In spite of just being an additional search, Reakid of State is among the a lot of considerable goals in The Witcher 3. Throughout it, Geralt joins pressures via Dijkstra, Roche, Ves, Thaler, and Phillipa in an attempt to assassinate evil King Radovid.

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How the totality thing plays out greatly affects the game's ending. Therefore, it's definitely a quest that is worth doing. Unfortunately, it's incredibly simple to miss out on as there's a lot you should perform to unlock it. But don't problem, as this overview covers whatever from triggering the search to completing it to explaining just how it impacts the remainder of the story.

Triggering The Quest

Witcher 3 Screenshot Of Roche, Dijkstra, and Geralt
The search only shows up in the third act of the game, which is every little thing after the Battle of Kaer Morhen.

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For it to create, you have to execute the adhering to things:

Finish Triss' questline, ending through Now or Never before. Complete the various other searches in this questline (A Deadly Plot, An Eye for an Eye, and also Redania's Many Wanted) Throughout Blindingly Obvious, bribe Dijkstra with indevelopment around Emperor Emhyr instead of attacking him.

Also, make certain to perform Reachild of State before On Thin Ice, or else the previous will auto-fail like several quests in the game.

Witcher 3 Screenswarm Of Warehome Map Location
To begin the pursuit, you should satisfy your allies at a warehouse in the southwest component of Novigrad, around the docks. Once you gain tright here, you require to knock on the door to be let in, then head upstairs to satisfy everyone.

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A cutscene will certainly play wbelow the personalities discuss the assassicountry arrangement. At one point, you have to say, "let's say Radovid bites, What then?" followed by "I'm in."

After the conversation ends, you have to leave the warehouse, and then Phillipa will certainly show herself and begin talking to you. However, your dialog choices don't issue for this discussion.

The Witcher 3 Screenswarm Of Radovid On Ship
Next, you should sheight via Radovid.

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The young King is on his ship, which is docked in Novigrad and separated from the warehome by a body of water. Talk to the males standing in front of the ship and also ask for an audience via Radovid.

It doesn't matter what you say in your interactivity with the King as it will always cause Geralt luring him ameans from his vessel. Unfortunately, after the evil character has got what he desires, he orders his people to assault you.

Witcher 3 Screenswarm Of Radovid Being Scared
Roche will conserve you from the informal execution, and also the 2 of you, alongside Ves, will should fight to obtain to Radovid. Battling via the King's forces isn't as well tricky as lengthy as you're roughly the recommended level for the search.

The toughest adversaries are either the shield or heavy weapon wielders, however neither are among Witcher 3's the majority of powerful enemies. It's simpler than usual to gain behind them, too, because you've got numerous allies to usage as a distractivity. Once you get to the end of the street, Phillipa comes face-to-challenge Radovid.

Witcher 3 Screenshot Of Dijkstra On Stage
After the scene with Phillipa and also Radovid is over, Geralt and his allies celebrate together. Yet, the pleasentries are reduced short when Dijkstra betrays Roche, Thaler, and Ves.He intends to have them killed and also gives you the alternative to leave.

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If You Say "Won't Let You Kill Them."

Geralt refuses to leave some of his ideal friends to perish, and also you need to fight Dijkstra and also his men. Your former ally carries a big axe, yet the rest of his crew are just consistent human adversaries, so the fight is pretty easy. Just use your preferred fighting style to beat them. Dijkstra's fatality brings an finish to the quest.

If You Say "Do What You Will."

Not much happens in the instant consequences once picking this dialog alternative. Geralt fires an insult towards Dijkstra and also leaves the location. The search then comes to a close, and while you don't check out it, Roche, Ves, and also Thaler die.

The events of the quest, specifically your alternative at the finish, heavily affect the war between Redania and also Nilfgaard. Here is exactly how points play out:

If Dijkstra Dies: Emperor Emhyr conquers the North without either Radovid and also Dijkstra being tbelow to sheight him. Yet, he honors his deal with Roche and also Thaler, interpretation he restores the lands of Temeria. If Dijkstra Lives: Redania deaccomplishments Nilfgaard under Dijkstra's management. Following the victory, he takes impetus from Nilfgaard and also focuses on negotiation and also industrialization. It's a move that many of his subjects don't favor.

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