Get all set to view what Harry Potter would certainly look prefer without all the magic that renders Harry Potter the franchise we recognize and also love.

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In 2010 and also 2011, Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: Parts One and Two brought a much-loved magical film franchise to a close. These long-awaited films adjusted the final book in JK Rowling"s Harry Potter book series, to both the praise and also sadness of fans. Nobody wanted the movie series to end! The production and also release of the Deathly Hallows movies was an emotional endure for Potter fans and the franchise"s cast and crew achoose. It truly marked the end of an age.

These days, Potter fans can amusage themselves via the brand-new Fantastic Beasts movies and the smash hit play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. That doesn’t speak them from revisiting the original movie series, though! It appears favor eextremely time we watch the movies, we pick up on one more tiny detail that we missed before. Fans will store on returning to these films for years to come—at least until the unpreventable reprovides are made.

A renowned part of Potter film nostalgia is searching for behind-the-scenes photos from the movies’ sets. Not to damage the magic for you, but the final films went with a lot of CGI and also post-production! The filming procedure looks markedly different to what we actually check out on-display. The Deathly Hallows movies are no exemption to this rule—in reality, they went with the added process of being converted into 3D! Snaps from the sets of these last films deserve to be pretty enlightening. Here are just some of the behind-the-scenes photos that will certainly change the means you see the Wizarding World.

So, that"s definitely Hagrid"s body on the ideal... But that"s not his head! In reality, Hagrid actor Robbie Coltrane is casually sat in a chair wearing a suit, seemingly stroking a Harry Potter body double"s challenge.

What gives?

Turns out that for much of the filming of the Harry Potter series, Coltrane was reput by a stand-in, especially for full-body shots. As is regularly the case in movies, his body double did many the legoccupational, while Coltrane filmed any type of scenes that forced Hagrid"s confront to be displayed. VIDEO OF THE DAY

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Newsflash: Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter aren"t actually enemies in genuine life! Even we understand that these 2 are just actors, and aren"t actually on opposite sides in the battle for the wizarding world, it"s still weird to watch them on friendly terms. In fact, it"s bizarre to see Bellatrix Lestrange being on friendly terms via anyone who"s not Lord Voldemort. In reality, Radcliffe and also Bonham Carter are pretty great terms. Radcliffe even interviewed his co-star earlier in 2012!

Have you ever wondered how the Harry Potter cast actually filmed every one of the flying-on-broomsticks scenes? There clearly hregarding be some technical wizardry involved, but what kind exactly? Well, here"s your answer! This photo from the set of Deathly Hallows: Part One shows the cast perched on what look to be mechanical broomsticks. They"re extremely much attached to the ground—plainly, that bit of the contraption got edited out in post-production! It"s cool to get an understanding into how this works... And, honestly, it looks pretty hilarious.

There"s so much going on in this photo, it"s hard to recognize wbelow to start. For one, Hagrid"s body double has actually made one more appearance. Yeah... That"s not Robbie Coltrane. More noticeably, though, Lord Voldemort has a nose. Yes, you read that effectively.

Voldemort"s usual nasal slits have actually been reput by an actual nose.

Of course, that"s what Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes looks prefer in actual life. He does, in fact, have actually a nose. However before, this particular facial feature was removed in the post-production of the Potter movies to give the Dark Lord his signature snake-prefer slits.

One of the a lot of dramatic scenes in Deathly Hallows: Part Two takes location in the Room of Requirement. This magical room is the site of a confrontation between Harry and also Draco Malfoy. Before the fight, though, we obtain to see the complete level of the room"s contents.

It"s a true Hogwarts treacertain trove!

Tbelow are stacks and stacks of artefacts all over the location... Or at leastern, tbelow are in the final reduced. As this photo from the Room of Requirement set mirrors, many the backdrop was included digitally many thanks to the magic of green screens.

Even the the majority of nefarious of evil witches require some downtime sometimes. In this swarm from the set of Deathly Hallows: Part Two, Bellatrix Lestselection actress Helena Bonham Carter is chilling out on among the tables in Hogwarts" Great Hall. Bellatrix actually meets her finish in this room following a duel with Molly Weasley. Was Bonham Carter taking a break from filming her last scene? It can define why she looks a little morose! Either that, or she"s simply thinking about lunch while she stares right into room. We"ve all been tbelow.

Remember just how we shelp Bellatrix Lestvariety met her finish in a duel via Molly Weasley? Well, this shot from the Deathly Hallows: Part Two collection shows the moments before this epic fight! It"s Ginny who"s duelling at this moment, but her mom will certainly shortly take over. This photo offers a neat understanding into what filming magical fight scenes is actually prefer. Even though every one of the focus is on the Weasleys here, you have the right to watch extras having duels in the background. They"re pretty intense choreographed fights that require most practice to perfect!

Turns out even Death Eaters need direction periodically. In this photo, though, it"s not Lord Voldemort giving them orders—it"s Deathly Hallows director David Yates! This behind-the-scenes swarm reflects all as well well that also once simply a few personalities are on display, scores of crew members are doing their work in the background. Tright here are camera operators obtaining up close and personal with the actors, directors and producers calling the shots... It"s an intense process! Lucius and also Draco Malfoy actors Jachild Isaacs and Tom Felton seem to be coping just fine below, though.

Ah, Ron and Hermione: one of the the majority of passionately shipped couples in the Harry Potter franchise. It might have taken them six-and-a-little movies to even slightly admit their feelings for each various other, however never before mind.

They obtained tright here in the end!

This swarm from the Deathly Hallows collection shows Rupert Grint and also Emma Watson having a deep chat around something or other. They ended up being good friends while functioning on the Potter movies, and were both cshed to Daniel Radcliffe as well. You"ve gotta love being on excellent terms with your co-workers!

Boy, is that one big clapperboard. Poor Daniel Radcliffe appears to be struggling with it a little bit, while Emma Watson looks on laughing! Tright here must be somepoint pretty satisfying about snapping a clapperboard shut, though. This shot was taken pretty early in the filming procedure for the Deathly Hallows movies. Both films were swarm back-to-ago, before being split in the post-manufacturing procedure. The last reshoots took place in December 2010, and after that, the Harry Potter film series concluded for great. No, you"re crying!

Filming a terrible battle sequence should take most work, specifically when there"s magic connected. You"ve gained to simulate spells being cast, explosions, human being flying via the air...

And then, of course, there"s the after-effects.

This swarm mirrors a pretty despondent-looking Harry wandering via the Great Hall after the initially half of the Battle of Hogwarts. You can not assist but feel a little sorry for the extras who need to lie tbelow pretfinishing to be dead or injured. Staying still for that long must be a challenge!

We"ve already talked about the reality that Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes does actually have a nose in genuine life. As it happens, he looks quite a bit various to his evil character. This snap from the filming of the final fight scene between Harry and also Voldemort offers an understanding into just how Fiennes is transformed right into the Dark Lord. See those blue dots on the earlier of his head? Well, they"re put almost everywhere his confront, as well, and also for a really good factor. They permit CGI manipulation of Fiennes" confront to take area. They"re the essential to his on-display screen transformation!

Considering the Harry Potter movies are collection in a fictional wizarding people, it"s perhaps unsurpincreasing that some of the even more unrealistic magical buildings we view on display are actually sets. It"s not like there was an actual Hogwarts sitting up in the Scottish Highlands that the filmmakers might have actually used! One of the many sets developed for the Deathly Hallows was a mock-up of the Burrow, residence to the Weasley family members. As you can see from this behind-the-scenes snap, this purpose-constructed cottage looks pretty realistic! It can be sat in the English countryside and nobody would be surprised...

As anyone who"s ever visited the UK have the right to testify, the weather over there isn"t always good. It"s rainy, cold, and mainly unpleasant for big parts of the year. Of course, this poses a little bit of a difficulty for actors who have to film outdoors. You can not exactly wear a giant coat every one of the time if you"re filming a scene that"s set in summer! In this behind-the-scenes photo from Deathly Hallows, the major trio of actors are struggling to save warmth. Emma Watkid is also trying to warmth Rupert Grint up with a hug!

Speaking of inclement weather, the actors of Deathly Hallows: Part Two appears to be powering via a windy day of filming in this snap! Poor Helena Bonham Carter have to have actually struggbrought about cope in those problems with her long, bushy Bellatrix hair! In instance you were wondering, you didn"t miss a fight in between Harry and Bellatrix Lestarray on a beach. This shot comes from the filming of the Polyjuice Potion scene, in which Ron and Hermione are transdeveloped into Death Eaters. Helena Bonham Carter had actually to play Hermione playing Bellatrix... Talk about excellent acting!

It"s never as well late for actors to gain last-minute tips from their directors on-set. This photo from the filming of Deathly Hallows: Part Two mirrors that Rupert Grint and also Emma Watchild are no exception to this rule! They"re around to film a pretty emotional scene in which Ron and Hermione realize that Harry hregarding die for Voldemort to be beat. No wonder David Yates wants to acquire the scene simply right! Also, check out every one of that fake rubble. The props department have to have had to job-related overtime in preparation for the Battle of Hogwarts!

Real talk: the makeup artists that need to apply fake blood to actors in fight scenes deserve some real respect. Just look at all of those fake injuries on Neville Longbottom actor Matthew Lewis. It might look like he"s just had actually a pot of ketchup thrvery own at his head, yet there"s real artisattempt involved! Lewis will certainly have had actually to have the blood splast generally checked and also topped approximately make sure it doesn"t fade away. On each day of filming, his injuries will have had actually to be meticulously reused in an identical fashion. Talk around tough work!

As anyone who"s ever before taken a selfie knows, acquiring the best camera angle is every little thing. The same is the instance as soon as shooting a movie if this photo from the Deathly Hallows: Part Two collection is anything to go by! Getting a close up of Alan Rickman"s Severus Snape was important in this scene, therefore the long arm of the electronic camera. Note the pretty prominent microphone stood alongside Rickguy, also. There"s so a lot about movie-making that we do not acquire to see in the last film, and for excellent factor. Muggle cameras and also microphones wouldn"t work-related in Hogwarts!

Well, here"s a sight we never thought we"d see. Severus Snape—otherwise recognized as the many miserable guy at Hogwarts—is actually cracking a smile!

Well, his actor is, at least.

In this swarm from behind-the-scenes of Deathly Hallows: Part Two, Alan Rickguy and Remus Lupin actor David Thewlis seem to be gaining a standing ovation. Was it their last day of filming on the Potter franchise, perhaps? Whatever the instance, Thewlis looks pretty pleased with the situation—as does director David Yates.

As we all recognize, the Dobby the House Elf that we saw in the Harry Potter films was nearly completely a CGI development. He had to have actually a stand-in on the movies" set, though... And this photo mirrors the said stand-in in every one of its ridiculous glory.

No wonder Rupert Grint is laughing.

That design of Dobby looks partly creepy and partly hilarious. To give whoever before made it crmodify, it looks pretty faithful to the character, if he"d had every one of the colour drained out of him! The cast should have actually uncovered it hard not to get the giggles mid-scene, though.

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