The Mandalorian Seachild 2 has actually been motivating the majority of conversation among fans, largely bereason of several noteworthy guest stars who joined the show"s sophoeven more run. The first season of the hit Disney+ series was filled via mystery and also nostalgia, yet Seaboy 2 took it up a notch by featuring fan-favorite characters from previous Star Wars jobs such as Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, Cobb Vanth, and also many recently, Ahsoka Tano.

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“Chapter 13: The Jedi” featured the live-activity deyet of Ahsoka Tano, and fans were excited around the character"s arrival in The Mandalorian Seachild 2. Throughout the episode, the character"s appearance assisted fans understand also the mysterious origins of Baby Yoda, lastly revealing the creature"s actual name and also his backstory.

Now, a new batch of stills has actually been released, serving as a reminder of the successful live-action dehowever of the fan-favorite Togruta from The Clone Wars .


Vanity Fair officially released a brand-new batch of stills from The Mandalorian Seakid 2 which showcase Rosario Dawchild as Ahsoka Tano.

The initially picture shows Ahsoka sitting calmly in the campfire while looking over at Grogu a.k.a. Baby Yoda.

From Vanity Fair

The next image reflects off Ahsoka in activity with the former Jedi"s white lightsabers.

From Vanity Fair

Lastly, Ahsoka bids her goodbyes towards Mando and also Grogu, possibly heading off to more adendeavors in order to gain back tranquility to the galaxy.

From Vanity Fair

As it is, the brand-new images perfectly capture Rosario Dawson"s take on Ahsoka Tano. More so, the stills carry out a sneak peek of the action-packed episode of The Mandalorian Seakid 2. Based on the character"s design, it features an accurate depiction of Ahsoka compared to her animated equivalent.

Interestingly, fans easily noticed that the live-action Ahsoka has actually a a lot shorter lekku, with some of them also suggesting that the former Jedi had actually a hairreduced over the years. However, the idea designer of The Mandalorian addressed the problem by revealing that the readjust was made to accommoday stunts and movements. While this is a minor change, it still doesn"t take away the fact that the character"s live-action debut was impressive.

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Ahsoka"s inclusion in The Mandalorian essentially expands the show"s narrative in exciting means, and also this might perhaps provide a springboard for even more established characters to arrive in the hit Star Wars show. For currently, these imperiods will include even more hype to Ahsoka"s live-action arrival prior to the character"s a lot bigger role in Star Wars" Disney+ cosmos down the line.

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