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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves as she cuts her speech brief as a result of rain at a rally at C.B. Smith Park in Pemdamaged Pines, Fla., Nov. 5, 2016. (AP)

Hillary Clinton has been called the a lot of qualified person to be president of the USA by the present president, Barack Obama, the Libertarian vice presidential candiday, William Weld, among others.

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Clinton promises to make the “greatest investment” in jobs because World War II, propose immigration reform via a pathway for citizenship and establish a no-fly zone in Syria to “conserve lives and also hasten the finish of the dispute.”

Donald Trump, among others, calls her “the most corrupt candidate” to ever run for president.

She has been cleared, aacquire, by the FBI Director regarding her exclusive email server while secretary of state. Can Clinton dispel the doubts about her trustworthiness to come to be the first womale president of the United States?

The Case for a Clinton Presidency

Jonathan Allen – Roll Call

One of the excellent knocks versus Clinton is that she’s an insider. I view her experience as initially lady, senator and also secretary of State as an inuseful ascollection. Her knowledge of the levers of the federal federal government — and of Amerihave the right to national security and also international policy — is unexplained for a modern president….

As secretary of State, she operated effectively — and also frequently behind the scenes — to win assistance for management policies ranging from a brand-new arms-reduction treaty via Russia to trade deals and also sanctions.

In short, she has an inclusive technique to making plan that was obvious in her co-alternative of a wide range of Democratic-leaning institutional players in the primary and also her backing from a smaller sized however essential set of Republideserve to luminaries during the basic election.

Hillary Is a Cheater

Ken Blackwell – The Daily Caller


President Barack Obama waves to supporters at Florida International University in Miami, Nov. 3, 2016, throughout a project rally for Democratic presidential candiday Hillary Clinton. (AP)

Publimelted by WikiLeaks, hundreds of leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s project show that her team is perfectly capable of rigging the election.

We now have actually a firm grasp of Hilary’s unmoral ties to Wall Street, the mainstream media, international despots, and even the FBI agents associated in her criminal investigation. Now, she is utilizing that large, corrupt network to rig an election versus a candidate that received more main votes than any kind of Republican in history.

Hillary is good at rigging points and also her friends at the Department of Justice have manage of her FBI Investigation. If Hillary was anyone else in the government, she can not get a defense clearance and would certainly challenge serious prichild time. But WikiLeaks shows that the State Department and the White Housage operated carefully with Hillary’s project to define her illegally supplied home email server. Not only did Hillary assist raise money for an FBI agent’s wife that was running for office, her campaign chairmale was a cshed friend via one more top agent.

This Lifetime GOP Voter Is via Her

Max Boot – Foregime Policy

I uncovered her to be a charming conversationalist with a lot of interest in finding out around defense issues. I did not detect her peddling any kind of ideological agenda; she simply wanted to figure out the best course of activity. The Hillary I met doesn’t match the ogre of Republideserve to myth.

I am not alone in getting to that conclusion — many type of Republican senators were surprised to find how quickly Clinton wregarding get along with and also job-related with. She constantly does her homework so she is constantly all set for any case — whether it’s a Senate hearing or a presidential debate….

In the last evaluation, the strongest instance for Clinton is what she is not. She is not racist, sexist, or xenophobic. She is not cruel, erratic, or volatile. She is not a bully or an authoritarian personality. She is not ignorant or unhinged. Those might be inenough references against an extra formidable enemy. But as soon as she’s running versus Donald Trump it’s more than sufficient.


Jay Z, best, and Beywhen, left, stand also with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally in Cleveland, Nov. 4, 2016. (AP)

Hillary Clinton Would Be a Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad President

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry – The Week

There’s no polite means to say this: Hillary Clinton is corrupt. There’s no various other method to explain her speech-making and foundation fundraising from significant corporations and foreign federal governments. In goes the cash. Out go the favors….

The reason her email scandal is so damning isn’t that “she provided the wrong email” or even that she threatened national security indevelopment (although that’s disqualifying enough). It’s that the Clinloads just reaction to every dominance is: How can I obtain roughly this? Hillary Clinton is temperamentally suited to use eexceptionally tool at her disposal to obtain what she wants.

Wright here the Women Are

Mary Birnbaum – Lunch Ticket

I want Hillary Clinton to be president, however even more than that, I desire to understand also why….

Electing a womale is revolutionary in the sense of public upheaval, yet additionally in the subtler, personal ripples of discomfort it reasons. Trump will certainly have actually obtained close to the presidency not just because tbelow are disinfluenced human being in this country, but likewise bereason an extensive variety of Americans would rather have him than a female….

I want Hillary Clinton to be president bereason, in my mind,then I become undeniable. She stirs a critical insurrection by daring to be seen—it is a riot under the skin, and on the airwaves and bedrooms and also ballrooms and also round areas.

The Case Against Hillary Clinton

Lisa Schiffren – New York Daily News


A supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens as she speaks at a rally in front of the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus in Pittsburgh, Nov. 7, 2016. (AP)

Clinton’s character-revealing habits consists of incessant lying to the public; large individual greed bring about corruption in high office; abusage of power on behalf of herself and against private citizens and political rivals; disregard for the legislation, and also the incredibly principle of the Rule of Law; disdain for the “deplorable” fifty percent of her opponent’s supporters, and the confession…that she generally offers one place on plan and also national politics in personal and also an additional, frequently very different one, for public consumption….

Most politicians are not over small untruths, and also periodically larger ones. Clinton has been recognized as a bold and also regular liar, under oath and also to the media, since her first scolor in Washington. Everypoint from the nature of her marital relationship, to her wellness, to any random anecdote she could tell (landing under sniper fire in Bosnia!), to her public stand on any type of concern at any type of minute is or could be a lie.

Understanding ‘Clintipathy’: A Pathological Hatred of the Clintons

Gil Troy – Time

Twenty years of irrational Clinton-bashing has actually shrunk popular trust in Hillary Clinton yet in their Shakespearean relationship via the Amerideserve to world, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ethical blindspot has often justified some of the doubts….

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In spite of Trump’s calling her “the a lot of corrupt candidate ever before,” her transgressions don’t rank through the bribery and sweetheart-deal-making that was common in 19th-century political parties—or on New York building sites in the Seventies and also Eighties. Democrats that deem her blameless and Republicans that brand her a understand criminal both exaggeprice. Such absolutes confusage voters, that need to judge her lapses in context, proportionally, deciding just how pertinent such past habits are in determining what kind of president she—or her opponent—will be.