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Victoria"s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy by Victoria"s Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for womales. Victoria"s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy was launched in 2012. Top note is Raspberry; middle note is Peony; base note is Vanilla.

Victoria `s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy has notes of raspberry, peony and vanilla. Available as 250 ml perfumed body mist.

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such a lovely scent, one of my favourites from VS. a perfect mixture of vanilla and fldental, to me it truly smells choose the name :D will certainly definitely keep repurchasing.
I haven’t smelled the original, all I understand of Warm and also Cozy is the round, pink, polka dotted bottle through notes of vanilla, coconut and also passion fruit. That being sassist, it smells really good. I don’t find it “cozy” for cooler weathers or nighttime, this is a good spring, summer and daytime scent. It is light to wright here it wont give you a headache if you wear it in warmer weathers. On my skin and in the bottle, I don’t obtain the coconut (give thanks to goodness, I don’t prefer coconut all also much), it is exceptionally fruity and the vanilla helps sweeten the fruitiness. Lasts like your average body mist.
Back in high college this was my daily fragrance! SO SWEET AND COZY! Lasting power was meh.. however to be fair it"s simply a cheap body mist. Out of all the Pink body mists, this was the finest. But wouldn"t repurchase considering that its pretty immature smelling. So a lot nostalgia though! If you want right up warm sugar hugs, go for it! (If you"re 16 or younger...)
The notes on the newest bottles of this are soft vanilla, toasted coconut, and passion fruit. I really choose this I bought the collection with the lotion, body mist, and shower gel and it absolutely helps the longevity. It smells a lot less syrupy than the older formulation as soon as they adjusted from the square bottles to the round polka dot ones. Sadly I’ve never had the chance to attempt the square bottle version however I bet I would certainly love it because I really favor raspberry. This smells kind of powdery and the passion fruit gives it a peach bubble-gummy type smell. I wore this today and also my boyfrifinish shelp “You smell so excellent I wanna cuddle!” So it absolutely is a crowd pleasing scent.
So this fragrance supplied to be veryyyy cozy. Now it’s even more like a mix of a refreshing yet a small cozy vanilla and also coconut scent. It used to likewise last longer but i would certainly still purchase this and also hope they readjust the formula to exactly how it initially was. Perfect for any type of weather i would say. I have the right to imagine wearing it via a hoodie, simply chilling on a couch and also watching netflix. Definitely recommfinish it! 8/10.
They have actually destroyed this. It supplied to be quite a solid body spray worth owning. It is basically water now. It did supplied to smell warmth, cozy and also comforting but this last bottle I can badepend smell it. Anvarious other one I"ve used for years but won"t be rebuying anyeven more.
Nothing warmth or cozy about this. I would also dare to call this fresh. Freesia and also the tiniest little bit of vanilla however greatly freesia. Note: this version is prehistoric. The actual notes are vanilla, coconut and freesia
A sweet raspberry vanilla scent.Smells exceptionally a lot choose vanilla & raspberry shortbread/Linzer cookies or raspberry-filled pastries.It is a really basic, sweet, and casual scent that have the right to conveniently be worn any time of the day. Soft and also fruity enough for warmth weather however cozy for cool weather also.To me, heat weather warms up the raspberry notes and when it becomes cooler external the vanilla w/ berry comes out more.Warm & cozy suits it incredibly well as it is a perfect little scent you deserve to throw on while lounging on the couch and watching movies at residence.I frequently usage it on days when I"m just doing points roughly the home.I feel it is on the younger side yet doesn"t smell cheap and also child-prefer.I"m a believer before that no scent is also young for any type of woman as long as she enjoys it, that"s all that matters ☺.Personally, I very own as well many type of sweet scents that I choose over this one so I wouldn"t repurchase. I was going to offer this to my 13yr old daughter but she doesn"t treatment for it.
Smells like cookies or somepoint sweet through raspberry. However before, I do not think it resembles Ari or SLC, I love both of them so a lot and also wear them all the time. W&C is a little too solid for me, yet it isn"t bad; I choose it much better than Pure Seduction.
I love this body mist. It is NOT to soft or to hefty, and what I love is that you have the right to layer just how much you want to smell or you can also layer it with a perfume! For me this is body mist/perfume remains for about 2 - 5 hrs on me or if I usage a body lotion all roughly my body it certainly remains longer. This is simply exceptional for school or just a constant day. Litterly my go to Victoria"s trick mist. Have repurchase it a few times and also I am constantly happy via it!
First spray is sharp raspberry via a freduced hit, after a while it settles to vanilla-flowery scent. First 2 hrs appears to have a great sillage about an arm lengthy after that I think it is just close to my skin.Still excellent scent for a body mist.
I love this scent and have been wearing it for 10 plus yrs. I do think it was reformulated But slightly. I simply bought Trish mcevoy number 9 and also to me it smells the very same as the older vs warmth and also cozy ! Maybe I’m just crazy lol however wow I’m happy to have actually both and also pair them in addition to the lotion also.
I think this has been reformulated since it"s been salso years and also Victoria"s Secret/ Pink love to alternative and disproceed scents. If somepoint is a bestseller they will certainly reformulate it. That"s puzzling. It"s specifically what it states. A comfy vanilla for days at residence or cuddling.
I have actually loved this scent for years! The last one I obtained a year ago is various than the one I simply purchased. They still have actually the exact same DNA yet I prefer the older one. The raspberry of the old one was reinserted with passion fruit which cheapened it a little and made it a bit even more fruity and overly sweet. The older one also lasted much longer. Still worth buying in my opinion however a bummer they reformulated it.
Does anyone understand if this scent was reformulated? I’ve checked out one star reviews saying that as of 2018 ( newly designed bottle )the scent is not the very same. I’ve never smelled the old variation. Thanks.

This smells favor those shoetbreview cookies w the raspberry jelly in the middle

This is excellent for day-to-day, you deserve to bring the bottle around and simply touch up, so to say, eexceptionally currently and then. It does have actually more longevity than your average body splash yet not as much as an actual perfume. Great to spray clothes through for a soft sweet smell throughout the day. It really does give off a cozy vibe. From my experience, males really favor it and it is even more dischosen by woguy.
I feel choose VS splashes obtain a negative rap. Not entirely undeoffered, though … I think most their mists are violently sweet. However before, VS PINK splashes tfinish to be really pleasant and also well-blfinished, and also this one is no different. It’s a yummy combo of creamy toasted (coconut?) vanilla via a realistic tart note from the raspberry.
fragaholic79 pointed out white chocolate -- yes! Spot on! The raspberry itself isn’t evident, so I wouldn’t contact this a “berry” scent; it simply offers a touch of fruity sweetness and the perfect amount of sourness. I’m guessing the peony is providing the little of soft powderiness I smell. Otherwise, peony is practically undetectable. (I’m really glad around that, BTW. I think a hit of fldental would certainly be totally unessential and would certainly damage the vibe of the perfume.) Sillage is modeprice, perfect for a “cozy” scent. Longevity is about what you would certainly intend from a body mist … a couple of hrs, max.Warm & Cozy has been a staple in my perfume arsenal for a lengthy time, and I presently have a mini mist that lives in my purse. It’s a creamy, smooth, warm, and also cozy scent.
I have bought and loved this for years along with the lotion. Its a beautiful, sweet comforting scent. It constantly had actually good longevity and sillage but this last collection I bought is def various. It smelled so much lighter & when I asked my husband also he sassist he couldnt even smell it. That is a huge change from just how it percreated before. I hope I just obtained a poor one. I would certainly hate to have to speak buying this as I really enjoy wearing it.
Very light and sweet, like a scoop of ice cream! I"m loving wearing this for summer bereason while I love sickly warmth vanilla, the fruitiness of this one keeps it lighter and better for summer! Highly recommend to keep in a backpack or purse as a touch up, and I love the pink polka dot packaging. I think the brand-new bottle is actually more appealing and that"s what initially attracted me to it. Great accompaniment to my favorite genuine perfumes.
My guilty pleasure lounge scent. Like its namesake, it"s sweet and cozy. It"s not vanilla cupcakes and berry frosting. It"s raspberry mousse through white cocoa shavings. The peony keeps it light.I certainly smell berry, but it"s not acidic or fresh. Vanilla runs the present.
At first as soon as I first tried out Warm & Cozy, I detected a tart, fruity scent. The raspberry really is strong on the first spritz yet then it mellows down to a soft, yummy scent that goes well for the whole day.
I am not a huge fan of VS scents yet have to admit this one is pretty great, silage is OK for a body spray and price is extremely affordable. To me it smells favor vanilla and raspberry.
Bought it after analysis some comments online which persuaded me. Nevertheless, I do not really like that fragrance, it"s vanilla via a hint of somepoint sickly balmy. A no no for me.
This Warm and Cozy perfume is extremely sweet and also fresh,,,,it reminds me of coconut, even though coconut isnt provided in the notes..just vanilla...i love the raspberry in"s a very simple yet pleasing body mist, inexpensive and also nice to have actually about if you want to refresh your perfume...likewise great for layering!
I"ve gotten really right into this one. I was on strike with the Pink scents cause they discontinued Soft&Dreamy; hands down the finest one from this line. was very vanilla sweet. However, it"s gone--and this is second finest. It was on sale-3 pink items for 25$. I gained the body lotion, and also 2 glitter body mists. I alert that the glitter spray is actually stronger than the body mist. paired with the lotion, the glitter spray lasts and lasts on me. everyone states just how great I smell. I"ll accept those compliments gladly after acquiring such a baracquire on this perfume! plus, you obtain the added bonus of adorning yourself through glitter! the totality scent is simply so soft and sweet, it"s delicious, but still fruity and also flowery-- of course, the bottles are cute! they all look excellent on my dresser! it"s a layered vanilla bomb, likewise sort of smells prefer tanning lotion. In the base, i also smell the peony and rasp, yet extremely subtley. VS perfumes constantly have actually peony lingering somewbelow in the heart, thats not much of a surpincrease, lol. Out of the PINK line still available in stores, Warm&Cozy still gets the prize for many vanillic and foody sweet. The second would certainly be Sunkissed. I should"ve gotten this years earlier. I"m not one for body mists bereason of the negative remaining power..yet I wanted to add this to my repertoire. You"ll acquire many compliments,. People love these straightforward VS fragrances. I feel great enough to eat wearing this, lol. It"s reminiscent of a vanilla raspberry yogurt-- I prefer it!
I simply got this in the mail today and also WOW this is entirely a vanilla flavored (scented) cotton candy in a bottle! Love it! I"m definitely taking this with me on my vacation this year and also I"m gonna spray the hell out of it haha.Edit: Just wanted to say that I"d choose this even even more if the raspberry note was toned down a lil little even more since I"m not a large fan of rasp. yet I still love this fragrance anymethod.
I just purchased this travel size body mist in the new packaging at the Semi-Annual Sale. Typically I stay much ameans from the PINK line of scents at VS considering they industry to teens and I am much older than that ;) I simply always thought the scents would smell too young.This scent I first smelled on one of my students (I currently teach high school) and also I couldn"t aid however tell her how remarkable she smelled. She smelled favor a mixture of coconut scented suntan lotion and also the Carol"s Daughter Babsence Vanilla Hair detangler which I love! I wish they made that into a perfume. This is incredibly strong. It wears favor an eau de toilette. I am so impressed by the sillage. This is the ultimate vanilla powerhome body mist from VS. I wouldn"t also bother with Vanilla Lace, just obtain this!
I feel prefer the pink fragrances are more sweet and sugary and also the vs body sprays are even more fresh. This one and also hot crush are the best sugary sweet fragrances ever before that i would wear. I generally hate sugary fragrances.I cannot explain how they smell precisely. They dont last too lengthy since they are body sprays

Smells like the flavored Flinstones vitamins I took as a kid! Smells soooo good!!!!

I bought 2 of these in a one ounce size in the time of the semi annual sale last year. I think they are EDT, bereason they are not body sprays. They still aren"t super solid, yet they are definitely stronger than the body mist. I have a few of these Pink scents in the EDT, and also I wish I"d gotten them all. They aren"t complicated, however they carry out smell nice. I simply spritzed this prior to bed, and it is lovely. I love smelling nice in bed too, and love drifting off to sleep smelling somepoint wonderful. I may end up wearing it during the day as well if I"m not in the mood for an extra complicated, statement kind perfume.
This is the ideal smelling fruity body mist I have smelled in forever! Thanks to another generous member I had the ability to try it and also I need to say I am really loving it.Warm and Cozy smells prefer raspberry vanilla ice cream. It"s not as well sweet, not medicinal or sharp- simply soft and also lovely berries and cream. I wish it lasted for 6 hrs instead of much less than one, yet it"s a body spray so I"m not complaining.This smells a lot nicer than the majority of of B&BW recent fruity releases. Recommended!

Love this. Very sweet!

Although I like this its kinda as well sweet also for me. I have actually the 8 oz mist for swaps, Post me for deatils.

It smells choose vitamins for children! Very nostalgic.

I am 100% head over heels in LOVE with this scent. This spray is the exceptionally reason I discovered my love of peony. And the creme brulee aroma? Mmm, to die for!However before, also in the EDT the lasting power tops out at about 15 minutes then I"m spritzing aget, nearly drowning myself in the stuff.I have the body spray, body lotion and also a tiny sample of the EDT but also combining them all doesn"t last even more than an hour on this beautiful, super sweet "cshed to the skin" scent.If anyone knows of a perfume or EDT that smells also remotely favor this gorgeous scent please fill me in so I have the right to hunt it dvery own. I would certainly love to smell like Warm & Cozy 24 hours a day! :)
I gained a tiny bottle of this after analysis the reviews. I smell greatly berries and also cream. It smells okay for the the majority of part, yet I will certainly not be repurchasing. The sillage is excellent, however the longevity is not.
Love this body mist, the peony makes it soft and pretty. I do not think I"d wear this without the fldental note. No raspberry, it doesn"t even state that there is raspberry on the bottle.
I recently posted that Pink Warm and Cozy reminded me of fruity lip balm. I chose to offer it one more go. This time I carry out smell the berries and also ultimately acquire a hint of the "warm and cozy" everyone has actually pointed out. Although I am still not obtaining the vanilla. I need to say that this scent is prospering on me. I"m not saying I love it however I will say that I will certainly wear it in the future. I am so glad I gave it a couple of tries before calling it quits on this one.
After reading many type of good reviews I purchased PINK heat and also cozy blind. I really hate to admit it but I am disappointed. I execute smell the berries faintly yet no vanilla. To be hoswarm, the scent reminds me of the smell of lip balm through a faint fruity smell. I truly wanted to love it! Today was just my second day to wear it and I might offer it another day.
This in addition to BBW Amber Blush are my daily scents this winter..I"m always so cold and simply smelling this warms my spirit :D I simply relocated in via my boyfriend and I told him he much better gain provided to me smelling like this and also he was absolutely ok through that!
I have actually this for swap, both as a body mist and as a body mist through shimmer. Both 250ml. PM me if interested.But there is no raspberry in this scent, just peony and also vanilla.
Syrupy sweet, girly, and flirty, Warm & Cozy is an easy delight and one which absolutely resides approximately its name. It"s a nice blfinish of warmth vanilla and fruity berries with a candy-coated dry down. Not a show stopper, however it is certain to please the gentleguys in your life. Men have actually historically craved those girls who are young and also innocent and also this scent embodies both attributes. Spray it and watch the boys flock choose bees to honey ^_^
Described as a blfinish of toasted vanilla, pink peony and raspberry, vs warmth n cozy to me smells just favor raspberries swirled with lashings of white cacao. I love to wear it in bed in cold winters while snuggled in via a good book. A comforting warm vanilla berry scent. This fragrance really is, warm and cozy.
For some reason I have constantly loved this scent. It is indeed a wonderful cozy scent - the name suits the fragrance wondercompletely. I acquire largely the peony and vanilla in pretty equal quantities. This isn"t a fragrance that will certainly stun or seduce, but it sure makes me feel heat and snuggly as soon as the snow is falling and the air is cold :)By the way... I am not overly enthusiastic about super sweet scents and I don"t think this scent is all that sweet, actually. Just sufficient to be enjoyable! And I am in my mid twenties, I still wear this! Wouldn"t wear it out and also about, but it is excellent for my own enjoyment!
Bought this last year and also promptly forobtained it in the earlier of my "rejected perfume" cabinet. I was reading reviews for assorted VS scents on Makeupalley and remembered I had purchased this so I went to dig it out and spritzed each wrist. i was pleasantly suprised that it was not as horrible as I remembered. I perform gain overbearing berries for a couple of moments in the opening but then a lovely mild vanilla shows up and also takes over, it is exceptionally pleasant and yes...cozy. Unfortunatly being a body spray it doesn"t last very lengthy at all, 2 hours max. It would be a really pleasant before bed scent. I doubt it would certainly be offensive to anyone in a occupational setting either, as long as it was not overspritzed.

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Sillage: 2/5 remains very close to the skinLongevity: 2/5 lasts around 2 hours on me, yet my skin is notorious for eating perfume...In conclusion: nice warm non offensive soft body spray.