The coordinated attack on the Dutlots proceeds as everyone searches for answers on who is responsible, and also Rip delivers on a promise.

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The Yellowstone recovers and begins planning revenge, Rainwater receives an sell from a newcomer, and also Rip gets a surprise.

John looks for revenge through help from some unexpected allies, Kayce solves a problem via an untypical technique, Beth provides Carter his choices, and Jimmy prepares for a readjust.

Jamie receives some surpincreasing news, Beth considers an market, Jimmy settles in on the road, and tensions boil over in the bunkresidence.

John and Kayce are required to attend to some newcomers in tvery own, Lloyd is in the dogresidence through Rip and finds purpose in teaching Carter, and Jamie looks for indevelopment around his father.

Beth confronts her father"s houseguest, Kayce and his family search for a new home, Jamie seeks answers from Garrett, and also Lloyd loses his cool.
John is put in an awkward place by Governor Perry, Carter works to earn ago Beth"s trust, and also Jamie is in for a large surpclimb.
Tensions escalate through the protestors, however Beth has actually a plan, Jimmy and Emily obtain closer, and also Monica and Kayce share a distinct moment.
John and Beth squabble, cowboy School is over for Jimmy, that has actually an essential decision to make, Kayce begins a brand-new pursuit, and Jamie realizes Garrett’s past can influence his own future.
Luke Grimes, Gil Birmingham and also various other actors members talk about Kayce"s healing ceremony, Jamie"s partnership through his two father numbers, the consequence of Beth manipulating Summer and also even more.
Ian Bohen, Jefferkid White and also Denim Richards comment on Jimmy and also Emily"s blossoming romance, John"s disapproval of Beth"s immoral scheming and a brand-new 17th-century spin-off idea: "Piraterock."
Whether it"s journalists, land developers or departments within their very own inner circle, the Dutton household has actually proven time and time aget they never ago dvery own from a fight.
As the battle over land also rages on, the Dutlots are targeted prefer never before before, and everyone is paying the price for power on Yellowstone Seaboy 4, premiering on November 7.

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Expect more action, drama, humor, side hustles, steamy hookups and also keys from the previous on the debut seakid of 68 Whisessential.