

. Pretexting

. Sniffing

. Phishing

________ intercept wiremuch less traffic at will in areas wbelow individuals are on gadgets via wiremuch less internet relationships on unprotected netfunctions.

. Drive-by spoofers

. Drive-by pretexters

. Drive-by phishers

. Drive-by sniffers

When a person gains unauthorized accessibility to a computer system device, he or she is said to be ________.

. hacking

. phishing

. sniffing

. spoofing

________ current the biggest risk for framework loss.

. Thefts

. Terror assaults

. Human being mistakes

. Natural calamities

Which of the following exemplifies a technological safeguard?

. authentication

. key escrow

. helpdesk policies

. password management

Which of the adhering to is an example of a huguy safeguard?

. password management

. digital signatures

. botnets

. authentication

Which of the complying with is NOT an example of a file safeguard?

. storage in an encrypted form


. vital escrow

. physical security

A protection policy concerning the use of computers at work for individual company would be an instance of a ________.

. system-specific policy

. information policy

. issue-particular policy

. human-resources policy

A security plan determining which customer information from the order entry mechanism will be common through various other companies is an example of a ________ policy.

. system-specific

. data

. issue-specific

. human-resources

The term ________ describes hazards and also consequences that we understand around.

. understanding

. hedge

. risk

. indemnity

________ is the first step in threat administration.

. Evaluating the results of the hazard management process

. Reducing the likelihood of a threat

. Assessing the threats

. Creating perfect hedges to reduce the risks

________ describes the probcapacity that a given ascollection will be jeopardized by a provided hazard, despite the safeguards.

. Likelihood

. Uncertainty

. Consequence

. Vulnercapability

Which of the adhering to is NOT a factor for public suppliers to develop and follow a disaster recoexceptionally plan?

. requirement to execute so

. good administration practice

. minimization of organizational interruption

. avoidance of data theft

Due to the fact that no safeguard is ironclad, there is always a ________ danger that the safeguard will not safeguard the assets in all scenarios.

. residual

. diversifiable

. portfolio

. procedure

________ describes the recording and evaluation of keystrokes.

. Theft

. Eavesdropping

. Hacking

. Sniffing

A important security feature that requires the involvement of senior-management is ________.

. safeguarding computer system hardware and also software

. planning responses to protection occurrences

. establishing the security policy

. managing the security program on a real-time basis

Which of the following is NOT a form of data which should be backed up by IT staff?

. account data

. data on employees" computers

. webwebsite resources

. databases

Which of the complying with mindsets about backing up user computer systems will certainly many often prevent data loss occurrences?

. Backups need to be perdeveloped ideal prior to traveling in situation a lappeak is stolen or damaged.

. File have to be backed up at the exact same time each week.

. Backups are many important once you are not planning to use the computer for a couple of days.

. Users need to follow a setup so that in the event of loss or system faientice, all instrumental data are obtainable and also uncompromised.

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. Users must follow a arrangement so that in the event of loss or device failure, all crucial data are accessible and unjeopardized.

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