Sicily is an island also of the country of Italy situated in the Mediterranean sea, whereas Rhode Island also is a state in the New England area of the United States of America. Today in this write-up, we will discuss the compariboy in between Sicily and Rhode Island about various facets.

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Is Sicily bigger than Rhode Island?The complete location of Sicily is 25,711 sq kilometres, and the complete area of Rhode Island also is 3,144 sq km. Sicily is smaller than Rhode Island also by 22,567 sq km. Sicily is approximately 8.2 times smaller sized than Rhode Island also.Area of Sicily: 9,927 sq mi ( 25,711 km2 )

Area of Rhode Island: 1,214 sq mi ( 3,144 km2 )


According to the Eurostat information, the full populace of Sicily as of 2019 was estimated to be around 5 Million.

According to the USA Census Bureau information, the full population of Rhode Island as of 2019 was approximated to be around 1.059 Million.
Here is some even more data compariboy between Sicily and also Rhode Island also.The resources city of Sicily is Palermo, and also the resources city of Rhode Island also is Providence.

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Official LanguagesSicily: ItalianRhode Island: EnglishHuman Development IndexHDI of Sicily as of 2018: 0.838HDI of Rhode Island as of 2018: 0.930
Geological CoordinatesCoordinates of Sicily:37° 30′ 0″ N, 14° 0′ 0″ ECoordinates of Rhode Island:41° 42′ 0″ N, 71° 30′ 0″ W
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