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Organized approximately 3 levels of analysis, Psychology: The Science of Human, Mind, and Brain repeatedly introduces topics at the "person" level helping you master the latest study via what you understand finest -- world.

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Daniel Cervone is Professor of Psychology at the College of Illinois at Chicback, where he has spent his entire career. He earned his B.A. at Oberlin College and also his PhD from Stanford University, where he was a student of Albert Bandura. He has hosted visiting faculty positions at the College of Washington and the College of Rome "La Sapienza," and has actually been a Other at the Center for Cutting edge Study in the Behavioral Sciences. In addition to introductory psychology, Dan teaches personality psychology, social cognition, and also research study approaches. He is graduate advisor to doctoral students in social/personality and also clinical psychology, and also serves as a Fellow in UIC’s undergraduate Honors College.  Dan is the writer of a graduate-level and undergraduate messages in personality, and also co-editor of four volumes in personality scientific research. He has publiburned numerous clinical articles, mainly in the examine of social-cognitive procedures and also personality. He has served as the Program Chairperchild of the yearly convention of the Association for Psychological Science on 3 occasions, and also is the U.S.-based Chairperboy of the inaugural International Convention of Psychological Science. Tracy L. Caldwell is Associate Professor of Psychology at Dominideserve to College, wright here she was recently appointed a Diversity Fellow. She earned her B.A. at The College of New Jersey and also her Ph.D. in personality and also social psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicback.Tracy captured the teaching bug in the time of graduate college, once as a teaching assistant for a big section of introductory psychology, she led a number of smaller discussion sections. In her write-up as visiting faculty at North Central College, she had actually the chance to teach smaller sized sections of introductory psychology and also to construct her pedagogical abilities.In addition to teaching introductory psychology, Tracy teaches personality psychology, social psychology, the psychology of gender, and research approaches and statistics. She has actually additionally taught seminars in social cognition and the psychology of romantic relationships. She is the faculty advisor for Dominideserve to University’s Psychology Club and also its chapter of Psi Chi, the Internationwide Honors Society in Psychology.Tracy has published posts on a range of topics including just how stereokinds are developed, how world with a repressive coping style process hazard, and also on exactly how to best assess humor layouts. She currently conducts research on the scholarship of teaching and also discovering, sex differences in the attractiveness of humor in romantic relationships, and also on the accommodation of learning formats.

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Table of Contents

Summary 1. Introducing Psychology2. Research MethodsBrain: Biological Foundations of Experience and Behavior3. The Brain and the Nervous System4. Nature, Nurture, and Their Interactivity 5. Sensation and Perception Mind: Psychological Equipment of Thought, Emovement, and Motivation6. Memory 7. Learning 8. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence9. Consciousness10. Eactivity, Stress, and Health11. Motivation Person:  The Individual in Social Conmessage 12. Social Psychology13. Personality 14. Growth 15. Psychological Disorders I: Anxiety and also Mood Disorders16. Psychological Disorders II: Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, and also Dissociative DisordersAppendix A: StatisticsAppendix B: Chapter Summaries and also Answers