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Randy Rainbow has some advice for President Donald Trump. In a delightful new tune, the comedian motivates wearing face masks in order to curb the spreview of the coronavirus. It"s crucial to cover your confront once in public, especially given that coronavirus cases have spiked in several claims since the country reopened up.

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The comedian and also internet personality, known for the parodies "GOP Dropout" and also "Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump," takes aim at the president"s refusal to wear a confront mask in this hilarious video.


Jennifer Clavel of California waits for her cocktail wearing a confront mask at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip as the home opens up for the first time because being closed on March 17 because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, on June 4, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Randy Rainbow"s latest parody stresses the prestige of spanning your face in public.Rainbow appears to intersee the president at a press conference. "Covid situations continue to rise roughly the country," Rainbow begins. He goes on to say that President Trump asked to slow-moving down experimentation to make the numbers look better, and isn"t requiring human being to wear masks at his rallies.

Rainbow asks, "do not you think you need to be complying with CDC guidelines and also leading by example?"

Randy then shows off masks that President Trump can wear, including an oversized challenge mask of Hillary Clinton. The president responds that he won"t be wearing a mask, even though it is highly recommfinished by wellness experts.

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The comedian then breaks into song, in the tune of "Placed on A Happy Face" from Bye Bye Birdie. "You"re looking awful grouchy, cover your freakin" challenge," Rainbow belts out. "Listen to Dr. Fauci, cover your freakin" face."

"Don"t wait roughly for herd immunity, you reckmuch less thug," Rainbow sings to Trump. "And what a golden opportunity to hide that mug."

The comedian additionally recommends taking a cue from Speaker of the Housage Nancy Pelosi, that takes mask wearing to the following level, coordinating them with her outfits.

"Maybe if we can"t view your mouth you will not say stupid s***," Rainbow chides. "Girl, just put a document bag over that thing."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a challenge spanning to slow-moving the spcheck out of the coronavirus. They are a lot of most likely to the virus from spreading once they are used by many type of, if not all people, in public settings. Although a mask might not protect the wearer, it keeps them from spanalysis the virus to others.

The use of these protective face masks, in addition to social distancing, constantly washing your hands, and disinfecting typically touched items and surdeals with, are all recommfinished by the CDC.

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As of Monday, June 29, more than 10 million people have actually tested positive for the coronavirus international since the pandemic started, according to the World Health Organization and also Johns Hopkins University"s data.